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His desire to be with her forever results in much pain.

Why not give yourself a girl's midsection - beats dieting."

"Great idea."

"And your rear end? (She turns around.) Do you like my rear or yours better?"

"Again you win. Yours of course - yours is really sexy, and mine is nothing."

"Don't you want to be sexy there too? So you'll get a girl's rear end also?"

"Yes, you are right again. So, all told, I'll be a girl in very way except for my cock. A 100% girl, but with a cock. Do we have a deal?"

"I agree, but only on one condition. I want to be a kind of shemale also."

"You want a cock?" Gary was stunned. Tina loved being a woman, and loved her cunt and the multiple orgasms it gave her. Or so he had thought. "No deal Tina. I don't want you to have a cock."

"Don't be silly, Gary. I don't want a cock. But I do want a really, really large clit. You can become a shemale - a girl with large breasts and a cock - only if I get to enlarge my clit. An inch for an inch. You can add 5 inches of girl tits to your chest (or how ever much you choose to add) and have your DD cup breasts - which would make them much larger then mine, by the way) and then I'll enlarge clit by the same number of inches. Lets do it! And since you want to bring another women to bed, I'll agree to that also, as a kind of a sweetener. Wouldn't you like to see me fuck another woman with my 5 inch clit? Wouldn't that be sexy to watch?"

"Sure. I'd love seeing that. And also joining you and another woman."

"Great! Because after I used my super-sized clit to fuck her, I'll use it to fuck you."

Gary was again stunned. Shocked. For DD breasts he would indeed need to add 5 inches of girl tits to his chest. But if Tina added 5 inches to her __ inch clit, it would be like she had a cock. He sure didn't want her to have that. He sure didn't want a 5 __ inch clit going into him. No way.

"Tina, are you sure that you wouldn't just settle for enlarging your breasts also?"

Tina ignored that suggestion and continued: "Fucking you would be a blast! And, since my clit can come over and over, you could give me blow jobs again and again. I will give you and your male cock one blow job while you give my cock -- sorry, I mean my clit - 2 or 3 or even 5 blow jobs (smile). Won't that be fun? So would using it to penetrate you (smile). I could fuck you and then you could give me a blow job, over and over."

(A look of horror came over Gary's face!)

"You could fuck my cunt one time with your deflatable cock, and then I would fuck your rear several times, and then you could give me multiple blow jobs! And you could fuck the girl we bring to bed - assuming your poor cock didn't get tired too easily - while I took you from the rear. I'd fuck you while you fucked her! That would make me the real stud! We'd be just like 2 gay guys - except that I would be the more studly of the two because I'd be fucking you more because (she smiled) I could come more times. So even though you had a cock, you'd be getting fucked more than you fucked a girl."

Gary was stunned into silence. Two gay guys? He's be like a gay guy getting fucked in the rear? No way - he has been thinking that they would turn into something closer to two lesbians. Two beautiful women making passionate lesbian love, except that one of the lesbians would have a cock.

"Look at it this way, Gary. True, you would be my bitch and I mostly would be the stud (since my clit can come many times more than any cock!). But your breasts would be larger than mine, and my cock - I mean clit, sorry (smile) - would be smaller than your cock. So you would have the advantage in terms of both breast size and cock - sorry, I mean cock/clit - size. But my clit could come more times than your cock. And it would come inside of you! Your mouth and your rear, again and again. And maybe you would call me Tom instead of Tina..."

Noticing the look of panic on Gary's face she added: "But remember the sweetener," Tina continued, "I'll agree to bring another woman into our bed, without another man being there.

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