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I was going to get her to wipe it off herself and then lick her fingers clean.'

Alyson was getting very aroused again hearing Fiona being punished. She realised she still didn't have any knickers on and her hand was soon between her legs fingering her pussy again.

She heard the swish of the cane again and again and Fiona begging for mercy but Roger was having nothing of it. The more she heard the more aroused she became and it was only a few minutes and Alyson, with her skirt up around her waist was bring herself to another huge orgasm.

Meanwhile in The Room was Fiona was paying for her behaviour earlier.

Alyson listened for a little longer and then went back up to her flat. She sat on the sofa and kept remembering what Roger had said about being his slut. Amazingly it was making her wet again.

The next day Alyson went to work as normal and what she had heard in The Room wasn't far from her mind all day. When she got home there was a note pinned on her door which read

After you've had your dinner come downstairs, I need to talk to you.

Alyson started getting dinner ready and couldn't help wondering what Roger wanted to see her about. Secretly she hoped he night be going to tell her off again and have to smack her bottom again. The thought of this started getting her panties damp. She had dinner and could feel herself getting more and more aroused.

As soon as she finished she decided to go downstairs. She considered leaving her panties off but knew how much Roger liked smelling them yesterday and if she was going to be punished for whatever reason he might well want her panties.

So she went downstairs, knocked on the lounge door and Fiona opened it and let her in.

'Sit down,' said Roger, rather severely. 'I've got something to show you. You need to watch this very closely.'

He reached for the TV remote and pushed a button, the TV came on and after pressing another button the DVD started to play. Alyson was looking intently when she realised she was looking at the hallway in the house. Then suddenly she appeared into view. She was clearly listening to what was going on in The Room. Alyson was panicking as she knew what was coming next and almost straight away she saw herself lift her skirt and start masturbating. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life.

All she could say, 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me.'

Roger said, 'When you first came here I remember telling you that that room is private and you have invaded our privacy, you will be punished.'

'Fiona, take her to The Room and prepare her for me,' he ordered his wife.

Fiona went over to Alyson and said, 'Come with me.'

Alyson said, 'Oh Roger, please, I'm so sorry, it won't happen again.'

'Take her to The Room,' he repeated.

Alyson got up and followed Fiona next door. She took a key out of her pocket and unlocked the door and they both went in and Fiona locked the door behind them.

Alyson couldn't believe what she was seeing. She knew the windows had been blacked out but was astonished to see that all the walls were covered in mirrors. There were stands holding canes and whips. Another rack had lots of rubber and leather wear. Hanging down from the ceiling were several ropes and hooks. Alyson couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had read about dungeons before but never believed she'd see one, let alone be in one and about to be punished.

Fiona started undressing her and tossed her clothes onto a nearby chair until she stood naked in front of her. Fiona remembered the previous evening when she slipped a finger inside her to let Roger smell her juices and wanted to do it again but to be able to taste her juices herself. She knew that Roger could walk in any moment now and that she would be punished if he caught her.

Fiona said, 'Let me give you one piece of advice, call him Sir or master at all times and although the pain will hurt the pleasure that follows will be very intense and the pain will be worthwhile.

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