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Love in the water.

"I love you, too," she said. "However, how are you out of bed? What's going on?" She then pulled up, as if she were going to stand up and head out the door. "I should go get Dr Castle and tell him the good news!"

"No!" I yelled as hard as I could, which wasn't very loud at all.

"What?" She said, as she settled down beside me again. She sat on the floor to be beside me, and I leaned up against her.

"Dr Castle has been keeping me in a coma so that he could seduce you," I said, "it was his plan all along to steal you away from me."

"But," she said incredulously, "Dr Castle would never do such a thing. I've got to know him, and he has tried his hardest to get you back." Then she stopped, and looked at me like a thought just occured to her. "Oh, John, dear, I'm so sorry. You must have seen me get closer to Dr Castle and you must have thought the worst. However, I swear to you, John, I only found comfort in Dr Castle's and Charlotte's company because I was so lonely without you. I swear, though, nothing happened. Charlotte and I kissed, that's all!"

"None of that matters," I said. "I heard everything you said. I know you never meant to hurt me. Of course I forgive you. I love you. You had no idea what Dr Castle was up to. He's been deceiving you, manipulating you while your feelings were vulnerable."

"John," Tara said, "are you sure about this? It's so hard to imagine that someone like Dr Castle could be so evil as to keep you in a coma just to seduce me."

"Dr Castle told me the very first day what he intended to do," I said. "He was attracted to you from the start. He would torture me by telling me everything you two did together."

"Oh, John," Tara said, "I'm so sorry! That must have been so hard on you!"

"It was hell," I said, "but he didn't count on me figuring a way out. You have to call Dr Cravely. He's the one who helped me out. Don't tell Dr Castle anything. First we have to get me out of this hospital, and then when I'm away from Dr Castle, we'll sue him or get him arrested or something. I don't know, but we'll get him back. Right now, though, I need you to help me out of here."

"I'll go get Dr Cravely right away," Tara said, and she stood up. Opened the door to step out, but just before she pulled it open, I said, "Close the door behind you. Dr Castle has a lot of the staff, especially the nurses - and especially the ones with big tits - working for him. You can't trust anyone or let anyone see our escape." Tara nodded, and then slipped out, closing the door behind here.

I collapsed when she left, I was so exhausted. However, it was a good kind of exhaustion. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off me. Part of me had been afraid that even if I managed to escape that Dr Castle had manipulated Tara too far and she wouldn't come back to me. Now, though, I knew that real love doesn't go away. Tara might have given in a little to the impulses of the flesh, but her heart still belonged to me. Knowing that I had my wife on my side made everything seem possible again.

After a minute or so, the door opened and I propped myself up. Tara and Dr Cravely came in the room, with Dr Cravely pushing a wheelchair.

"John," Dr Cravely said as the two of me helped me into the wheelchair, "Tara told me everything. Don't worry. I've known for a long time there was something wrong with Dr Castle. Now that we can get your out of here, maybe we can do something about it. First, though, we have to get you to safety."

Once I was in the wheelchair, Tara patted me on the shoulder, and I looked up and smiled. She smiled back, and then Dr Cravely pushed me out of the room.

The nurses didn't seem to take much notice, as they were busy doing their own thing, and with Dr Cravely with us, we probably just looked like the ordinary comings and goings of doctors.

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