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College student catches teacher after school's out.

Though the ally way behind the club was disgusting, the cold night air was refreshing after the stale booze and sweat that saturated the space within. She leant against the wall sucking in the oxygen through her nose, trying to calm herself down. A noise to her right startled her. A bush was rustling next to the dumpster. She heard a low growling sound as she approached the bush. Grasping through her bag, she pulled out a packet of beef jerky strips she had thought to bring to ease the side affects of alcohol. The growling was replaced by sniffing and a large black nose appeared from under the foliage.

"It's ok, boy. You can come out," she said gently. As she withdrew the offered jerky slowly the nose followed. The head of a big dog emerged from the bushes.

Ally had never seen a dog like it before in her life. She loved dogs and thought she knew of all the breeds. It was jet black with long, thick and silky fur. She gave it the jerky, which it took very gently from her hand. It sat down and chewed happily on the meat, its eyes never leaving her. She checked under its belly to discern the sex. Just as she discovered it was male, he realised where she was looking and growled. Ally stood up quickly, 'sorry,' she said, blushing. She fished another jerky strip and gave it to him and scratched behind his ear. The dog's eyes rolled and he pressed his head into her hand, making her smile. His panting made it look like he was smiling too. Suddenly his head snapped up and a growl emitted from the depths of his chest. Ally backed away slowly, thinking he was growling at her. She was wrong.

"There ye aare, ya littl minx." A rough voice said behind her.

Ally spun around in fright. In front of her were four burly strangers standing as menacingly as hired muscle can. The one in the middle, who had spoken said, 'Him teld us ye woulds be out 'ere.'

Ally backed away from the men, towards the growling dog and bushes. She could easily defend herself against one, maybe two, but four was pushing her limits, which Paul knew. They slowly advanced on her as one giant ominous wall. She kept retreating slowly until her back hit the wall of the building opposite.

With a loud howl, her dog friend took off, for which she was glad. She didn't want him getting caught up in this. She raised her fists and adopted a defensive stance. The men chortled at her, as they came closer. As soon as they were in striking range, she ducked from one guy's reach and punched the guy on the far left , while striking out a kick on her right. A blow caught her in the stomach, knocking the air from her lungs.

She collapsed to the ground and they continued to hit her. She kicked out with her legs, knocking two of them on their asses. She quickly got up and punched a guy in the face with all her might. Her fist met his nose with a sickening crunch. Hands grabbed her from behind and wrenched them back. The door to the club opened with a scrape. Ally thought she was saved. Then her captor spun her around and she was faced with the last person she wanted to see.

Paul was standing there casually, with a smirk across his face. "Ally, darling, I missed you" he said in a honey coated voice. He started to advance on her when low growling echoed down the alley. There was Ally's dog friend standing at the alley entrance. He looked bigger, and much more menacing. One of the men picked up a brick off the ground and threw it at him, which missed. Suddenly the air was filled with thundering growls and from the shadows came at least 5 more giant dogs. Fear for the glorious creatures swept her up like a storm. She kicked against her captor, looking at them frantically, "run! Get away from here" she screamed at them. Paul's eyes turned red and an inhuman hiss tore itself from his chest. She kicked his shin to grab his attention. He turned and slapped her hard across the face. The sound echoed across the alley.

The black dog growled louder and they all started advancing down the alley in a V, with the great black do

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