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He enjoys a flowing pussy and more.

Or, I might let Holden auction it off." He laughs.

She unbuttons her shirt to remove it without little regard to the students walking by. Nobody really looked.

Leaning forward slightly she reaches behind her to unclasp the bra. Removing it she tosses it at him before getting dressed and buttoning back up. The show was beautiful.

"Yep!" He eyes her chest, "Nip missiles are a go. I can even see the areolas."

Eying them with a chin compressed against her sternum gaze she sighs, "Free at last."

"You buttoned all the way up. We need cleavage."

"One button. Any more and somebody will bust me for it."

"Two. Compromise like you said."

"Ok. Two. No more."

As she lowers her chin to observe her buttons, her fingers loosen another. Her cleavage was already bursting behind the shirt in her seated position. The curvature was magnificent.

Ryan couldn't resist staring.

She opted to look up and around her rather than appeal to Ryan's zoned expression.

"I'm counting on you to get me out of trouble. You do know guys will be hovering over me like hawks."

Shaking off his awe Ryan nods, "In the hallways and in Morrison's class I have your back. I'll text Shane and Holden to look out for you when I can't. When none of us can you're on your own."

"No sweat. It's not like I'm naked. But, I'll still cause attention. Even if a Teacher tells me to go put a bra on I'll just go switch my shirt. I keep a jersey in my locker."

"Jersey? Who's Jersey?"

"It used to belong to "Jared Kent". He moved away last year so I kept it."

He knew that meant Jared was most likely her only sex partner. He decided to shrug and open his car door to exit. Monica joined him and stepped out so he could lock up. Bra in the back seat.

Meeting at the hood of his car he had to pat his cheek to quit staring.

"Morning chill. The girls are extra perky. Let's do this." She proudly arches her back before walking away.

Ryan swallowed hard. Now he viewed her perfect ass in super tight jeans. It took her to look back at him to break the spell.

"You coming?"

He groans under his breath, "Before this day is out."

She knew her allure was devastating. Already eyes were zeroing in on her chest. Guys and girls alike. It made no difference to her. This dare was actually too simple for her expectations. Yet, it was enough for now.

Giving her a head start Ryan laid back in his stride. He wanted her to feel as if he wasn't crowding her space. Too much attention he thought might shy her away from him in the future.

She smiled at everyone yet maintained her course of heading into the school. The closer she got the more congested the area became. At the door itself it became a cluster. She was forced to rub up against people to enter. Feeling her nipples caress the backs of boys made her mind reel. They sensed her attentiveness and turned to look. Eyes were definitely on her full time. Most guys were of age. Others no. She was fully dressed so at the moment she wasn't worried. She refused to acknowledge their drooling nature. She wanted things to seem natural. Still, the excitement made her wet as hell.

Ryan nearly lost her as he was texting Holden and Shane. She had pretty much ditched him he thought. Regardless he knew where her locker was. Not that hard to find her.

As he slid through the gauntlet he heard whispers. Guys were chattering about her right and left. Girls were already jealous. Not so much as their boyfriends eying Monica but that they themselves weren't as endowed, let alone bold enough to do what she was doing.

Strangely a lot of students didn't even notice. If they did there was no immediate reaction.

Monica spotted Ryan at his own locker and jiggled her tits toward him playfully. She was amazing he thought. She didn't care who witnessed her actions. Once he smiled she blatantly ignored him and moved on toward her first hour class. His soul sank to his toes.

Her first class was "Geography", under the tutelage of "Dennis Holt".

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