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Divorced mom meets the coach.

Suddenly the lights came on in the room. I looked up and lights had also lit up the area opposite the stage. The bed was gone from the middle and on the other side was Debbie in a matching chair with Brian's head nestled between her legs. One hand was wrapped in his hair and the other was on his neck. Katie swallowed my cock as Debbie and I made eye contact.

Debbie started to try to get up. Brian stopped what he was doing and spoke to her. He moved up her placing a hand on her breast and passionately kissing her. He moved down to her crotch. He looked over at me and sank two fingers in Debbie's wet pussy before returning his lips to her slit. Debbie moaned.

I felt my cock come free from Katie's mouth and saw her look over at Debbie before she returned to her work. Swirling her tongue around my head she said, "Brian will make her explode and I'm doing the same to you. She squeezed my balls and began to suck harder. Her tongue was amazing and soon I moaned. "Oh shit, I can't stop it, I'm cumming" She hungrily gulped at my cum and I shot several stream into the back of her throat.

Meanwhile I could see Debbie squirming and could tell that she was cumming. Brian ate her out until she came several times. As I watched Katie crawled onto my lap and kissed me. We watched my wife and Brian as he brought her to a screaming climax. Katie shoved her tongue in my mouth again then stood up saying, "Goodbye luv, thanks for the fun" and met Brian in the middle. They held hands and bowed first at Debbie, then at me and left the stage area.

I got up and went to Debbie and said, "I love you."

She muttering "I love you, I'm sorry" and started crying. I kissed her and we stood holding each other.

I again said, "I love you. I hope you're not mad either, but that was amazing. It was unreal how excited I was watching you with Brian."

She hugged me hard and nodded.

We showered together, dressed and walked out. Lauren was again in the foyer. She smiled and said, "I hope to see you tomorrow."

On the way across the resort Debbie asked, "Are you going to fuck her tomorrow?

I looked at her and said, "If we're still here, yes, I guess that's the next logical progression. Do you want to fuck Brian tomorrow?"

She gave me a hard look, and then the side of her mouth turned up into a wicked smile and said, "Yes, I want his cock inside me. I may love you but want him too. I mean, this is unreal. It's like I'm a Hollywood star or singer. We're on a tropical paradise with all the food and drinks we want. I have a young stud who wants to please me. How many people get a chance to live like this?" She was right; the only thing holding us back was our traditional view of sex and marriage.

I nodded.

Debbie made drinks when we got back to the room and we sat on the deck. It started raining so we went inside. I decided to check the TV and found today's activities were on channels 2 and 3 along with yesterdays. There were various camera angles. Brian and Katie had positioned themselves so both Debbie and I had a view of their show from the front and back at different times. The video allowed us to see all of it. The oral sex in the dark with Brian and Katie was captured by an infrared camera.

I made us a couple of drinks and we dozed off as we drank them.

We awoke, dressed and went to dinner. Only one couple was there before us Alberto and Lorena. We really hadn't said much more than hello to them previously. They were in their mid twenties and were quite happy to talk about their day. Both of them were enjoying the open sex. They had discussed it, but never acted until this vacation. I was worried we were all that was left.

Soon others arrived. Ron and Ashley joined us. There was still some palpable tension between them. As she was last night, Ashley was very touchy feely with me. By the time cocktail hour was over I noticed that we were two more couples down. Monica, Pete, Mike and Lisa were gone.

We sat with Alberto and Lorena, Ron and Ashley, and Bob and Vickie.

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