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A place where cameras shouldn't be.

We closed all the blinds to ensure privacy.

We called Stacey in to join us.

She came in, notepad at the ready. The consummate professional as always.

"We've been watching you." Carina said looking at Stacey.

"I hope I haven't done anything wrong?" asked a now nervous looking Stacey.

"Quite the opposite. We have been impressed with you." I continued.

"Thank you." Blushed Stacey.

"We want to help you get on." Carina added.

"We want you to be the point of contact for a new contract that were handling." I continued.

Stacey's mouth opened wide but no sound came out. She paused for a moment and then collected her thoughts "I don't know what to say. Why me?"

"Because we think that you have what the client wants and we have confidence that you can deliver."

"Ok." Whispered Stacey.

"We need to be sure though. Do you trust us?" Asked Carina.

"Sure." Said Stacey regaining some of her confidence.

"That's good. I want you to do everything that I say ok?" Carina continued.

"Ok." Said Stacey pen at the ready.

"Put down the notepad you won't need it." Carina instructed.

"Ok." Said a now confused Stacey as she put it on the desk in front of her.

"Now. Take off your pullover."

"I don't understand?" Stammered Stacey.

"Please do as we ask Stacey." I coaxed Stacey seemed unsure and just stood there.

"We just want to see if you are one of us." I said.

Stacey looked around the room and then slowly removed her pullover. Folding it neatly she placed it on the table next to her notepad.

"Ok. Now your socks and shoes." Instructed Carina.

Again Stacey hesitated.

"Please do as we ask." I coaxed looking straight at her.

Stacey sat down and removed them. Pushing them under the table.

"Don't worry Stacey. We won't be disturbed and you won't get into trouble for being here. The boss will appreciate you co-operating with us." I reassured.

"Take off your shirt." Instructed Carina.

"No." said Stacey.

"Stacey. We need you to do this for the team. You are a very important part of this deal and we need to make sure that you can deliver. So please take off your shirt." I explained.

"No." repeated Stacey.

"Stacey. If you don't do this then we will have to tell the boss and he won't be as nice as us about it. He will sack you and he will have you arrested for theft. Then how will you ever find work with a criminal record?"

"But. I've not taken anything." Cried Stacey.

"Don't be so sure." Carina said with menace.

Suddenly, Stacey realised what we meant. She began to unbutton her shirt. My mouth went dry with anticipation. She slipped it off her shoulders and then folded it next to her pullover. Her breasts were clad in a plain white bra.

"Now. The trousers." Instructed Carina.

This time there was no hesitation. Stacey unbuttoned them and slid them down her thighs revealing a plain white thong. She folded the trousers and they joined the shirt and pullover on the desk.

"That's better. Now come closer." Carina said.

As Stacey approached where we were sitting Carina asked her to give us a twirl and so Stacey did. Right then in that moment Stacey would have done anything we asked. I stood up and undid my dress. Taking it off to reveal my own red bra and knickers. I held my dress out to Stacey.

"Put this on." I instructed

Stacey looked at me. Taking in my half naked state. She seemed relieved to be clothed again. The dress suited her. It looked better on me though.

All of a sudden our shy super efficient dogsbody looked like one of us. Ready to charm the contract from the customer.

"You can give my dress back now." I said

Stacey reluctantly slipped it off and passed it back to me. I placed it on the chair next to me. Stacey looked confused until she noticed that Carina was stepping out of her skirt. She handed this to Stacey. Carina then unbuttoned her shirt and passed this over. Carina had on ivory coloured underwear.

Stacey again got dressed. She looked superb in it. Carina looked at me and we nodded.

"In future this is how you should dress for the office. No more pullovers or trousers." Said Carina

"If yo

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