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Brother makes up for sister's fiance's shortcomings.

She leaned off of the bed, reached under, and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. Before Ashley could squirm away, Jenny pushed her hands behind her and handcuffed her to the bedpost.

Ashley struggled to break free from the handcuffs but could only managed to bang up her wrists. Eventually she determined it was no use. Frustrated, she let out a large sigh of hopelessness. Realizing that crying would not help her situation, she stopped whimpering and wiped the cold tears from her eyes. Once they were dry, she faced her friend. Ashley spoke, now with a tone that was critical rather then pathetic, "Your right, I HAVE to do what you say. I would never do this if I was not blackmailed because unlike you, I am not a lesbian," Ashley lashed out.

Jenny innocently shrugged her shoulders in response to Ashley's remarks. "Go ahead and call me a lesbian," Jenny allowed as she scooted closer to Ashley on the bed. "When you were being gangbanged by all those guys, sucking them off, and getting cum blown all over yourself, I wasn't very envious of you," Jenny explained. "Although you certainly seemed to enjoy yourself, I am not the type that gets turned on by being used like that. I am much more of the dominant type." Jenny moved her hand against the comforter toward Ashley, causing her to squirm. Eventually her hand pushed under Ashley's skirt. Gently, Jenny's fingers stroked Ashley's pussy lips through the soft fabric of the thong she was wearing. "Since men are afraid of dominant women like me, I will have to use a skanky bitch like you to get me off," Jenny concluded. With her final remark, Jenny pushed her finger to the side of Ashley's thong and slid it under the material. The tip of her index finger pushed forward into Ashley's vagina which was surprisingly moist. "Mmm, for a non-lesbian you sure are excited," Jenny pointed out.

Ashley blushed a bright shade of red. She had never considered ever doing anything sexual with another girl before. Ashley had always publicly affirmed her homophobia, describing lesbians as disgusting and constantly using sexuality as a means to slander and blackmail fellow classmates. However, while she was bound to Jenny's bedpost and forced into submission to her scantily clad friend, her body was incapable of suppressing its desires. Different from when she was forced to whore herself to Ned, the prospect of her being used by a girl, especially one that she had known for a long time and considered a friend, was even more humiliating and more of a turn on. The only thing Ashley could try and do was take her mind off the situation. She turned her eyes and focused on the wall to the left of her.

Jenny sunk her finger in deeper. She swirled it around, running the tip across the fleshy inside. "Wow, you're pretty damn loose in here. I guess that is what happens when you are fucked by so many cocks in one night," Jenny remarked. Noticing that Ashley was looking away despondently, the larger girl gripped her chin and pulled Ashley's face towards her. "Look hun, both you and I know you like to be in this sort of position," Jenny stated to her. "You should just accept that you are a slut for this sort of thing and try to enjoy it." Jenny began to remove the lace tying her corset together in the front. When she was finished with the unlacing, she moved up on to her knees in front of Ashley. Jenny slid her fingers between the top of the corset and the flesh of her breasts. Seductively, Jenny slowly pulled the corset open. After being pulled open to a certain extent, her large brown-colored breasts tumbled outward, bouncing invitingly inches from Ashley's face.

Ashley released a small gasp at the sight of Jenny's breasts.

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