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Mike watches another guy pleasure his fiancee Jen.

Bank on it.

Gary: I bought you originally due to your scheming, plotting, and street smarts. I did not buy you to have an on-going squabble over your material desires. I will leave you to pole dance in a gentleman's club today. How about you doing your duty and garner the latest gossip and rumors.

Cathy makes a face, sticking out her tongue.

Cathy: As you wish, Master.


Gary stops at MegaMart to buy some bitter black brew. Once inside he notices a girl with long hair and a svelte, willowy physique. If only he could catch a glimpse of her face. It is uncertain if the comely female is an android (gynoid) or if she is Brisa. His mind races. It would be pleasant to spend a few minutes with Brisa one-on-one at checkout. But awkward if there is a crowd; moreover, his avatar Catherine Tramell (Cathy) seems to be compiling a story board with sound bites to extort inappropriate or improper actions from Gary. Gary decides to gather some items for a small purchase. Having done that he notices that it is Brisa at the register with another cashier.

Having unloaded his items from a grocery basket onto the conveyor belt, he chats for the moment with the other cashier before asking Brisa about her upcoming start of school. He hopes to show interest in Brisa in a non-libidinous manner. She answers in a mellow, honey-sweet tone. How strong is the desire to make a libidinal response. Fortunately the chip reader asks for authentication, and the train of the personal dialogues is derailed. More shoppers come to check out, prompting Gary to grab his coffee, stuff the paper receipt into his reusable cloth shopping bag, and exit. Brisa's last words to him are: "See you tomorrow, goodbye."

Gary wonders if Brisa has the same caged emotions as he has. On one hand, Gary wishes to avoid a perception of impropriety. On the other hand, a gorgeous girl is like the moth and the candle. Her powerful animal attraction and animal magnetism create a force field modeled only in the universe as a black hole, pulling other heavenly bodies into its accretion disk. Brisa should be a model, thinks Gary. He thinks that his privately-owned avatar, Cathy, could exert influence in that regard. But this is not the case. Gary makes a mental note to curtail his membership in Cathy's Internet account to save money. Beside saving money, he feels as if Catherine Tramell is a mere catalog of stuff and things for sale and little more.


Almost every retired scientist or engineer has some vain idea or another that he/she fondly nurtures, albeit most are fanciful flights of coincidence or imagination. One engineer Gary supported fostered the belief that the Planck Constant (known as h-bar in textbooks) could be written tightly as factors in an expression containing e, pi, and sqrt(2). Gary finally did come up with a closed form expression but never could resolve the exponential of 10^(-34) J-sec. (Note the physical units of Joule*Second.) It satisfied the employer. But it is lacking precision with only four significant figures . With far less that the minimal value of six, no one could sell the expression to the scientific community. The more significant figures the greater the probability that the expression correctly represents or models the true particle. And that only four significant figures is claptrap, pure and simple.

Gary believes that he has made a significant discovery. He thinks that the neutron-proton isospin is ln(4*pi), by the below equation

(1) (m_n-m_p)/(m_e)=1838.683661-1836.152672=2.53098805

(2) ln(4*(pi))=2.531024247

where m_n, m_p, and m_e are the measured masses of the neutron, proton, and electron, respectively. And these come from the electron in the proton of outer radius 4*pi:

Integrate from 1 to 4*pi of du/u = ln(4*pi)-ln(1) = ln(4*pi) = 2.531

But the fit is poor. Six is the least number of significant figures that are worthy of reporting.


Gary is feeling poorly as he walks his 1.

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