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Oral, anal and naked vacuuming.


"Still, you'd never see me wearing a dress," said Dave.

"They are always misunderstood by the typical lack of knowledge of guys much like you and encouraged by the ignorance you are espousing now," said Sam. "You guys don't appreciate what is behind their statement to cross dress. You don't have an ounce of sensitivity and sexuality that these cross dressing men possess."

"Just out of curiosity, Sam, but is your friend's name, Sam," said Eddie.

"Very funny," said Sam. "They'd have to torture me to get dressed up as a broad. Cross dressing is not my thing, but I'm not going to pass judgment on someone else's sexual peccadilloes. We all have our fetishes to bear. What you find arousing may not appeal to me, just as what you find sick, I may find arousing. And that's what this Perverted Men's Club is all about, a place where we can explore and expose our fetishes without fear of public humiliation and/or arrest."


"Even so," said Nick. "I'd never dress up as a broad."

"Ditto," said Dave. "I'll never shave my legs for anyone. Although, I wonder if he had a bikini wax done. That might be something I'd try depending on who was giving me the waxing."

"You'll never see me wearing a mini-skirt and high heels," said Eddie. "Look, he's even wearing lipstick. Is he hoping to be kissed? Gross."

"Okay, Mike, I can imagine how your story as a cross dresser could be a first time experience, as well as I can see this as a sexual perversion," said Stan. "Yet, I can't imagine how you could be naked, as per the rules of the Nude Day contest without blowing your cover," said Stan suddenly, imagining him naked and in bed with him while he wore his wig, makeup, sexy lingerie, and spoke softly to him in that Southern drawl.

"Yeah, there's no way he can enter the contest," said Dave.

"I agree," said Stan, because as soon as you remove the women's clothing, you'd no longer be a cross dresser but a man wearing makeup and a wig. Applying the rules to your story, this must be a first time experience, it must be sexual, and you must be naked. I'm sorry Mike, but I can't allow your contest entry."

"Well, on the chance of ruining the ending to my story, you have no idea what a sexual magnet crossing dressing is for some women."

"No way," said Dave leaning forward in his seat. "Wait, Stan. Let him speak."

"Trust me, Dave, some women are grossed out, others are turned off by it, but then there is that small group of women, once you find them and trust me, you don't have to look very far because they'll find you, who will practically rape you. They are insatiable in their sexual desire for you, as a cross dresser."

"I can't believe it," said Eddie. "I always wanted to be raped by a woman. It's a fantasy of mine for her to do whatever is her pleasure to my naked body."

"You can borrow my butch Dyke wife, Ed. She'd rape you with her dildo like she did me."

"No, that's okay, Nick. She beat the shit out of me the last time. Once is enough for me."

"Come on, Guys, let Mike tell his story."

"Cross dressing is a real turn on for some select few women. Never have I had as much uninhibited and passionate sex. Never have I had such hot sex when dressed as a woman while making love to a woman. They don't want me to remove my wig, makeup, bra, and/or panties."

"That's unbelievable," said Hal. "I wonder why that is?"

"I have a theory," said Mike. "Now, it's just my opinion mind you based upon my limited experience, albeit short experience, as a cross dresser, but I suspect that the women who are attracted to cross dressing men, and they are all very hot and beautiful woman, are closet lesbians. I don't know, but I think the same thing may hold true for transsexuals as well."

"No way," said Sam.

"It's true.

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