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Jane gets to grips with her aerobics instructor.

"Hell, you're a doctor and you seem to know your way around the ranch pretty well."

"I was born here and lived here till I joined the military. Except for a couple real short visits, here and gone the same day, this is the first time I've really been back since."

"What! This is family land! Why didn't you ever come back?"

"I got tired of people calling me a half-breed, dirty injun and other names like that. It seemed like my whole childhood was one fight after another. Hell I'm proud of being part Indian and especially being Lakota, but even the Indians don't like breeds - at least in my time."

"Well we got some stupid people now too, but if Red Cloud has any say about it, that will change."

I had to hang my head in shame.

Grandpa uh, Uncle Henry, noticed and asked "What's wrong, boy."

"Custer's whole command was wiped out June 25, 1876 at the Little Big Horn River. Custer was a fool! He didn't listen to his advisers and split his command so he didn't have the troops he should've where he should've when he more-or-less walked into a trap.

"In less then 20 minutes over 200 soldiers were killed to the last man, including Custer himself. That set the American government off on revenge. The Sioux nation will be defeated in the next year and moved to reservations. In my time, on many reservations, there is violence, drunkenness, apathy and despair. School drop-outs rates range from 45 to 62 percent. Suicide among the indigenous people is twice the US national average and unemployment runs around 80 percent."

"That just can't be! They were promised this land! They have a treaty!"

"It's the gold and the greed. If there's anything worth any value, the government is going to take it no matter who they have to step on. In my time, in 1980 the Sioux won a Supreme Court case against the U.S. Government for 17 and a half million dollars plus five percent a year, totally over 105 million, going all the way back to 1877, when the government seized the Black Hills because the Sioux supposedly broke the Treaty because they defended their land against the gold miners.

"The Lakota refused to accept the money and instead demanded the return of their territory from the United States. In my time, it still hasn't been settled. The money is being held in a trust account. Some Indians want to take the money and some want to hold out for the return of the land. The bastards stole the land and still haven't given it back. Prob'ly never will. To the government it's all about money - everything can be bought. They can't understand to the Sioux it's all about the Paha Sapa, the Sacred Land."

"Can't we do anything about it?"

"I don't think so think so it's a big part of history so I don't think there's much hope of us changing it."

"But you know what's going to happen! Surely something can be done to warn them or something."

"I don't think so. In my time, they think if you could go back in time and make major changes it can destroy the future. I think if something was meant to happen it will still happen."

"But Clay, what about you being here? Won't that change the future?"

"I don't think so. I think we might be able to make minor changes that don't affect the future too bad, but I think fate will stop us from making major changes. What's meant to happen still will, probably, just with minor differences. For instance we may save one man from dying but the major event will still take place - there's no changing that.

"Maybe I'm meant to be here now. Look at the things that are going on. I started to tick them off on my finger. Firstly, Clay was killed and I look just like him. Secondly, He was a doctor and I've had enough training to be one in this time period. Third, I should have been killed in the accident I was in when I was put here instead.

"I don't know if there is a god or not but there's just too many things to be a accident. Something wants me here."

"Maybe you're right but I'd still like to do something for them.

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