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A good time outdoors.

Following this ritual, another begins, lotion applied to every inch of me. Beginning with small toes, fingers caressing along the arches to the curve of trim ankle. Kneeling before the mirror, I begin slowly combing out my hair, allowing it to dry naturally, the sheen of its length catching the light as it enters the small window. Letting the natural glow of one's skin to shine, I move back to the bedroom, kneeling to await Your arrival.

A knock at the door, sets my heart to racing, a smile appearing as I offer greetings to You. My body gliding gracefully to the bed's edge, flowing to knees sinfully parted, a simple arch to my back as I hold still for Your inspection. Knowing Your gaze travels over me, over the toys arrayed for Your pleasure. The only sounds in the room, my breathing resounding in my ears as You command me to the wall.

Rising up to stand, a few short steps take me to the wall, perching upon toes spread widely, I lean closer, feeling the gentle caress of the silken dress against almost bared flesh. A whimper escaping me as Your favorite crop is run along inner thigh, teasing against the heat radiating through light blue g-string, feeling the touch of air as You raise the dress higher. My knees becoming weak as You command me to remove the dress, a purr of pleasure escaping as fingertips graze along shoulders, pushing the thin straps down, allowing the dress to fall in a pool at my feet.

A soft cry sounds in answer to the snap of the crop upon flawless ass... knowing that I have erred, trim waist bends to retrieve the silk, folding it carefully to lie upon the bedside table. Quick to resume Your commanded stance, muscles taut along the length of splay legs. You teasingly resume the caresses of the crop, each touch making my heart flutter, the heat rising within me, as response is automatic. The touch of the crop tracing over the art upon my back, reminding me of the hours sitting still. The pain of its creation, the pleasure felt within the creation. Thoughts racing with each touch, unknowing where the next will land... a tremor rushing through me as body lowers to stand full upon my feet. A sharp crack of the crop reminds me of my place, lifting back to precariously balance upon toe tips.

Feeling the sweet wetness creeping from within, belly tightening with the rush of desire the temptuous crop offers. You move closer, Your breath upon my neck, the heat of Your body radiating against me. A hand reaches around, testing for the desire within Your pet, hips naturally arching to the touch before the crop is brought down to a small whimper of response and Your hand is removed. Caresses focused upon rosy nipples taut with lust, heaving under the ragged breath of Your pet. Slithering the crop down the curve of belly, just lightly touching silken panties, moving upon me sensually, I hold firm, crying out inside at the urges to move upon the touch ring out.

A soft plea issues from my lips.

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