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Guinan seduces Worf.

" They shook hands and we all walked out, as we passed Jenny's desk she said, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do Linda, Oh wait there isn't anything I won't do, so never mind, have fun."

Out of embarrassment I laughed, it was hard enough to do this let alone make light of it all. We made it to the elevator doors and as we rode down Mr. Joll said "Linda call me Jeff and Mr. Hong's first name is to hard to say so I call him Johnny. So first names only, now where would you like to go tonight?" I thought about this only for a second and asked, "Where are you staying at?" Jeff said "Peter got us in at the Regency" I said "They have a fine restaurant there, what about eating there to start the evening, then we could do anything you guys want."

We went to the restaurant and all eyes where on us. I really could feel they where all watching me and my long legs coming out from my splits in the dress with every step I took. After all the slits showed the whites of both thighs. Then Knowing that I was naked under my dress made me shiver with excitement. The two men walked proud as peacocks that I was with them. That made me feel good, I looked at some of the people watching us as we walked, the men looked at me with desire while the woman look at me with envy or disgust. I mostly felt it was envy. I forgot all about my husband Bill, I forgot why or how it came to be that I was here. I was caught up in the moment and I felt on top of the world with this sexual high I was on right now. I never felt so pretty in my life, I never felt so desired by men like this.

We sat down in a booth that was near the back, it had a very high back, and it circled around. I sat between them, the Jeff pulled me close, and he kissed me. When he finished Johnny turned my face and kissed me. I felt my head spinning from the excitement of kissing these two men; I was naked under the sexiest dress between two strangers in public place. I knew that these two men wanted sex with me and from the looks of the rest of the men that I saw when we walked in they looked like they wanted me. God forgive me right now I wanted sex with them right now.

I could not concentrate on dinner at all, all I can think about was the wicked desire I had right now going through my mind and body. Jeff put his hand on my right thigh and since my dress was slit the way it was, he would have easy access to my shaved mound. I opened my legs enough to allow him access to me. I felt his fingers find my clit, I know it was swollen and when he slid a finger inside my hole he found me very wet. I know because he said to Johnny "shit Johnny you got to feel this, she is soaking wet" Johnny wasted no time in reaching in from the other side, I had to open my legs a little more for both of them to have free reign. One started rubbing my clit as the other started finger fucking me right there at the table.

I closed my eyes and just soaked in the wonderful feeling they where giving me. I found I my breathing was becoming labored because I craved a climax so bad. The way he spoke of me some how affected me even more. I felt like a dirty whore, or a nymphomaniac I felt so fucking hot, I felt so warm and the fingers felt so wonderful. I knew they where deliberately driving me crazy getting me so worked up to want sex. It worked all right, I wanted it right now, I wanted to climax so bad, but more than that I wanted to get fucked. I mean really fucked hard, it has been so long since I had ever felt this worked up. Oh hell I wanted a cock so bad; I needed a cock so fucking bad my head was spinning with lust. I reached down to both of their crotches and grabbed both of them.

They where hard as rocks, I found Johnny mouth and we kissed, we kissed as two hungry animals ready to mate.

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