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60 year old mother in law gets into dirty sex.

Shortly after she climaxed a pair of pick-up trucks came roaring down the steep gravel drive and stopped hard just short of where we were fucking. My instinct was to run away but Axis held me down. She lowered herself onto me and whispered into my ear that I needn't worry, they were with us. I calmed down, choosing to let things flow as they may and copped a feel of Axis's ample breasts. But through her shirt I was unable to enjoy them fully and soon she was back to sitting up and bouncing on my cock.

Only now she was talking to the crew that had just shown up. A whole crowd it seemed was descending on the back lot of this garage/gas station and four of five of the new arrivals came to stand around us and watch us fuck. They were friendly and all said hello jovially. Axis stood up to show everyone my cock which embarrassed me terribly except that they reacted so well I was ultimately glad she'd done it. The men made comments like, "good job dude!" and "welcome aboard, man." while the few women who saw it agreed with Axis that the shape and size were "just right. They may all have been polite liars, but my confidence was lifted and I felt at home. One girl in particular saw my cock and said, "Ohh, I want that in my ass later." To which Axis responded, "Not before me! I want to talk to Lisa about turning my bicycle into a tricycle!"

Axis gave me a few more minutes of fucking pleasure before she announced that she had to get ready for filming and summarily got off my cock. I lay there briefly in disbelief. I'd fucked a porn star and fucked in public, two long time fantasies of mine, but I didn't get to come. I was rather frustrated. Not knowing what else to do, I stood up and pulled my pants up over my hard-on. There was still hope I would get more sex out of this visit.

Standing up and looking over the oil drums, there was no one in sight but I could hear people talking from the unused gas station. I began pulling up my pants and heard the rickety screen door slam again. The set design woman had come out and was walking over to me.

"I'm Jill", she said as she began rolling one of the oil drums out of the way. "Is this your first time on set?"

"Uh, yeah. Want help with that?"

"No thanks, but if you could help me lower that one over there it would be great. Can I give you some free advice?"


"Don't fuck without a condom. These people are clean and checked, but they're crazy and y'never know what they caught last night. Y' don't want this adventure to end with herpes or worse."

"Thanks. I take it you're not one of "these people"?"

"Well, I guess I am, or was - can you grab the top of that one and move it to the left? I did a few movies, the money's good if you don't have any hang ups about it, but I prefer the steady pay as set manager. I like sex a lot, but with men of my choosing not the director's. It may sound trite, but it's not easy having your insides penetrated by unusually large cocks, and some of these guys actually hate women, they just want to choke you on their dicks and slap you around. I guess I had one really bad experience and that turned me off for a while. Now that I hooked up with Axis's crew, I could see me getting back in. Her sets are a lot more casual, a lot more fu-- watch it!"

We had been moving the empty oil drums around and just then one tipped over to reveal that it's dented top was full of dirty water. Jill succeeded in pushing me out of the way, but her effort was rewarded with muddy slime all over her shirt.

"SHIT! I'm soaked!"

"I'm sorry..."

"No, it's not your fault. Shit. What should I do?"

"Just take off your shirt and hang it over there to dry."

"I guess..." and with that Jill removed her top and went to hang it up. I honestly thought she had something else on underneath, but as she removed her shirt I was presented with a most beautiful and most bare female torso.

Walking back over to where we where working, Jill caught me looking at her bouncing tits and gave me a wink and a jiggle.

"They're all natural, y'know."

"And they're go

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