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Father and daughter consummate their lust and mother joins.

"Shouldn't that be the Spirit of Relationship Present?" Hanna asked.

He winked. "Depends on how you do it. I'm here to show you the relationship you're about to start, Hanna. The man you met over the Internet, the one you're planning to meet face to face in four days' time. I will show you that first date, and you will see exactly what kind of man you're dealing with. Behold!" He clapped his hands, and the room around them shifted.

* * * * *

The waves lapped gently against the shore, looking like something out of a postcard. Hanna just leaned back against the bench, taking the whole scene in. "You were right, Alec," she said. "This is beautiful."

Alec smiled. "Now you see why I like to come out here. It's so gorgeous, so quiet...you can just look up at the moon, Hanna, or down at its reflection in the waters. You can just sit here, listening to the sound of the waves for hours and hours."

Hanna sighed gently. "Mmm, that sounds nice."

"It does, doesn't it? Just watching the reflection of the moon rippling in the water...sometimes the ripples seem to move more, and the moon looks like it's just going to melt away into the soft, warm water, but if you just keep your eyes on it, just listen to the soft, relentless waves, the moon is always there, drawing your eyes to it, drawing your attention to it, drawing you down to it."

Hanna nodded. She thought about talking, but the moment seemed so special, calm and quiet and peaceful, that she just nodded. The evening had been so wonderful already, Alec had been so charming, and now he was showing her this wonderful, quiet spot...this gorgeous view...

"And sometimes, Hanna, when the moon ripples almost away to nothing, it's like there's no light at all, not even moonlight. The ripples seem like your eyes are closing, and you'll find, that if you just let your eyes stay half-closed, that the moon always seems to be rippling in the water. Can you see that, Hanna?"

Hanna nodded again. The effect was beautiful, soothing, but it was hard to keep her eyes just half-open like this. They wanted to close all the way shut.

"But it's so hard to keep your eyes just half-open like that, Hanna, isn't it?" Hanna nodded in child-like wonder, amazed that he understood so well. "They just want to close all the way shut now. All the way shut now. All the way shut now. All the way shut now, Hanna."

Hanna struggled to keep her eyes open, but it was a losing struggle. They fluttered like butterflies as her eyes rolled up and her head sank down.

"You're such a special girl, Hanna. I knew you would be as soon as we chatted online, as soon as we talked on the phone. I was so glad I could bring you out here and show you this special spot, because I knew you were a rare and special girl." Hanna sighed in pleasure. "You're so special, Hanna, you can see the moon even with your eyes shut, can't you?"

Hanna nodded. She wasn't even sure when her eyes had shut all the way, but she knew they were, and she could still see the moon rippling in the water.

"In fact, Hanna, it's even more pleasant to look at the moon with your eyes shut, isn't it? The silvery light caresses you through your closed eyelids, and it feels so good, doesn't it?"

Hanna nodded. Her head felt loose, and light, and it was like she really couldn't do anything but nod. Alec was right, she thought vaguely. It did feel good.

"It feels so good, Hanna. So good. It's like you feel the light, like tiny little fingers, caressing you." Hanna squirmed just a little, on the bench. She did feel the fingers, touching her hair, and her lips, and her breasts, and...she gasped slightly, as she felt the fingers between her legs.

"That's right, Hanna.

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