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The impossibly gorgeous Leila meets her Adonis .

She was a catch and he knew how he was going to rob the store and her.

He threw her to the floor and took the keys. He locked the door and shut the blinds. She was trying to crawl away when he reached down and grabbed her by her skirt and pulled. She fought as he tugged on the black fabric. Misty was in trouble and the phone and alarm was across the room.

She kept trying to pull away as the man pulled on the skirt as hard as he could. She heard a rip and looked as her black skirt was pulled off her skinny body. Her pink thong and nice ass cheeks were exposed. He smiled and grabbed her thong as her eyes widened. She knew she couldn't fight too much harder as he held the thin string that covered her pussy. He smiled and ripped it off anyway!

"NO!" She cried as her pussy was exposed to the man.

"Nice ass and nice peach!" He said grabbing her blouse by the bottom and pulling.

The button up blouse didn't last as he pulled buttons popped off and her pink bra was exposed. She was being stripped by the masked man. He tore the blouse off and grabbed her hair and pulled making her cry out in pain. Misty was pulled back and she was on her knees as he lifted her bra and felt up her firm tit as he held her hair back. She felt her nipple harden as he played with it.

"Such firm tits and a great ass." He said smacking her ass cheek. "We are gonna have some fun today bitch!"

Misty looked around as he played with her tits and fondled her tits. She had never felt so violated in her life, but yet it kind of was arousing to her at the same time. She always had a kinky side and he was slowly bringing it out. He pulled her hair until she was sitting on her knees and he stood in front of her grinning down at her as she looked up and realized his dick was out. Her eyes widened as he forced it into her mouth and he helped her lips slide up and down as she sucked.

Her makeup ran as tears flowed down her cheeks. He smiled and shoved deep into her throat making her gag reflex kick in. After a few more deep thrusts, her mouth was filled with his cum. She had to swallow as he held her nose and kept his dick in her mouth. He pulled out after she took it all in. she fell to the floor and tried to crawl away again as he laughed and smacked her ass as hard as he could. She let out a painful yelp and fell to her stomach.

"Where are you going?! I ain't done with your sweet ass yet bitch!" He said grabbing her hips and pulling her body back.

Misty cried as his dick slid into her tight body and began its attack. He grunted and thrust in and out as her pussy grew wet. She couldn't get away as he held her hips and helped slid her back and forth on his rock hard cock. He enjoyed her tight little pussy and was going to fuck her as long as he could. No one knew he was there but her and him, so why not take advantage of a sexy woman? He was and making her cum!

He pulled out and flipped her onto her back. He smiled as he shoved his dick back inside her and held her legs in the air. She closed her eyes as he had his way with her. He bent her legs towards her head and had her almost in half. He was deep inside her body and making more of her cum flow. He had her body and mind now. He was going to have her as long as he could keep going.

She was growing tired as the attack escalated to a point where it was painful to take the dick as deep as she took it. She looked around and then felt the rush of the warm fluid fill her body. Her eyes widened as he grinned an evil grin at her and rammed deep one last time. His cum was flowing inside her skinny body, her eggs wasn't going to stand a chance.

He pulled out and took a breather, then shoved the sticky dick up her tight ass. She let out a yell as pain hit then subsided as he had his way with her ass. She never had anything up there and he was forcing deep into her asshole. She couldn't take the thought or the pain and gave in. She fell limp as he filled her tight ass up and laughed as he stood up.

"Skinny little hoe couldn't take a real man!" He said spurting the last wad onto her face.

He zipp

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