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Sylvia has the hots for major league baseball players.

Jim positioned behind her and timidly started probing for just the right entry angle.

By this time I'd snuck my way into the bedroom and was listening to their progress. Trying desperately to glean some idea of their actions from what little I could hear. At this point I heard my sweet little mother of two say, "It's okay, you're not the first one in my pussy tonight, just put it in me." And then the slapping skin started.

Soft at first, then pounding with both of them breathing in unison. Wet and hot, their moans turned to my wife's screams as the man we'd met a scant few months earlier worked her over with a capable hard cock. Her second in the past few hours.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck, Becky! Where do you want me to cum?" were the first words I'd heard from Jim as he had his way with my bride in our shower.

"In me! Cum in me!" was all she could say between moans.

With that the grunting and clenching started as another load was added to my wife's well-fucked pussy.

I made my way back to our living room, cock aching from the permanent hard on I'd managed to sustain the entire evening. Within thirty minutes or so my wife came out to the couch wrapped in her favorite white robe and asked me, "Do you want to come to bed with us, or do you want to sleep in the extra room?"

Well, of course I want to double team her. But I asked, "Isn't it a little early to freak Jim out with a threesome?"

"He suggested it," she replied.

Now it was my turn to be dumbfounded. The neighborhood's soccer mom giggled at me and said, "He fucked me in the shower, came in my pussy, wanna feel?" Of course, so I slipped a finger in her and felt warmth and wet. Not clean shower wet the way her hair smelled and neck felt, but the slick seconds only a good hard fucking - or two - can give a pussy.

Noticing my hard on she said, "I can blow you real quick, or you could come sleep with us."

"He's up for that?"

"I told you, he suggested it."

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want you both to fuck me."

With that I was up and at it.

Becky kissed me deeply and said, "I love you. I think we may need to keep Jim around. He's nice."

We made our way in the bedroom and Jim was sitting on a towel on my wife's side of the bed. He looked at me and said, "She's incredible. Do you want me to leave you two alone?"

"No," I said, "Stay and help me fuck her."

With that we went to work on Becky. She dropped in from of Jim and started sucking him hard. I stood back and undressed slowly, taking in all of the sensory over load: my wife in her robe, wet red hair draped over her newest lover's groin as she greedily sucked his dick back to life, a man we'd barely known earlier playing with the mother of my kids' hair as he moaned his approval of her cocksucking skills.

Soon I was behind her, sliding her robe up over her ass to expose the clean sphincter I'd entered so many times before, and the sweet slits of her vagina two men had been into this evening. My fingers probed her opening again, spreading the cum of two different men to the opening to lube my entry. As I slid in her I felt that familiar and wonderful enveloping warmth and wetness nothing but sloppy seconds can give. My wife's moans and pressure back against me reassured me she felt the thickness of my cock inside her.

We worked into a nice steady rhythm, me slowly stroking my dick-crazed wife, her meeting my gentle thrusts and matching them with her mouth on our new friend's cock. The stimuli of her warm pussy, the semen leaking from her and running down my balls, and the sight of the community's sweetheart and perfect PTA mom sucking a cock she's not married to combined to bring me right to the edge of orgasm. I pulled out to keep from coming too soon and rested back against the wall as Becky repositioned and continued to suck her newfound friend's dick.

As I calmed down and watched the show she stood up from her knees in front of Jim, kissed him lustily, then climbed up his legs to mount his rigid penis.

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