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At the Hot Springs.

Gradually now the both of them began to take notice and it was easy to make out clearly the redness of her swollen nipples too. Gary actually found an excuse to stand up and move to get a better view of how high her skirt was and how wide her legs were open; he was speechless and bowled over by what he saw.

Of course all this was done without either of them making it obvious they were looking and Jan tried to give the appearance that her shirt had come unfastened accidentally and she hadn't noticed -- no one was going to tell her. When my wife reached for her shirt buttons that had come undone instead of the fake shock and horror, she shyly turned toward them and leaned back in her chair. Now of them were able to see her black lace bra as she fumbled with her buttons.

Both of them were stunned into silence as her movement meant that her vagina pulled her panties in and the lips of her pussy protruded either side of the thin creased material. If that were not enough she then leaned forward to gain some slack enabling her to bring to two halves of her shirt together. It was too much for the restraining powers of her half-cup bra; her nipple popped to the very edge then out popped her breast! How she giggled and fumbled, taking lots of time to repair the damage, shuffling in her seat though keeping her thighs parted.

The very idea excited Jan -- I could tell -- and as I witnessed in whose direction she gave the dirty smirk I knew who she would have liked to help her put back her tits. Gary looked sheepish conscious he was being singled out with her attention. I was experiencing a powerful arousal.

At home she wanted to fuck.

"Do you fancy Gary? You spent enough time looking into his eyes?"

"Did I turn you on?" she cooed.

Her honesty once again turned me on. She continued, "I was turned on -- Gary has eyes that really penetrate -- I'm sure he could read my thoughts -- he had a really dirty smirk -- he really enjoyed watching me!"

She was lost in her own world and she whispered to me that she would have to find more opportunities to do naughty and exciting things. In her ecstatic sex driven state she told me how glad she was that I liked her being bad and seeing her do naughty things for other men. We began to have passionate erotic sex as she recounted how she felt showing off.

She then began to expand her naughty wife scenario like greeting the postman while showing her breasts through a see-through blouse, letting her robe fall open, or similarly pretending to struggle to locate her purse or money to pay the Schwann's man or having to invite him in while she search through the kitchen. Needless to say she would be under dressed or partly dressed.

One of her more daring escapades was when she told me the lawn service guys were in the back yard working while she was stood in the bedroom in just bra and panties, sliding her nylon stockings up her leg; she pretended not to see him.

About this time we had a big back yard party planned and we had several friends helping us get set up the weekend before the party. I was well aware that she wouldn't miss this chance to tease Gary and Bill. They promised to come over the Saturday before the big party and get some things ready for the party. This was a great plan because Jan would not be inhibited to tease and I hoped they would not be restrained in their pleasure. I told Jan this would be a great chance for her to "show her appreciation" to them. Gary had already run his eyes over my wife's body in a most lustful way. Jan would almost definitely be showing her panties off to them. And in fact this time, I was hoping she would take the teasing and flirting games to a new level. And if I was lucky, I could catch some of the action between them.

While Bill and Gary got on with the work Jan sorted out a few special jobs for them.

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