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He finds friend's wife irresitable, and dangerous.

Wordlessly he flips her around roughly and pushes her in to the couch bending her over. Even though Emily is petite she has long legs; add he five inch heels and her ass was at the perfect height for him. He takes the time to appreciate the nice round globes of her ass before he is about to turn them pink with punishment.

With Emily bent over in all her beauty; he can finally see her thoroughly for the first time, without screens and miles dividing one another. Her glistening pussy lips snuggled tightly between her nice round butt cheeks.

"Do you think it's smart to make comments like that right before your punishment, slut?"

"No, I was just making a joke" she merely replies.

Emily heard the loud smack before she felt the sting on her ass. Then the same exact sting on the other cheek shortly after. She makes sure she doesn't make a sound as her pussy dampened to the point she thought it was running down her leg.

Jason enjoys watching her take the punishment she has been asking for. She will be begging for my dick by the end of the night he thought to himself.

"Is that any way to talk to your Daddy?" he asks grabbing her hair at the base of her neck and pulling her head back so they make eye contact.

"No sir," she responds almost mockingly as they look at each other. Jason can't believe the defiance she is already displaying on the first night. He is enjoying her spunk, even though she can't know it.

He releases her hair and strikes again. Once on the left cheek, and then he repeats on the right. He can see the redness start to spread across her ass, enjoying the view he smiles internally. "Are you going to continue to act like a brat?" he asks her, feeling his cock twitch again at the site of this sexy woman bent over needing to be spanked and fucked.

"I'm not a brat Daddy," looking back at him again to make eye contact "I just need to cum so badly" she says with a hint of need in the air as she tries to plead with him with her eyes.

"First thing is first, learning rule #1. While receiving punishment, you will refer to me only as sir, or master. Understood?" She understands and accepts the parameters to rule number one. She just wants to make her Daddy work for his Master title first.

"Yes Daddy" Emily responded in disobedience, really wanting to push her limits tonight.

That earned her the hardest blow so far, that he follows with a firm grip and tugs on her butt cheek. Appreciating for the first time the size of her ass, considering how petite and tiny she is.

"I'm sorry, will you please just let me cum?" she pleads again honestly not even realizing she is breaking character.

Jason reaches out and caresses her face, using his thumb to run across her high cheek bone and Emily looks again to his hard-blue eyes. His look softens during their tender moment. His caressing touch moves down her face and he runs his thumb across her somewhat swollen lips from one of the best blow jobs he's ever received only 10 minutes' prior.

With that fresh memory coming to mind, he slides his thumb inside her naturally parting lips and she unsurprisingly starts to suck on his thumb like she treated his cock earlier. Rolling her tongue around the tip of his finger, she slides the whole thing in to her mouth. Watching Emily suck on his finger with all this passion had him stiffening quickly once again.

"You're starting to make up for acting like a little brat a few minutes ago," he says almost lovingly. Then he pulls his thumb out and Emily almost has a look of disappointment.

Jason starts to grab her ass cheeks and pulls them apart, "Have you been self-training with your butt plug, per my instructions?" He asks observantly while enjoying the view and massaging her butt, still pink from the punishment she received earlier.

"Yes, sir" Emily says while trembling with anticipation.

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