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She exposes herself to male cousin over years.

Since Bruce is in his wheel chair they are naturally given the handicapped dressing room. These rooms have a great advantage over the rest of the rooms. The door goes to the floor, which completely cuts off any view in from the outer hallway.

Closing the door behind them Bruce hopped out of his chair and onto the dressing room bench and quickly undressed freeing his hard cock. Christine smiled while watching Bruce stroke his every hard cock. Christine loves playing with and sucking Bruce's cock and doing so in semi-public places always gets her pussy very wet and this was no exception.

Kneeling in front of Bruce, Christine took his cock in her wet mouth, Bruce let out a quite moan as she started swirling her tongue around his cock head. Looking over her body, he could see her perfectly shaped ass in the mirror on the opposite wall as she pulled the hem of her dress over her ass. With this added thrill it didn't take long for Bruce to feel his cum easing up his hard cock toward Christine's mouth. As Christine swallowed more and more of Bruce's cock he couldn't take any more and said "Don't make me cum yet."

Christine looked up, with his cock in her mouth, smiled and replied "Why not?"

"Because," he said "I want to fuck your wet pussy and shoot my hot cum into you."

Christine stood pulling her dress over her head and flipping off her sandals Christine is totally nude. She rubbed her tits then said "First we'd better try on these clothes or they'll wonder what's going on in here."

While stepping into a pair of low rise jeans and a shear top, Bruce put on a pair of sweat pants and matching shirt. Christine looked so hot, with her nipples slightly showing through the thin material and the jeans hugging her beautiful ass. She stood in front of the mirror admiring her body bending over giving Bruce a lovely view of her ass. Bruce's cock made a tent in the pants; Christine couldn't resist and grabbed his hard on, Bruce let out a moan as his cocked twitched in her hand. They both were so hot that they quickly tried on the rest of the clothes and got down to business.

Setting the clothes aside and both completely naked, Christine crouched down in front of Bruce's hard cock licking the precum from the tip. Bruce looked down as she started slowly taking more of his cock in her wet mouth. Sucking cock was her favorite thing to do, it made her pussy so wet. She looks so beautiful when she is sucking his cock. Raising his head Bruce saw Christine's ass in the mirror on the opposite wall.

"I want to see more of your butt." Bruce said. Christine reached back and pulled her cheeks apart giving Bruce a view of her hole and pussy. Christine pushed two fingers into her soaked pussy letting out a quiet moan. Bruce loved looking at her perfect ass. She now had Bruce's cock so wet with her saliva that it was running down his balls. Bruce couldn't take much more he could feel himself getting to the point of shooting his cum into her mouth. He pulled Christine's mouth from his cock she had a lustful look in her eyes.

"Lick my pussy." Christine purred.

They switched places, Christine sitting on the bench propping her legs on his wheelchair and Bruce kneeling in front of Christine's dripping pussy.

"Lick." She said leaning against the wall.

Bruce moved in close and ran his tongue over Christine's wet slit until it rested on her clit, sending shivers though her body. She loves having her pussy licked, the feeling is so incredible. Flicking her clit with his tongue, after several minutes of tonguing her clit Christine became flush and started moaning. Bruce love licking her pussy and was stroking his cock, rubbing precum all over the head.

"Oooh that feels sooo good." She whispered, "Don't stop I need to cum."

Hearing Christine plead, Bruce's cock became even harder.

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