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He had left his computer on, but he must have been in a real hurry this morning and forgot to shut it down. She looked at the tool bar and saw that his e-mail was still open, so she moved the mouse and brought it up. It was an e-mail from Mister Hunter who sent him what he called the edited copy of the first movie for their website. Laura clicked it and the media player opened and the movie began to play, Laura turned up the volume and settled back into her son's chair to watch.

"Hey Mrs. Moss, can we come in and talk to you about our nagging football injuries?" Asked Teddy.

"Yeah they really hurt and we need some medical advice from someone we trust." Said Kurt

"Well I guess it will be okay." Said the very blonde school nurse. "My kids are over at their Aunt's house playing with their cousins."

She still had on her white nurses uniform and she led the boys into her home, they arrived in the living room. All three of them sat down on the couch, while Mrs. Moss sat on a chair, the boys took care in arranging the bags as they set them down. Mister Hunter must have had some really sophisticated camera equipment in the bags, and the video and sound quality was good.

The boys talked about the various injuries they had gotten over the years playing football and then Mrs. Moss recommended massage therapy. They boys asked her if she could show them, Kurt got up and complained how badly his shoulder hurt him sometimes.

"Okay I will show you how to rub it." She said reluctantly.

"Wow that does feel good, let me try it on you so that I know if I'm doing it right." Kurt said.

"Uh, Kurt no." She protested, but her son got behind her quickly and began to rub her shoulders with his strong hands.

"Hey what about my groin pull?" Teddy asked aloud.

Before the very blonde nurse realized what was going on Teddy had gotten off the couch lifted her nurses dress with one hand and used his other to rub her panty clad pussy. Kurt stopped rubbing her shoulders and held onto her arms as she reached down to stop Teddy.

"Damn, Mrs. Moss you sure are getting wet." Teddy exclaimed.

"Did, having three young studs here turns you on?" Kurt asked.

"Please stop, you are students, I'm married, I could get in a lot of trouble for this." She pleaded.

Matt got up and went over to the school nurse, he unzipped the dress down to her waist and unclasped her bra. The woman's small 32a breasts with their thick pink nipples stood prominently in front of him. He took one gently into his hand and began to suck on the nipple, swirling his tongue around it. The young school nurse let out a moan, she now had one young man holding her arms and he was now kissing her neck. One was licking and sucking her sensitive tits, the other now had her panties pulled down and he pushed his between her legs and was licking her pussy.

"Oh gods my husband never eats my pussy, you boys are going to get me in so much trouble if anyone ever found out." She complained weakly. "Oh god that feels so goooooooooood."

"Get those panties off and pull the dress the rest of the way off." Ordered Kurt.

"Yeah!" Shouted Teddy.

Kurt waited a moment for the other two to do as they were told and then he forcibly pushed her forward when they were out of the way. He held on her back with one strong hand and he used the other to get his cock out. She had to use the arm of the chair to support her weight, Laura was shocked when she saw the package her son had. His cock had to be at least nine inches long and thick too, she felt a twinge of jealousy that this nurse was going to get fucked by such a big delicious cock.

"Oh please don't fuck me." She pleaded.

Kurt paid no attention and shoved his cock into her wet fuck hole, the nurse let out a loud moan when the large intruder forced its' way into her.

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