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Daemon Black.

Jenny was certainly not what could have been described as my usual wank fantasy, she was quite petite, about 5'4", 130 lbs, her breasts (I estimated) were no bigger than 34B. Her hair was collar length straw blonde, where I preferred brunettes and her eyes were a blend of hazel and green tones.

As teachers we started back a few days before our charges. As well as Jenny there was Angie, the deputy head who knew Jenny from their teens. Cathy was the most experienced teacher, who was looking forward to her impending retirement. I soon established an affinity with the younger members of staff, Julie (Jules) who although she had been teaching a year longer was a year younger than me and Jilly who had just hit 30 and had been at the school for four years.

Due to my inexperience it was usual for a more practised member of staff to observe my lessons - to offer advice and assess my performance. It was Jenny who took this role, adopting her usual silent manner, she was chatty and conversed with the children and as I taught I remained, as before acutely aware of her focus on me. Jenny began to establish a rather strange and confusing relationship with me, she would pass her views over to Angie who would then de-brief the observations with me. In fact Jenny had rather little "professional" contact with me during my first few weeks at the school.

One of the definite benefits of being the only man in the school was the increased opportunity it gave me for female contact, as I was the only option available! I soon found out that there was a small group of women who had developed an attraction towards me, and I was disappointed when I was called into Jenny's office to be warned about encouraging it. The truth was I had done little if anything to encourage it, I did find one this group particularly attractive. Any "relationship" was made easier by the fact that her daughter was in my class. However my professional judgment prevented me from taking things as far as I would have liked too, or could have. Or maybe that's what I thought was controlling my lust, more likely it was the fact that her husband was on the Board of Governors and had the final say on whether or not I would still be at the school the following year. I left Jenny's office questioning whether or not I had been told for my own good, or whether it was all for someone else's benefit. I was rather confused.

That's why I had no idea of how our relationship was going to develop, I found her quite cold to relate to, maybe it was this barrier that interested me, I adopted the belief that I was being subject to a long lived test, a test that I knew nothing of, I had no idea what I was being tested on, how well I was doing and when it would end. As Christmas approached I became aware of a thaw in Jenny's persona, despite her frosty fa__ade she was a frequent player in my fantasies, a fact that I held within me to get me through some difficult situations. Jenny became a more frequent visitor to my classroom, unlike before these visits were unannounced. As before the de briefs were relayed trough Angie but I noticed that they were slowly beginning to be more favourable, praise was now creeping in to balance the criticism. Both Jules and Jilly asked me why I wasn't more vociferous in defending myself and standing up to Jenny, I couldn't tell them why I was happy to play along with Jenny, so I agreed with them and joined in with their criticism of her.

I was spending increasingly long days in school, leaving well after the cleaners had, my late nights must have been relayed to Jenny as again I was "summoned" to see her.

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