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He's been given a task, but can he come through?

And he knew it was wrong to think about his team in the way he was, but he just couldn't stop himself. Thoughts of taking Frankie by surprise one day while she was working in her lab filled his mind, thoughts of how he'd silently creep up behind her and start caressing her through the white lab coat. Kissing her neck and slowly stroking her breasts, moving his hand lower towards her pussy and clit, feeling himself hard up against her. Feeling how she would melt under his touch, how she would turn around and let his hands move all over her body. He unzipped his trousers and released his big thick cock from the confines of his tight boxers, slowly running his hand up and down it's full length his mind wandering back to Frankie.

He imagined what it would feel like to be kissing her right now, what it would feel like to be stroking and caressing her, what it would feel like if it was her hand slowly wanking him instead of his own. He would slowly kiss her all over as she laid on one of the examination tables, he'd undress her slowly taking time over all of her body. Taking time to kiss, caress, smell and study her. He would gently make his way down her body with small tender kisses until he reached her pussy and clit, here is where he would tease her for as long as she could stand it. When he felt the time was right he would gently insert a finger inside of her pussy, he knew she'd squirm and that would make him do it even more. It wouldn't take him long before he was gently lowering his mouth onto her willing and waiting pussy.

Licking her pussy lips and clit he would take his time before inserting his tongue deep inside her pussy making her gasp his name out loud. He would alternate this with licking her clit and doing the same but with his fingers, all the while Frankie would be calling his name out over and over again in pleasure. Then would come the time for him to enter her, oh how he had dreamed of this moment so many times in the past. How it would feel to gently and slowly enter her tight wet pussy with his thick rock hard cock, how she would gasp at its size as he would easy himself fully into her wanting and wanton pussy. Thoughts of how she would wrap her legs around his waist when he was fully inside of her, calling out his name as he would slowly start to do her on the examination table.

"Oh God Frankie." He called with his eyes tightly shut; his jerking became more hurried and frantic. Not realizing he was being watched he let himself go and soon stream after stream of hot cum shot from his now throbbing cock and landed on his naked chest. Moments later Boyd was coming down for the latest high thinking that he really should start getting dressed when he heard someone clapping and clearing their throat. Quickly opening his eyes he saw Frankie standing there looking at him, but not the way she normally would have looked at him. The silence was deafening and for a moment neither moved as Boyd's senses came back to him he quickly grabbed the sheet he would cover himself with at night and tried to mumble an apology and find some excuse for what she had not only seen but also heard. As Frankie walked into Boyd's office she walked over to where he was sat and without a word pushed him back on the couch and straddled her Boss.

Boyd was shocked and taken back by this but before he had the chance to argue she had kissed him and after a few moments pulled back and spoke to the now very shocked and pleasantly surprised Boyd,

"So are you going to tell me the sexy fantasy you just had or will I have to make my own up?" Kissing him again she didn't give him much of a choice.

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