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A sadist gets Maeve alone.

In the water Ann discovers the bikini is even more daring then she expected. Her nipples are clearly visible through the thin fabric and the bikini bottom seems to show all too. It will be hard to get out of the water in a decent way.

Still in the water Ann sees her client. At first she thinks he will walk by, but he is heading for the pool. Ann pretends she didn't notice him and hopes he will have the courtesy to do the same. Showing some daring cleavage is one thing, wearing a tiny bikini another. But he doesn't walk by.

"Still here?" he asks surprised. "I thought you would be on your way back home." Ann tries to avoid the conversation with a short answer hoping he will leave, but he stays. She swims to the edge and answers his questions without leaving the water.

When he takes a seat next to the pool and orders some white wine she knows she won't be able to get away. She has to get out of the water. Being a gentleman, he lends her a helping hand.

"Quite interesting," he says without taking his eyes of her body.

"Thanks," Ann smiles at him and tries to act as if she wasn't almost naked.

She expects him to start asking questions about her business again, but he doesn't for a while and without speaking she drinks a glass of wine. She is happy with the silence. She's already uncomfortable enough. Virtually naked in front of a client. Her nipples and pussy are visible to anyone who wants to look and looking is what the client does.

Ann reaches for a towel. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he says. "You might not want to miss the contract after all." She looks at him. "Just enjoy your drink as much as I enjoy the view."

"I have a proposition," he continues after a few minutes of silence in which Ann realises she might as well relax. "If you let me have my way with you, you will get the contract at your terms."

For a few seconds she doesn't know what to do. She either can slap him in the face or considers to take up his challenge. She wants to do the first, but she needs the contract.

Ann says nothing and pretends to enjoy your drink. He looks around, then bends over. "Stay put," he whispers in her ear while his hands touch her breast, playing with her hardening nipples. His other hand slides down between her legs, stroking her pussy through the still wet fabric. He pushes it aside and inserts a fingertip into her vagina.

"I made the right offer, you made the right choice," he says. Ann doesn't know where to look. She is embarrassed. She is felt up in public and it turns her on.

When the waiter returns her client stops, but with his hand still on her leg and her nipples clearly visible through the white fabric, little is left to the imagination. When the waiter looks at her she turns her head in shame.

"Get up and come with me," the client tells her after a while. He walks away without waiting. Ann follows him through the lobby. Even though the bikini has dried again and isn't transparent any more, several men stare at her body as she passes by.

In the elevator the client stands behind her pressing her almost nude body against his business suit. In the mirror he admires the contrast between her white skin and the dark fabric. On hand rests on her belly. The other cups a breast and pinches the nipple. "I love them most when they poke out," he whispers.

The client leads Ann to his room. When she enters the room she doubts her decision to play along. No doubt he will be all over her. She doesn't want to be a slut. But she does want that contract on her terms, so she has to meet his terms.

"I will be with you in a minute," he says. She walks to the window, looking away. He takes his cell phone and starts a conversation. On and off he takes a glance, admiring her body.

She hears his words. "Certainly. Yes, she is here," he says. "You might want to come and see for yourselfs."

She knows he just invited some people over.

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