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Husband surprises wife with sex toy. It works.

It shouldn't take too long. I'll just suck you off and we can be on our way. We can make it quick. Just try not to mess up my make-up too much."

Jessica tugged on the metal tab of my zipper and reached inside my pants. She fished out my cock and swallowed the hardening flesh in a single gulp. One hand cupped my balls while the other spun around my shaft in a circular motion. There was zero hesitation. Her tongue moved with lightning fast flicks, prodding that sensitive spot underneath the head.

My teenage temptress was right. A few short minutes later I was ready to blow. I gave Jessica a warning, but she kept right on sucking. My dick was firmly hoovered into the back of her throat.

I looked down and there she was: a blonde snow bunny all bundled up for winter weather. There was something so very naughty about seeing my former student completely dressed while servicing my dick on her knees.

I couldn't last. I placed my hands on either side of my blowjob queen's head and grunted. A moment later several shots sprang from the tip of my cock. One, two, three - the ropes of jizz fired off down her throat. Jessica gulped down my juice without any trepidation.

Standing up, Jessica looked me in the eye. A small trickle of nut dribbled from the corner of her mouth. Naughty girl. I panted and wiped up the missed cum with my finger. Jessica grinned and licked it away before saying, "You feel better, Professor? Are you ready for like the funnest day ever?"

"If the rest of the day is like this I'm not sure I can handle it," I gasped. My dick bobbed up and and down, still twitching from my orgasm.

Jessica giggled, "But I'm sure you'll try."


I hadn't known what to expect from Jessica, but she once again surprised me.

She had borrowed a car from one of her sorority sisters. I'd offered to drive, but Jessica wouldn't hear of it. She cranked up the tunes and squealed out of my apartment complex. I guess sex wasn't the only thing she liked to do fast.

Jessica may have had many talents, but singing wasn't one of them. The girl was tone deaf. Best of all, though, she didn't care. With the volume at full blast she emphatically belted out the words to a favorite hit. Her words were sung loud, with feeling. Jessica whipped her blonde hair back and forth and banged on the steering wheel to the beat of the bubblegum words.

"Don't stop, make it pop. DJ, blow my speakers up. Tonight I'mma fight 'til we see the sunlight. Tik Tok on the clock but the party don't stop, no."

I sat back and studied Jessica. The girl was giddy with contagious enthusiasm. She took my hand as we drove. I played with her fingers and a winsome smile lit up her face. They were so small in my hands. I knew at that moment I didn't want to be anywhere else.

Jessica swerved into a parking lot and slammed on the brakes.

The poor car skidded and I rocked forward. Jessica turned to me and apologized, "Oops, I got a little excited. Sorry about that. I go too fast for my own good sometimes."

"Sure." I chuckled.

"Don't laugh at me, Professor."


"We're here." She gestured over the steering wheel out the windshield.

Most of the terrain surrounding the university is flat farmland. We however, were at one of the very few hilly spots in the area. Jessica had driven us to a park just outside of town.

The ground was blanketed with a thick layer of snow. I cupped my hand over my eyes from the gleaming white glare, Jessica popped on a stylish pair of sunglasses that hid most of her face.

Jessica got out and opened the trunk; then she pulled out a large, wooden sled. She gave it to me to carry and then took my other hand. Treading carefully so we wouldn't slip, I followed her to a shelter at the top of the hill.

A few dozen other people had the same idea to frolic in the winter weather. College students, families, and even a few "adults" had all decided to make the most of the fresh, powdery snow.

When I was a kid there was a large hill in the back of my house.

Every winter I would be bursting w

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