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She is going to have her boss. Will he be able to resist?

"Here you are, give me the dress and I'll look after it while you try the set on".

Janet took the hanger from her, the underwear seemed so delicate she was sure she would break it just by looking at it but she took a breath and walked into the fitting room. She stripped naked but for her panties and took the bra from the hanger. The material caressed her breasts with the soft touch of a butterfly wing and she shivered. Then she stepped into the panties, knowing they would feel a little tight with her own on underneath and making allowances for that. Taking a deep breath, she turned to the mirror. Was that really her? The bra hid nothing and her breasts jutted, she could clearly see her nipples through the material and could feel them hardening at its touch. Her own panties prevented her from seeing what would normally be visible but it was obvious that, like the bra, they would leave little to the imagination. A voice from the other side of the door startled her.

"So, how does it look, will you have him drooling?' the woman asked with a laugh.

Janet let her continue in that belief rather than having to explain the real reason and simply replied " it's beautiful and makes me feel like I'm 20 again."

She got dressed and opened the door. The woman handed her the dress and directed her to the checkouts with a smile and a knowing twinkle in her eye. "I hope he's worth it" she giggled.

Back home she found her husband asleep on the couch so she was able to smuggle her purchases up to the closet without any questions asked and then she made enough noise brewing a pot of tea that he was soon awake and wondering what was for dinner. Normally she enjoyed having him home and Saturday night was usually 'the' night for a bit of bedroom fun but seemingly they both had other things on their mind so before long he kissed her goodnight and she was alone with her thoughts once more.

Janet took her phone from her bag and was about to call Beth again when she realised that would probably seem like she was needy so instead she just sat back, closed her eyes and let her mind wander. She tried to imagine Beth wearing her tiny tee shirt and nothing else. Does she walk around her flat dressed like that? What does she do in her free time? Janet realised she knew next to nothing about her. "Well, at least we'll have plenty to talk about," she thought.

Sunday dragged. Normally it was her favorite day of the week. A late rise with the possibility of some snuggling before fixing a cooked brunch. Then a trip to the local pub for a drink with their friends before a lazy afternoon of reading the newspapers and then, after dinner, watching a movie or something on TV. None of that seemed to relax her however and she found herself clock watching as the hours slowly passed. She casually mentioned that she would be away at a girlfriends monday night and it seemed like he barely noticed other than a brief 'ok'. Finally it was bedtime but she lay awake for hours before drifting off.

It felt as though she had barely got to sleep when the alarm clock buzzed insistently. Her husband had already left for the airport so she at least had time get herself organised without him being in the way. First a long hot shower followed by a short cold one, that always woke her up. She took extra care with her makeup and unusually for her dabbed some perfume on her neck and between her breasts. She dithered about clothes. If she put her new dress and underwear on now, they would be drooping by 5pm so instead she chose her normal office attire of a skirt and blouse and carefully packed the new purchases in an overnight bag along with a clean pair of satin PJ's and a second skirt and blouse for work on tuesday. She wasn't quite sure when she would change into the dress but she was determined to at some point. She almost forgot to pack a pair of shoes to go with the dress and recalling the sight of Beths sandals under the partition she considered taking something similar but in the end she chose a pair of plain white flats.


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