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Even under that small touch he began to grow, showing just how much he enjoyed being with me. The hand on my back began to rub up and down. More soothing than erotic. His other arm reached from under me to stroke my hair. The intimacy of the actions was too much. I was undone. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body and clung. I gave into my fear and I squeezed harder.

"My Lady, it is fine. We are all fine. Nothing can harm you so long as you trust us to protect you," he whispered, barely audible over the rush of the blood pounding in my ears. Lies. It was all lies. None of us were safe. As long as the Queen hunted us, we would never be safe. Her warriors had nearly killed me just a few days before. I knew first hand that no matter how fast we ran, we would never be safe until either I was dead, or she was.

Still, it was comforting to hear him say it. It made me nostalgic for the good ol' days. It also gave me more cause to fear for him.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me 'my lady'?" I managed to keep all traces of fear from my voice and to make light of the situation.

He laughed gently.

"I am sorry, m'lady," he said, still laughing.

"You're hopeless, you know that?" I was smiling as I said it, but I realized too late that the question was enough to kill the light and joking air I had woven around us. My arms and legs had begun to loosen up from around his waist and neck until we were gently holding each other.

"Belle, I am sorry. Forgive me, but for the last 547 years of your life I was required to address you by title only. It is just going to take some time getting used to." He sighed, hugging me to his body. "We served the Queen for over 1,500 years. We were never allowed to use her Goddess given name."

There were at least a million things left unsaid between me and my guards regarding the Queen. This was one of them, being enslaved to her for the majority of their lives. All I really knew is that they hated her in their own special ways and they were at her beck and call, their magic was her magic. The most beautiful and powerful men and women in the history of our people and she chose to ignore them. She only paid them attention when she needed them to kill someone or when she was feeling particularly nasty and needed someone to torture who had no choice in the matter. I know what you're thinking; didn't she at least have sex with them? No. She only takes humans. Even worse than that, she forced the guards to watch. Sad, I know. The Queen had always been known as sadistic, that was just another way to show it.

My legs had long since slid off his body, so we were just lying, facing each other, one of my arms under his body, high on his back, the other resting low on his hip. One of his hands mirrored mine with the other under my head, stretched out under my pillow.

I raised my hand and moved a lock of hair out of his face. There was a glittering of unshed tears in eyes the color of the sky before a storm. It made my heart hurt to see that abused look in his eyes. I wanted to chase that look from his eyes. I had to. I leaned forward the last inch until my lips brushed his. He made a sound low in his throat, a moan more animal than human.

The kiss went from being just a gentle brush of lips to something more, something much, much more. He kissed me with such bruising force I had no choice but to either open my mouth to his or cut my lips on my own teeth. I opened to him. He kissed me with not just his lips, but with his tongue and teeth, as if he was feeding from my mouth. It was shocking and vaguely intriguing. He was my gentlest lover, the least dominate but you wouldn't think so by how he was behaving now. It was exciting and a little frightening.

He used his one arm and the rest of his body to pin me to the bed.

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