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A man finds his confidence at a bachelor party.


I pulled over and Jason said to me, "Same thing, when I run, pick me up two blocks and then to the right."

I nodded my head and said "cool."

Of course, within seconds, he picks another blond girl. She was cute, but had a small ass. Don't get me wrong, I'd hit it, but I wish he would pick a black girl so I can record that. Again, Jason is posted up about 2 blocks away as she heads in my direction. And once again, about 10 feet away from the car Jason reaches for her pants, pulls them down and runs. What was so funny, was in the shock of it all, she turns around to see who did it, not realizing that here pink thong and ass are being recorded by me.

Again I pick up Jason, and he's dying of laughter. "Did you see her face!? No wait, did you see her ass!?" Jason asked.

I simply replied "My turn" and hop out the car while he gets in the driver seat and I get in the passenger's side.

We again drive a few blocks when Jason says, "After this we should call it a day."

I say "Cool, we can come out another time and add to our video montage, but I'm definitely doing at least one before we head back."

So we ride around till we find another spot with a few people. Not too many because you never know who may want to be a hero, but enough that some will walk by. Before I get out, I tell him "I'm definitely getting a black girl."

Jason shook his head and said, "You probably shouldn't."

Puzzled, I asked him "Why?"

He answered "They're more likely to chase. I know because you're black you think you can out run anyone chasing you, but it's not worth the risk."

I said "Fine" but knew I would anyway. I gave him the same directions he gave me "two blocks ahead then on the right" and hoped out and walked off.

As I waited, and scanned, I soon found my prey. Jogging in my direction was this girl, caramel colored skin, like I wanted, cute face, thick ass, nice sized breast. She was taller than me, maybe 6'1 even, and some-what more muscular. I should have let her go past, obviously her jogging was a sign that she was in good shape, but she caught my eye and I figured I could out run her. She was listening to her iPhone, which was perfect, that way she couldn't hear me approach. I wanted to make sure Jason got this on camera, so I had to speed up to keep pace, and once again about ten feet away from I went for it. I reached for her some-what baggy shorts, grabbed as much as I could hoping to completely expose her, and pulled her pants and what-ever was underneath completely down in one pull. As I looked to marvel at her bare ass, I realized that she had a big brown cock hanging down between her legs, as I stood there shocked that this girl had a cock, a cock bigger than mine no less, she pulled her pants up, shot one evil look towards Jason in the car and began chasing me.

What the fuck was I thinking standing there giving her a chance to close the distance? What the fuck was she doing with a cock? And where the fuck am I running to? In my confusion and fear, I just picked a direction and ran, completely forgetting where I was supposed to meet Jason in case of trouble. What was worse was she was gaining on me. As I ran, and ran it became more apparent that she was going to catch me. I wondered was she going to hold me down and call the police? Or was she just going to try to kick my ass? I didn't know, but what I did know, was she was really close.

To get away from her, I was just randomly turning down street and alleys, I decide to turn down this alley to the left, and as I look back to see I created a good sized distance between me and her, I run smack dab into a ten foot high chain fence. I turn around to see if she saw me, I don't see her when I begin to climb up. All off a sudden, as I climb I feel two hands on my pants before they get ripped down. The force of her pull, not to mention trying to climb up a fence with your pants around your ankles made me fall flat on my back.

As I look up, SLAP! WHACK! I get hit in the face twice, when all I hear

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