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A tale of love through the years.

"It was all because I was so horny from not having sex for so long," Grace told herself, by way of assigning blame for her current position awaiting castigation from her new employer.

Samantha now tugged Grace's panties down below her knees and ordered Grace to keep her legs apart to hold the panties at that level.. She stared at the governess's pale bottom and the ample crack between her bottom cheeks. Samantha saw the cute little anal pucker surrounded by darker skin and then she could even see the pooched vulva between Grace's legs disclosed by Grace's holding her legs apart.

Samantha found herself getting wet at the view of this young woman's private parts but proceeded to the task at hand. She grasped her little rod, lay it across Grace's cheeks, and then flicked it twice quickly with her wrist to impart two strokes. It took a minute for the sting to be felt by Grace who moaned in pain as Samantha watched the tell-tale red stripes appear on Grace's bottom.

Now Samantha proceeded to deliver a series of two-stroke flicks of the wrist that left the governess's bottom striped from top to middle to base near the sensitive crease between bottom and thigh. She resisted the temptation to apply the rod to Grace's thighs, deciding that she would reserve that increased punishment should Grace misbehave in the future. Grace cried out after each two-stroke imposition and pleaded that she would be good.

After Samantha had imposed 16 strokes with the rod, she stopped and told Grace to stand. "Now, face me, and remove your panties," Samantha ordered.

The shaken young woman quickly stood and slowly removed her panties which had fallen to her ankles.

Now came the most humiliating order: "Hold your legs apart and then hold your pussy open for my inspection," Samantha said in ordinary tones.

Grace was taken aback at this embarrassing stance she was being told to assume. But she did stand legs apart and reached down to hold her labia open, disclosing her pink vaginal opening to Samantha's view.

Samantha approached, rod in hand. "Just as a reminder that your offense was highly compromising and in keeping with my practice of punishing exactly where you offended," she said to Grace, "you will receive one Mistress's stroke on your open pussy. If this is too much, you may change your mind and pack your bags."

"Mistress's stroke?" Grace asked, not anxious to hear the answer.

"Yes," Samantha answered, "it will given on your open vulva."

"Oh, no, I mean, well, yes," Grace cried. She somehow held back her tears and braced herself.

"I take that as a yes," Samantha intoned, as Grace helplessly nodded her assent.

"Very well," Samantha said matter-of-factly. Then she gave the most fear-inducing order for Grace: "Hold your lips apart."

She lay the rod down Grace's split, drew it back, and flicked it right into the open vulval lips.

"Yeeooowwww," Grace exclaimed and jumped up in pain as the little rod had snapped on her most delicate place.

"You may retrieve your panties," Samantha stated.

"I trust we will regard this matter as closed," Samantha said formally. "You may go," she added.

Grace decided it would be appropriate for her to bow and she did so as she made her exit. Her face was now as red as her pantied bottom.

Her punishment was not a secret for long. Dianne had perceived that Grace was going into Samantha's bedroom and managed to get her ear close to the vent where even the radio noise Samantha had had playing in the background failed to keep the 24-year-old daughter for hearing what was being discussed. She felt herself get excited and her fluids start pouring out of her vagina as she heard her mother lecture the errant governess.

"Wow," Dianne said to herself, "Mom ran with what I told her big-time. She's giving that bitch what-for on her naughty little bum and then she even gave her a whack on her dirty little cunt. I can't wait to see when Jason finds out his little fuck toy has been removed from his service."

The next day, Grace told Jaso

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