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Excursion about black man's body.

For the rest of the night, unless she was onstage dancing, Mercedes sat by my side, chatting and teasing with me. The night quickly came to an end, customers cleared out, and most of the dancers were on their way out too, when I decided I needed to go. Mercedes asked me to wait for her as she packed up. She soon returned and I walked out with her. Once we got outside it seems that she completely changed into a different person. She suddenly seemed energized and playful. She invited me to come over to her place for a while and hang out, to which I quickly accepted the invitation.

I followed her to her place, and we went in, she told me she needed to go take a shower and asked me to make myself comfortable while I waited. She didn't take long, and about 10 - 15 minutes later she returned. She came out wearing a half length, silky robe, and looked wonderful. She came over to me and sat down on the couch next to me. We started chatting, but quickly our chatting was thrown out the window when she started kissing me. We began kissing, soft at first, but as we continued to kiss, our passions grew and our kissing got more aggressive. Soon, she was unbuttoning my shirt, and she climbed onto my lap. I reached down and untied the belt holding her robe closed, as her robe came undone, and opened up for me, it revealed to me that she was wearing light blue corset, with matching g-string. I grew instantly hard, and she slowly started grinding against me.

As we continued to kiss and grind, my hands got to do what they had wanted to at the club, explore. My hands were all over her body, running the length of her silky smooth legs, and along her sides. Cupping her tits through the material of her lingerie was incredible. I slowly started to undo the clasps down the back of her corset, but before I could finish, she stood up, taking my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. As we arrived in her room, she let me make quick work of removing the corset and she was left in just her g-string. She approached me and slowly released my belt, and soon, my pants were in a heap on the floor.

She led me to the bed, and had me sit down on the edge, spreading my legs, she got down on her knees in front of my and started kissing my legs. As she did this her hands were massaging my cock through my underwear. She kept getting closer and closer to my cock with her kisses, and soon she was kissing my engorged member through my underwear. Hooking the elastic with her fingers, she gingerly pulled my underwear down exposing my cock to her. She slowly started licking it, starting at the base of the shaft, and dragging her tongue teasingly and slowly up the length. Soon she circled the head of my cock with her tongue, and returned the way she came. She teased me like this for a while, and about the time I thought I couldn't take her teasing anymore, she opened up, and let my cock slide into her warm mouth. She massaged my cock with her mouth, sucking on it, and circling it with her tongue. The feelings of an orgasm were growing rapidly between my legs, and soon I was on the edge and about to cum. I warned her I was about to cum, incase she didn't want it in her mouth, she looked up to me, locked eyes and continued to pump her mouth over the head of my cock. My cock began to twitch and spasm, and soon it was pumping loads of cum into her mouth, she smiled at me with her eyes, never breaking the seal of her mouth, and slowly worked me until the last pulse of my cock.

She climbed back up onto my lap and started grinding her pussy against my softened cock. I kissed her, and as I did, I turned her around to lay her on the bed. Whispering in her ear I asked her if she'd like me to return the favor. A quite moan, laced with ecstasy was all she could manage, but it was enough to know that she wanted me to.

I slowly climbed down her body, kissing every inch of exposed skin that I could find.

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