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Love’s Strange Forms and The Perils of Hunting Monsters.

"So what about you, Brad? Tell me about you."

"Nothing much to tell. My parents own their own import/export business, and they asked me to do something with my life other than hang around the house and smoke weed. So here I am."

"I see."

"You look frustrated, Trayana. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just some shit that I go through every now and then. I'm frustrated, fatigued, depressed. Hell, I need to fucking get laid." Realizing what she just said, Treyana's eyes widened, and she quickly tried to correct herself. "Ummm, wait. That doesn't sound right."

"Don't worry about it. I know what you mean."


"Sure, just let me know if I can help," Brad said jokingly.

"Yeah, right. As if."

"And what does that mean?"

"As if you could help me if I was to let you. Baby please!! I'm too old for you, and I've been around the block a few times. You're just looking for a quick fuck."

"Isn't that what you just said that you needed? A lay?"

"But......Ummmm.......That's different."

"What about your boyfriend? Why hasn't he done something about your needs?"

"Because we're too busy with our jobs and school. We don't have time for each other like we used to."

"What time is he coming to pick you up from here?"

"Well, I told him that we will be working on this all night, so he figured that he'll come by when he gets off of work after 11."

Brad noticed Treyana's full kissably tempting lips and the hardened nipples of her 34C breasts fighting against her t-shirt, and replied, "Fine, then we have enough time to finish both of our projects."

"Both of what projects? We only have one to do, don't we?"

"Hell no, don't you remember what Professor Douglas told us to do? We have to merge together." Just then and before Treyana can respond, Brad leaped at her and held her face in his hands. He placed his lips on hers and kissed Treyana very passionately. Treyana fought to pull his hands from her face and move her lips from his, but he was too strong. She groaned from the embracing, and as she tried to speak while still being kissed by Brad, he slipped his tongue into her parting lips.

All that she managed to say against his lips were, "What the fuck are you doing, Brad?"

But the feel of his tongue against hers brought a new feeling to Treyana that she hadn't felt in months. She stopped fighting it and finally gave in to the passionate kiss, allowing her thick tongue to swim inside his mouth as well. In time, her groans of rejections turned into moans of pleasure. It felt like the kiss was lasting forever as they often repositioned their faces in every direction.

Treyana opened her eyes for a moment and couldn't believe what was happening. "How did we end up like this?" she thought. Never did she make any more attempts to stop it.

Suddenly, Brad parted from her lips and held her face to his. Though their lips were separated for the time being, they were actually just an inch and a half away from each other.

"So what was that for, Brad? Why did you do that?" she asked while staring at his lips and breathing harder than normal.

"Why should there be a reason? You're tensed, and I would like to help you relax."

"Yeah, sure you do. Sorry baby, I know that it's only a nine year difference, but you're like a kid to me. You're young enough to be a little brother of mine. Hell, my kids are just a few years younger than you."

"That doesn't mean that I can't satisfy you, Treyana."

Now making eye contact with Brad, Treyana said, "No, Brad, let's get back to our work or maybe I should go home now. I'll just catch the busses again."

"Nope, you can't do that. The busses stopped running hours ago. The next one won't be here until tomorrow morning. But if you want to go home, I'll take you."

"Brad, you wouldn't make it out alive if you're seen driving in the housing project where I live. Okay, I'll wait for Terrance to get here. But let's get back to work."

"Okay, let's", Brad said.

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