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Entertaining a female guest at the pool while husband golfs.

"Wow, it must be really nice," she said, genuinely impressed.

"Want to see it?" he asked.

She didn't have her phone, as all the purses and shoes sat at the front entrance, but she assumed it hadn't been too long.

"Yes! I've gotta see it," she answered, "let's just make it quick?"

He led her through the master bedroom and into the spacious bath. As he closed the door behind, the mood lighting and sound machine turned on automatically, which transformed the room into a tropical jungle.

"We also have themes for outer space and the ocean," he said while turning a knob to the other options.

He turned on the waterfall shower, and showed how the jets for the tub worked, and finally the sink with an extra large basin. She made a joke about the need for a double vanity and they both laughed before turning to head back to the party. She tried to open the door but the humidity had jammed it.

"Happens all the time," he said and reached around from behind and gave it a solid pull.

The door popped open and she jumped back, accidentally pressing against him in the process. There was a pause for a moment, his arm still close around her and holding the doorknob.

"I'm sorry..." she trailed off while pulling away from him slowly.

He let go of the door and his body moved forward, his hands settling on her hips. He slowly started grinding against her, his hips going up and down in a rhythmic beat. My wife's heart was pounding as the fabric of her tube dress inched upwards. She felt herself moving up and down against him as well, matching his pressure.

"...should we be doing this?" she said with a wavering voice.

"If it's what you want," he said while moving her hair to the side and lightly kissing along her neck.

Her hips moved with a mind of their own, back and forth, feeling his cock through the thin layers of fabric between them, "this was... supposed to be... quick... just a look..." she said in her confusion.

He kept an even pace on his kisses down her neck, and slid his hands up her hips, making his way to her breasts.

He cupped them lightly and then whispered in her ear, "that is true..."

He let go of her breasts and she placed her fingertips on the door, but put no pressure against it, holding her breath. The door clicked shut. She looked down, panicked momentarily, and drew in a light gasp as the star theme started playing. Looking down at her body poured into the skimpy dress with the light patterns showing bright stars and comets across her skin, she noticed how hot she had gotten. The thong felt like a pair of large panties, covering what she most wanted free. Her nipples were hard and ached to be touched.

She heard the rustling of fabric as he undressed, and felt him between her legs again, the hot slippery length of his cock electric against her inner thigh.

"We can stop right here and we go back to the party," he said while rubbing the tip of his cock along her skin, "if that's what you want."

She spread her legs enough to pop her dress up to her hips and the sassy comeback came from a different voice inside of her, "I said this was supposed to be quick, not that I didn't want it."

All pretense was lost, and David rubbed his cock against her moist lips, spreading around her wetness. She lifted onto her toes and pointed her ass out at him to give him the best possible access to her pussy.

He pushed against her entrance firmly and slide into her as slowly as he could control, reveling in the moment, "Oh god, you're so hot," he sighed heavily, "I've wanted you all night."

My wife clamped down on him, the compliment and his hard cock buried inside of her pushing her right to the edge of an orgasm. He felt the desire, the pressure on his cock pushing him out, and began to pump into her. He pulled down her dress top and held her breasts tightly, rolling her nipples in his fingers and pulling her closer to him.

"I can't believe I'm having you," he panted between thrusts.


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