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In the aftermath of battle, alliances are made and tested.

Tom held Mollie in his arms and couldn't have been any happier. "Don't cry," he said as he gently rocked her. "We've done it, now we'll enjoy each other with no regrets and no looking back. This may be wrong, but it feels so good to love my baby." Tom added and knew that Mollie was going to be a wonderful lover and he was very sure that he'd never want for anything in bed again. "Tonight, you're going to be all mine!" he smiled, leaned to Mollie and kissed her deep and with more passion than he'd ever known.

Mollie sat next to her Daddy, enjoying his words and she'd never felt better. Her Daddy was now her lover and when he kissed her, Mollie wanted to die. They'd kissed before, but it was nothing compared to this. A little peck on the cheek, or a quick one on the lips, but never anything as breathtaking as this and Mollie wanted more.

After the kiss ended, Mollie looked up again and smiled. "I can't wait for you to take me. I wanta feel this in me so bad," she whispered and slowly reached to hold his swollen cock and gently stroked it. "My pussy is so wet, I'll be surprised if it hasn't soaked through my jeans," she giggled and knew that Daddy would fix her later, in bed.

"I love a good, wet pussy," he smiled as he enjoyed Mollie's gentle hand stroking him with so much love and tenderness, he felt like cuming. "I'm going to be in you as much as I can," he moaned as she continued stroking him and Tom fought to hold back. He wanted to do it in her, deep in her young and very wet pussy, not in the car. "You gotta stop, baby! I want the first time to be special, not here." Tom said as he carefully put his hard cock back into his pants and slowly pulled up the zipper.

"Daddy, you shoulda let me fix it for you. We'll still do it later." Mollie said putting out her lower lip, knowing it was a sure way to get whatever she wanted from him. "I'll do you real good and you'll never want anyone else again," she purred and thought of fucking Daddy half to death. He had to be going crazy with need. Mom never fucked the poor guy.

He shook his head and couldn't wait until later. Little Mollie was going to get it and get it good. "I think we should just skip this and go back to you place," he said and heard a small moan of excitement come from her.

"Oh yes!" Mollie growled, thinking of her handsome Daddy up her wet and excited pussy. "Hurry, Daddy, I need you to fuck me so bad!" she cried out as she grabbed her pussy, trying to rub it through her tight jeans, but it was hopeless.


Ken sat at the kitchen table and he couldn't help looking at Mom. She was a great looking woman. She kept her hair cut short, but it looked sexy and her neck was bare, ready to be sucked. She'd changed into a small, powder blue blouse that was low-cut, giving him an occasional peek at her matching blue bra and nice breasts. I wish Trinity would have kept her fuckin' mouth shut. He thought as he tried to stop thinking of fucking his Mom. Most of his life he hated her and now, he was thinking of throwing her down and fucking the holy living shit out of her.

Mom could see that Kenny was checking her out and she loved it. Her love life with Tom had been going downhill for years and Barb knew that a young stud like Kenny would bring her back to life, but he was her son. She couldn't fuck him or could she? This is fuckin' crazy! I can't screw my own son, but he's so damn good-looking! She thought and tried her best not to stare at him, but it was proving to be very difficult.

Trinity could see that ol' Barb was in heat for her son and she loved it.

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