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"Right then, how's that mouth now Amy?" she heard Dr Bartlett ask as he entered through the doorway to the surgery. She sensed Anna jump and she herself clamped her legs together and pulled her hand free. She watched Dr Bartlett walk towards her, seeking some sign as to whether he'd seen anything or not. She saw no sign and thought that he hadn't until he stood closer and she realised that he had an erection in his pants. That blew her mind and turned her on no end.
Dr Bartlett set about attending to the wisdom teeth that needed removing and Amy set about trying to resist the urge to reach out and feel the erection that she'd seen and not moving too much so that her head stayed still.

Through the procedure she felt Anna's hand brush her numerous times. She could feel her push her breasts against her arm when she needed to lean a little closer and several times felt a hand brush over her thigh or rest on her breast. Once she even felt Anna's fingers on her panty-clad mound. It all built her to a point of excitement and wetness. She spent as much time wondering what it would be like to have Anna kiss her as she did wondering whether she'd find a circumcised cock or not if she were to remove Dr Bartlett's pants. By the time that Dr Bartlett slid his chair back and declared that he was done, her panties were well and truly wet.

"Right then Amy, I will leave Anna to clean you up and give you some advice on coming back to have the stitches out and how to prevent infection."

"Ok, thanks Dr Bartlett," Amy mumbled through her numb mouth.

"Please, call me James, Amy," he replied, smiling at her, "Its been a pleasure to see you again. I look forward to our next appointment." And again he winked. Amy was melting inside, but she did wonder about the wink. "Was it just one of those things that he did for everyone or did he mean something by it for her?"

"How are you feeling now, Amy?" Anna asked.

"A little sore and uncomfortable actually," she replied

"Oh, well, I could help you feel something else if you'd like ..." Anna offered quietly, stirring Amy's loins again with the suggestive nature in which she asked.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked

"Well, I could distract you from the pain," Anna offered, her fingers moving over Amy's panties again, feeling their dampness.

"Oh ... well ... I'm not sure ..." Amy answered tentatively.

"Well, if you say stop I will, otherwise, just enjoy," and with that, Anna started to push Amy's skirt up to expose her panties further. Then she slid her hand up under it to grab Amy's panties and pulled them down her legs. Amy lifted her butt just enough to allow them to be removed, feeling aroused now and curious enough to let this happen ... at least until she felt uncomfortable.

With Amy's panties removed, Anna placed her hands on Amy's thighs, applying gentle pressure outwards, encouraging her to spread her legs. Then she moved so that she was on her knees on the ground before the dental chair facing Amy.

"Oooo, you're shaved," Anna commented as she ran her fingers over Amy's bald mound, causing Amy to shudder. The fingers travelled further down until they were caressing her labia and Amy closed her eyes, relaxing into the pleasure that was being provided. She felt her pussy penetrated and sighed, enjoying the feeling of the finger as it wiggled about inside her. Movement caused her to hurriedly open her eyes, but the door to the surgery remained closed, Anna however had moved. She was now laying face down upon the bottom section of the dental chair, her face a hair's breadth from Amy's pussy. Before she even had time to process what was happening she felt the contact of Anna's tongue on her pussy. It was heavenly. It stirred her juices and drove her soul causing her to moan out loud.

Amy closed her eyes again and tipped her head back as Anna worked her tongue over and around and up and down on her pussy and clit until she was shuddering regularly with the pleasure as she climbed towards her orgasm.

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