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Their first threesome; Barbara begins her story.

She reclined lazily against one side and Lee wondered if she knew how much like a sex goddess she appeared. "Don't leave me alone too long, there's lots of room," Jessica said in her sexiest voice. Lee had watched a few "Chippendales" videos to give him some ideas, so he entertained his horny big sister with a sexy strip. When he got under the bubbles with her, he was as hard as a rock. Her hand encircled his cock and she stroked it lovingly. "This is mine," she told him. "You can put it in me any time you want, but it belongs to me. It's a beautiful cock, so hard and perfect for sucking and fucking and that's what we're going to do - suck and fuck! Come closer baby; rub your hard, hung body all over me!"

Lee was no fool; he did as he was asked and let his sister wrap her lean, toned body around his. The preliminaries were as important to him as they were to her, naturally. They had always been of one mind and their bodies seemed to fit together. Their hands explored each other's bodies were absolutely no sense of shame, because in their hearts, they truly believed they were soul mates. Having sex was only an extension of their love and desire, a desire that ran to the very core of their being. The twins hunched and moved against each other, igniting a passion they had been unable to express - until this very moment.

Being so close and wrapped around each other was driving the twins wild. The temptation to just go for it, to let loose and fuck, was overwhelming. "No, no, not yet," Jessica finally pushed her masculine, beloved sibling away. "God, you make me want to do all sorts of wild, crazy things, but not here, not now," she said to Lee.

Lee completely understood because they were always on the same page. If she had not pushed him away, he might have regained control himself and slowed things down. Their first time together had to combine all sorts of elements, not just the primal lust both were feeling at that moment. He watched Jessica rise out of the water, marveling at the flawless perfection of her. No one would ever match her tawny beauty and he knew it. She went back into the bathroom and he let the water drain as he toweled dry. He would have preferred to let her do that, although he wasn't too sure she wouldn't trigger a reaction neither of them wanted just yet.

Lee was nearly finished when Jessica emerged from the bathroom. He had to stifle a small gasp, she was simply that magnificent. Dressed now in a slinky black negligee and black high heels, he wondered how she had managed to hide that from him when she arrived. Another one of the mysteries of women he would likely never understand.

Jessica looked at her brother with admiring eyes. She had felt him by her in the tub, yet now, the full breadth of him was on display. His tall, lean, magnificent torso was everything a woman could want and he was all hers, to do with as she pleased. Here and in this moment, Lee represented everything she could ever want in a lover.

The twins met in the middle of the room and wrapped around each other. They kissed with the fiercest hunger they had ever known, almost fusing into one being. Both of them could scarcely breath, so intense was the passion they shared. If you had asked either of them how they made it to the bed, they wouldn't have been able to answer you. The lingerie-clad blonde tumbled to the bed, on top of her brother. Her lusts were so overwhelming that she wasn't sure whether or not to make love to him or to just fuck his brains out and leave the lovemaking for later.

"You look fucking amazing!" Lee breathed as his sister straddled his supine torso. "Is that another new outfit?"

"Uh-huh," Jessica answered him. "I bought a lot of new clothes and you're going to be the first one to see all of them. I look really hot in all of them, wait until you see me!" She ran her hands along his chest and the rest of his body. "I like the outfit you're wearing too, promise me you'll wear it more often," she giggled.

"Any time you want, you gorgeous bitch," Lee grinned.

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