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Not so innocent flirting leads to after work sex.


There was some hesitation but in a few moments Shawn heard Jessie speaking to her husband.

"I need to fuck Shawn's huge black cock, sweetie. I love being with you, but you just don't have a a dick that can measure up. I always thought you had a nice cock, but now that I've experienced Shawn's I know how much you're lacking. I adore being your wife and making love to you, but sometimes I really just need to be a slut for a huge dick."

Shawn chuckled. He had trained them well.

"Allright sweetheart, put the phone on speaker."

These verbal humiliations had been a repeat of what he made them go through last time. Now he needed to push them a little bit more.

"I'll be there in half an hour. Now here's what you do before then."

"Both of you are to be naked when I arrive. Mike, take a black marker and write 'Shawn's White Whore' on your wife's belly. Understood?"


"Jessie, get out those handcuffs I brought over last time. I want you to handcuff your husband to his side of your bed. Is that understood?"


Shawn chuckled with satisfaction. Normally, the two of them would balk at having Michael handcuffed. But now they were so very horny now they'd agree to almost everything.


When he arrived, he saw that his instructions had been followed. Jessica met him at the door, completely nude with the black text he wanted on her body. She tried to close the door quickly but he made sure to give her a long kiss in the doorway. Finally, he went inside and closed the door.

He took her by the hand and silently led her to the bedroom, where he placed her on her feet doggy style on top of her helplessly tied up husband. Shawn wanted husband and wife to be face to face. He took his time unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his dick, and when he had the mass of it out he began to slowly to rub the outlines of Jessica's cunt, without putting it in. As he expected, this made her whimper with anticipation.


"Please what?"

"Please fuck me."

Shawn took the head of it and began sliding it in. It was barely fitting and he wiggled it around a little as Jessica groaned with simultaneous pain and pleasure.

"Tell me what you want, slut."

"God, give me your huge black dick."

"Beg for it."

"Please...please give it me...I need your cock so badly."

"I'm glad to hear you say that my little whore," Shawn said, slowly pushing himself into her, "because I know you never liked me. Isn't that right?"

Jessica just groaned at this.

Shawn gave her a sharp slap on the ass that made her yelp.

"I asked you a question"

Jessica shuddered. It felt wonderful to be slowly impaled on this large monster and she had a hard time just processing the question.

"Yes, I never liked you...you were always so crass....all your jokes were really sexist too..."

Shawn thrust sharply into her and she yelped again. More than half of his cock was inside of her now.

"Damn straight, and I was right, wasn't I? It works best when a woman does what a man says. You just didn't know it because you were married to this wimp."

Jessie groaned again. She felt like she was being split open. It was painful and, at the same time, amazing. It wasn't just about the physical feeling: it just felt really delicious to be so submissive to this powerful and awful, awful man.

When Shawn didn't hear a reply, he gave her a few more smacks on the ass, sharper this time.

"Ow!" she yelped. "Yes, you were right Shawn. It works best when the man's in charge."

"If you want to be my white whore," Shawn shot back, "beg me to take charge of you."

Jessica was too far gone to care about anything beyond the cock in her at this point.

"God, please, make me your white whore Shawn. I'll do whatever you say. Please be in charge of like my husband never could."

He smiled and began pushing her cock into her cunt with a little more force. Now the husband's turn, he decided.

"Yo Mikey, what you think about that?"

"Ugh," came the reply. "Can i just have one free hand? I'm so hard."


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