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He has destroyed You. He has taken every inch of your identity and esteem and mutilated it. He has made you into the despairing person that can't even think about getting out of that hell. This is what hurts everyone who loves you more. To see you this way is even agonising as seeing your scars. You have to leave him, Jeremy."

Jeremy sat listening silently. Nate and Tiara looked at him earnestly shaking their heads in approval of Chris's words. Jeremy slumped onto the bench and rested his head against it. He looked up at the sky. The dark night was getting darker. Dark clouds were gathering and hiding the stars. The wind had picked up speed.

" I can't leave him. Sorry guys." He finally said.

Chris got up suddenly and started pacing in agitation. Jeremy was shocked when he kicked a trash can in anger. Nate and Tiara looked at him but said nothing.

"Chris? Chris, I'm sorry but.." Jeremy began.

"Don't.Don't say anything. I've heard enough out of you tonight. You wanna stay with that son of a bitch. Fine! Go! Do whatever you want. But I won't stay to watch you kill yourself. Yes Jeremy. I am leaving. I love you. I've loved you since the first night when you fell in my arms. I've loved you despite the fact that you've kept me and my love at bay. But not anymore. If you want me, you have to leave him. Call me selfish. But it's only because I love you a lot and can't see you do this. I know you won't come. So I'll go now. But I love you. And always will. No matter if you don't reciprocate."

With this outburst Chris walked away. Nate and Tiara stood torn between Jeremy and Chris. Jeremy sat shocked and numb looking after the slowly fading figure of Chris. A storm had risen in his heart. His entire being had been shaken. Nate turned to him and began, "hey. Listen.."

Suddenly Jeremy's cell rang again.

" I have to go now. It's time." Jeremy spoke and got up as the lightning flashed in the sky.


Chapter 07


It was a restless night for the inhabitants of the metropolis. Something foreboding and ominous had settled itself in the slowly unsettling atmosphere. The news stations were abuzz with weather forecasts warning about the worst storm ever in the last half decade. The dark and heavily clouded sky emphasized the very nature of the approaching thunderstorm. It was expected to be a night of sheer unrest and chaos as stormy nights are usually seen. One such warning forecast was being watched by Jacob as he sat waiting. However, he was taking no notice of the 'well made up' woman talking about the approaching storm. He sat in a reverie. Ideas going through his head. The clicking of a key turning in the door knob snapped him out of it. So, Jeremy was finally back.

He murmured 'Turn off' and the TV shut down. Turning the rotating chair he faced the door as Jeremy entered. Jeremy's eyes landed instantly on him.

Without a word he proceeded towards their bedroom.

"Where have you been?" Jacob asked in a low but firm voice.

Jeremy halted as if to reply but thought not to. He ignored the question and went ahead. Jacob felt slight anger but knew he could not lose control tonight. The matter was too delicate at the point. He followed Jeremy into the room.

"Why didn't you answer my calls, babe?" He spoke aligning his frame against the door.

"Don't call me that." Was all Jeremy said without looking at him once while changing.

Jacob's hand rolled into a fist instantly but he took a deep breath and walked towards Jeremy who was arranging his clothes, facing the other way. As Jeremy turned he found Jacob's chest inches away from his face. He looked up at his face. Jacob tried to put his arms around Jeremy's waist but he pushed them away.

"Don't touch me! After what you did last night, I can not stand being near you.

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