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His wife has sex with their carpenter friend.

I rang Dell and explained to her what was going on! She was shocked and hardly believed me! She told me she would meet with Stephanie as soon as possible and change her mind! Dell told me Stephanie was an idiot to be thinking like she was.

I had an anxious time waiting for Stephanie to return from talking with Dell! When she came in, she was quite flushed and told me she had had a fight with Dell and then had ended up exchanging very unpleasant words! She told me I was a low creature for telling Dell what she wanted to do and now everyone would know what she wanted to do! I couldn't understand her logic - if she didn't want anyone to know what she was doing, why on earth was she doing it anyway! I think the heated words with Dell had made her all the stronger in her resolve and she told me she was making preparations to go ahead and try another man and that was that! It was now final! I had failed!

Two more weeks went by and I was anxiously watching Stephanie to see if there were any signs she was planning to go ahead with her idea. We were still making love almost every night and sometimes during the day on weekends but this still didn't seem as if it would change her mind! I loved Stephanie just as much as I had before we married but I wasn't sure how I would handle it if she actually fucked another man! Maybe this would be the end of us! I hoped not, but I couldn't get my head around the thought of her with another man!

The dreaded conversation began on a Thursday evening after she had come home from her work. She began to prepare our evening meal when she suddenly stopped and simply said, "I have invited a man to come here to our house tomorrow evening so he can fuck me! I am giving you notice so you can either choose to watch or you can go out and I can tell you about it after! I have made up my mind and nothing you can say will change my mind!" I was shattered! I had thought if she was going to go ahead with the silly idea, she would at least go to a motel or something like that rather than have someone come to our own home! How could she do this?
Incredibly she continued preparing our meal and we ate it together in silence although she did chatter quite a bit about everything except the next night. I couldn't find anything to say! I just remained quiet and didn't enjoy my meal at all. After we had cleared everything away and settled down to watch television for a while, she sat next to me on the couch, placed her head on my shoulder, told me she loved me and hoped I would be able to understand what she was doing and accept it! What a chance! She waited until the program was finished and then took me by the hand, and pulled me to the bedroom where we undressed ready for bed. After we had visited that bathroom and were ready to jump into bed, Stephanie moved over to me, told me she loved me and wanted me to make love to her now! I asked her how she expected me to feel seeing she was going ahead with her plan to sleep with another man on the next night!

She told me it was a learning experience for her and she loved me! She played with my cock and, despite how I was feeling about her, it soon stiffened and she continued to play with me! I was lying on my back. We were both naked as we had never worn clothing of any sort to bed since we had been married! She told me she loved me, told me she was very wet, and wanted me to fuck her! I didn't move! I wanted to make love to her, perhaps to convince her not to do anything tomorrow night, but my heart wasn't in it and I did nothing a make love with her!

She moved over me until she was straddling me and, with just a moment to adjust her position, she moved her pussy until it was directly over my cock, and then she plunged down on me - my cock going deeply into her! She continued to move on me and it wasn't long before she came with her usual vigor and her usu

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