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Ariana's first date is more intense than she expected.

I was in a strange position, watching them fuck from less than a couple of feet away. Right at my eye level. What was left to do except scoot backwards and get out of there, leaving them to it.

But I couldn't do that. It was too exciting. I was too excited. I was so sexually charged after all the build up, and now I was the only one having no sex at all. And my brother's big penis kept appearing - and disappearing - right before my eyes. There was no other choice but to reach out and wrap a couple of fingers around the base. Of course this was right where Hannah's pussy kept colliding with Tyler's pelvis. I squeezed on his penis, especially along the underneath ridge, when I could.

This became increasingly uncomfortable as Hannah was impaling herself harder and harder. I withdrew my fingers from Tyler's cock, but placed them on Hannah's pussy. I had been watching her, and couldn't help but notice her clit all plumped and hard. I placed a finger on each side of it, squeezing in towards her clit. It was easy to rub her clit - she was doing most of the work herself as she slid up and down on Tyler. I mostly just had to work at keeping my fingers from being dislodged by all the movement.

Tyler was getting even more heated. He took over, grabbing her hips and pulling down hard every time she rose up. They were colliding quite hard. I was glad I had gotten my fingers out from between them. The force of their fucking was very impressive. Hannah was squealing from my rubbing her clit, and grunting each time Tyler bottomed out inside of her. I was getting wetter just thinking of how it must feel with a dick thrusting so deep and hard inside of her. He kept pulling her down by her hips harder and harder, amazing me at how hard they were fucking. He looked - violent. That's the word that came to mind. He was just using her body for his relief. I had never seen him act so violent at any other time that I could remember.

Tyler was sweating and Hannah was nearly out of her mind as their fucking became ragged. She tried to find something to hold onto. Finally they lost it as orgasms took over. I felt her pussy spasm. I don't know who came first. Tyler groaned and grunted, but he had been doing that all along, so I'm not sure just when he exploded inside of her. But Hannah squealed and yelled out as her pussy squeezed, her body out of control. She was more like a rag doll having little control over her movements, just being used for a fuck toy as Tyler pulled her down onto him while his shaft plunged inside one more time before she literally fell off him.

She actually pushed me over as she fell, right on top of me. I thought for a moment that she might be unconscious until her hand, which had landed on my breast, began squeezing it sensually.

"Mmmm," she moaned, I thought because of my breast but it may have been for what she had just been through. She was certainly still aroused, and I was aroused too but with no climax to have enjoyed. I began thinking that I would have to leave them to go masturbate. I had to get off soon. That's when I felt his hand on my pussy.

Ohhhh, it felt so good. It made me even hornier, but it was a relief to be stimulated. That, and Hannah massaging my breast, was really getting me going. Then I felt Tyler's hand in my pussy and saw his other one in Hannah's, an easy thing to do as she was lying mostly on top of me. Tyler stuck a finger in my hole and swirled around in there, making me moan. I assumed he was doing the same to her. She moved down my body slightly, enough to get my nipple in her mouth. She sucked and bit slightly on it, and between that and my pussy I was going crazy. We had never done anything except look at our changing bodies years before, but this was fantastic. Actually, at the time I gave no thought to the fact that she was a girl, only that I was more stimulated than I ever had been. Of course, Tyler's hand on my pussy and finger in my hole added an awful lot to that feeling,

I exploded quite soon after they started this double attack on me.

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