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Latina displays fiery temper.

I was noticing again just how attractive and how confident of a woman Cindy was. I was admiring her and thinking how I would like to be more like her. Her yellow two-piece contrasted against her tanned figure and I wondered if I would be able to wear a bikini like that when I was her age. Like I said, although she was much older than me, her figure didn't look it.

She looked up at me and said "come on in, the water's warm." By now I had removed my wrap and to my embarrassment, my nipples were hard from the cool air. I think she noticed that! I tried to jump in as quickly as I could. I knew the air was a little cool but it was more than just cool air that hardened my nipples. I never considered myself to be very attractive but being around Cindy, with her positive attitude and the compliments she gave me had made me feel better about who I was. I began to swim around. I was beginning to have a crush on her. I'm thinking this is crazy, it's another woman for God's sakes she's old enough to be my Mother. Maybe it's because she's so mature or maybe I'm mistaking admiration for lust. Whatever, I was getting that familiar tingling feeling down there.

We swam around a little. Cindy was trying out some swim strokes. We had a one-lap race, and I think she let me win. We splashed around and from time to time, we wrestled in the water to try and make the other fall. We were carrying on just like a couple of kids! Cindy would swim under water to see how long she could hold her breath before coming up for air and sometimes, while swimming underwater, she would bump into me or touch me by mistake with her arm or leg. Once she even bumped her head into my butt underwater. When that happened, she popped up and said "sorry! I had my eyes closed." I thought nothing of it. I was having fun. It had been sometime since I've had a smile on my face and I was actually enjoying myself.

I was swimming underwater as well to try and beat her record for holding our breath. I found myself using that opportunity to sneak a peak at Cindy. I especially enjoyed watching her doing the crawl as her legs opened and closed underwater and causing my imagination to soar. I even thought of swimming up to her underwater like she did to me but I chickened out. Really I thought to myself, Cindy was a pretty hot looking woman. Now for me, it had been awhile since I had any sex at all other than with my toys which I kept well hidden in my room so my mom wouldn't find them. Heck! I've been so desperate lately that once I even considered trying to get the dog to fuck me but that thought left me just as fast as it came up. Needless to say, I was horny.

Maybe that had something to do with it but I knew then that I was attracted to this woman and I didn't know what to do about it. I quickly dismissed the thought and came up for air. To get away, I complained about the kinks in my neck from driving and with that I jumped out of the pool into the bubbling hot tub. She said "great idea" I'm right behind you. We floated and relaxed together in the hot tub in silence. I could feel her feet touching my legs in the water as we allowed our bodies to just float and relax. Unintentionally my feet and legs would casually float and touch her. I was becoming light headed, I suspect from the hot tub and the change in temperature from the pool so I decided to head for the sauna as a final stop before taking a shower.

I lay flat out on my tummy with my arms folded underneath my head on the top bench in the sauna. Alone, now I could collect my feelings about what's happening. The heat from the sauna felt good. In my mind I'm thinking I'm letting my imagination run wild. This woman has no interest in me that way. Hell what am I saying, I've never even looked at a woman that way before. This is crazy!

Just as I was about to doze off, Cindy came in.

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