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Teen (18) male with older male.

This was going to be a very long and interesting weekend he thought to himself.

They separated and started settling in with their luggage, and putting their fruit and water in the fridge.

After Eddy was done, he turned on the big TV and was watching some TV from the comfort of his freshly pulled out bed.

A movie came on that Sally wanted to see too, so she made herself at home on the other bed and they were both lost to the show.

Mike and Jillian sat quietly in the second room with the kids, pretending to watch the show, but in actual fact, they were slowly and deliberately stealing glances at one another. One time, Jillian focussed on his facial features and his scruff, and quickly looked away when he looked over. Another time, Mike took in her cute toes and the sexy nail polish she had put on them, also looking away when she caught his eye.

They both smiled at each other excitedly.

Jillian then winked, raised her eyebrows to him, and said "I just need to head in and freshen up if you don't mind."

"Not one bit." Mike said, and as she walked by, he looked to the kids and said "well guys. What are we feeling like for supper?"

Clearly into their movie, they both agreed that a pizza ordered to the room would be a great idea. So he called and ordered a couple of pizzas, and when they arrived, after a slight argument over who would pay, Jillian treated for supper.

"It's the least I can do!" she said, and Mike, although not wanting her to feel as if she owed him anything, agreed.

Mike had noticed a slight difference in Jillian since she had come out of the bathroom from freshening up. She had changed her clothes, although still wearing tight running pants, which he was hopeful she would wear the whole weekend.

Her top was teal, which accented her dark toned skin, and tight, which accented her humble, yet athletic features. And as she walked by him to meet the pizza boy at the door, Mike was treated to the subtle scent of perfumes, freshly applied.

He caught himself more than once staring longer than he should have.

Jillian caught him staring too, but didn't let on; thinking hopefully to herself 'Mmm...got him!!'

When they finished the pizza, the movie hadn't ended yet, but both Mike and Jillian were anxious to go and check out the race routes before calling it the early night.

After a little bit of battling with both children, they ultimately decided to just go, the two of them themselves.

Mike and Jillian walked down to the lobby, where the hotel was setting up for the social event that was to take place later on.

Remembering how Jillian had told him how much fun the hotel socials were, Mike asked "So Jill, which night is the best social? Friday or Saturday night?"

"Usually the Saturday night one is better than Friday because not everyone shows up as early as we did. We can still check it out when we get back, if you want."

"Sounds like a date to me!" said Mike, wondering if he might get a reaction from his companion.

He didn't, but that didn't mean that Jillian hadn't heard him.

When she was in the bathroom freshening up, and looking hot for Mike, she had given herself a little pep talk.

She was really enjoying how great she was feeling today. It had been such a roller coaster of emotions, but Mike was somehow able to smooth those bumps in her day and gave her a calm that she hadn't felt in a long time, if even ever.

And she never told anyone outright, but she secretly loved when people called her Jill. Jillian just felt too formal to her.

Mike had called her Jill in the car when they were teasing each other, and it made her feel warm inside.

He'd just called her Jill again in the lobby, and she was really starting to like it.

"So Miss Tour Guide, take me to the race!" Mike joked as he held her door open for her and helped her into the SUV.

The race route actually wasn't that far away.

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