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Evelyn gets a lesson about giving pleasure to a stranger.

He was panting from the hurried pace, and she was panting for her own reasons.

"I am on my way back to my place," she said with an obvious innuendo he could not mistake. She made very little conversation other than that as they made their way back to her place.

She stopped in the doorway and turned to him who had been following her for the past 4 blocks. "Are you trying to get payback," she said grinning, knowing that by the time she made her way to the bedroom, she would have this man in the palm of her hand - not to mention three or four other locations in her body.

He grabbed her by her gorgeous hair pulled back slightly, revealing a neck that begged for his kiss. As he dug into her, kissing and lightly sucking, she grinned. She knew she was in complete control of her younger stud. Not that his passion was dull and predictable, but this random encounter had been played out numerous times already in both their fantasies and in their mutual correspondence. They both knew exactly what they wanted and what the other wanted. The only question that remained was if it was humanly possible.

She stood there for a few minutes as he pleasured her neck. Then she slowly pulled him back, looked at him with a foxy smirk and opened the door. After the door swung open, she ran her hand across his aching groin. He almost lost his composure right then and there, but he managed to control it. He knew just how powerful she could be, and he did not want anything to stop him from fulfilling both their fantasies.

The few seconds waiting for the door to latch seem to last forever. As it closed, she grabbed him by his belt and began to lead him to the bedroom. He was too anxious and stopped her in her tracks, grabbing her and planting the most intense, sensual kiss on her lips. Their eyes needn't be open. As they continued, kiss after kiss, lick after lick, bite after bite, their hands slowly made their progress to every aching throbbing muscle as if they were probing each other for good measure. He slowly lowered himself to his knees as she stood there. Never breaking their eye contact, he slowly undid her belt and pants. She stood, amazed that he remembered her fantasy to be eaten while standing. As her pants and underwear fell to the floor, he then offered to take of her shoes. The garments fell off effortlessly.

She stood before him, half undressed. He knelt and inched his way to her shaven mound. He then offered the slowest most sensual lick across her sex she had ever known. His quivering tongue vibrated her perfectly. Her eyes rolled as her knees went limp, barely saving herself from collapsing. Perhaps it was her that would not live up to her own fantasies. She regained her posture, smiled, and laughed intoxicatingly, and placed her hand upon his head. She then raised her right leg up and placed it on the nearby chair, and lunged his eager mouth onto her crotch.

She remained standing dominatingly as he licked, sucked, hummed, and chewed his way deeper into her moistness. He flicked against her clit while shaking his head yes and no. All the while his hand kept her poised in place by their unrelenting grasp on her voluptuous backside. She could hardly believe that this was becoming reality, but, try as she might, she could not continue her charade of dominance after her first ten minutes. She began quivering and grinding against his expert tongue and quietly begging for something a bit more substantial. "You know what I want," she asked him. She continued to answer, "I want you to drop your pants and get your cock out." He would have nothing with it.

He lowered her, never breaking oral contact with her snatch, onto the floor. Now, with the added support she could continue undressing her amazing upper body. With the added attention she was receiving, though, she could barely concentrate on anything other than his mouth.

It was then that his grasp on her ass released and slowly reached back around to her sex.

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