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Death and incest go hand in hand.

"Stop" the sultry voice commanded and Josh felt a ripple of fear course through his veins. His eyes raced around the room until they fell upon a figure who was now standing in the previously unoccupied doorway. A tall, slender, yet voluptuous woman stood there silhouetted in the streaming moonlight. Her dress was a long gauzy black material that did little to conceal the lithe figure under it. With the moonlight shining through Josh could see the long muscular legs that led up to the junction of her toned thighs. It was very obvious that there were no panties concealing that juncture and he thought he could see a trace of her lips in the moonlight.

As she turned to shut the door he could see the profile of her magnificent breasts, sitting high on her chest without any trace of sag. The large aureolas were prominently evident as were the nipples themselves which seemed as if they would burst through the thin fabric at a moments notice. As his gaze continued upward she turned back into the room. He followed a long willowy neck up to an angular face. Her shoulder length jet black hair framed an unnaturally pale face which in contrast to the depth of color of her hair was strikingly beautiful, the skin so light it was almost translucent. Adding to the contrast were a pair of full pouty lips, deep red in color but naturally so it seemed. The tip of an equally red tongue protruded slightly from those smiling luscious lips. Her eyes were the most riveting feature of all, black as the bottom of a well on a moonless night but with tiny motes in the core which seemed to dance about. They were set rather deep into her face and framed with extraordinary long thick lashes below razor thin eyebrows the same jet black of her hair.

Josh found himself lost in those eyes and while this appraisal of the sudden intruder took only moments it seemed like hours had passed before he could tear his gaze away. He was aware that his body was drenched in sweat and that awful feeling of true terror had his stomach in a death-grip. Summoning his courage he prepared to speak. His mouth opened to demand of her what she was doing in his loft and how did she come to be five stories above the street level as there was no fire escape or other access to his balcony, the steep tiled roof making it impossible to reach from above.

Before he could speak, her mesmerizing eyes once again caught his and he found himself unable to speak. "Shhhh little one, no need for you to speak, you have nothing to say that would interest me. Lie back and be still." The fear he had felt on her abrupt arrival was running off his body like the sweat it had produced was running down his face. His cock, shrunken down by the same fear like a turtle pulled into its shell began to slowly emerge once again as she glided over to the side of the bed, his balls which had tightened up, relaxed and resumed their normal position beneath his ever lengthening rod. Compelled by the sultry voice and the hypnotic eyes he found himself at ease, no need to talk no need to move, just be. "Ah my sweet, I had not planned on coming to you tonight but when I saw you in your doorway, pleasuring yourself I could not resist" she whispered, her voice sending little chills up his spine.

"You are such a lovely thing, perfect, a fine specimen of a man.

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