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Enjoying Laura - but what about Alicia?

I looked at Taurin briefly and noticed that his eyes seemed to be telling me to hurry. I laughed happily.

"Holy shit! You can't talk! I really gotta figure this one out!" Taurin restrained his anger at my words with effort, which only made me laugh more.

Ezra moved his hand across the invisible wires of his cell. Flames and smoke flared where he touched it. I looked at him briefly, "I get your point."

"Demon hunter." Called a gravelly voice from the darkness. The hound lowered her head and bared her teeth. I looked into the entryway and a chill ran up my spine. "Come play with me."

Taurin made an impatient movement and I focused on his trap. Following the lines was taking too long. I glanced around the room for an object that would call to my mind as a key. Supposedly, if I was talented enough, I would be able to see the line thread from the trap to the key. I sighed in frustration and grabbed onto the threads of Taurin's cell and pulled them towards me. As I inhaled I noticed that they pulsed, almost like a heartbeat. I pulled them closer and focused in on the way they made the surrounding air vibrate.

The voice in the darkened room spoke again. "I recognize your scent. He told me that if I brought you here that I would go free."

I shuddered. The hound looked intently up the stairs and trotted up them. Uh oh, I looked faster. There. I followed the vibrating air to a framed Dali reproduction on the wall and walked towards it. I moved it off the wall and looked at the manacle crudely etched on the wall behind it. I could 'see' the two threads from the cells tied around it. I looked behind me and saw them stretch across the room to start the pattern of entrapment, winding themselves through air and brick. I used my second sight to see the manacle as real and simply untied the strings with my magic.

The cells unraveled and I watched the two demons disappear. Without pausing I hurriedly entered the darkened room and pulled my blade free. The incantation engraved on the floor pulsed to life. It flickered like fire and gave a soft green glow to the windowless stone room.

My eyes were all for the demon standing in the circle of that glow. His sleek tail whipped back and forth behind him. The force of his eyes made me hesitate from getting closer. That and the fact that he was completely naked, his skin showing uneven vertical lines running the length of his body. I felt a blush rise to my face.

"I never believed his lies." His voice was deep and growling.

"Then why try to kill me?" My voice came out thin despite the fact that I could feel the barrier imprisoning him. I slowly walked farther into the room.

"Why not? He wanted you alive, therefore I wanted you dead. Are you here to save me?" His voice came out scornful.

I stared into eyes glowing with yellow lines that competed with the light of the room.

"He would have brought you back to life... or had me do it."

I shuddered at his words, there were too many possibilities there. I watched Ray enter the room from my vantage point across from the entryway. The sorcerer stood in the doorway and barely glanced at me. I couldn't miss his pasty appearance, glassy eyes and quick breathing. I was sure he was on drugs. I clicked my tongue in surprise that he still worked for the Affairs' Office.
"There is something that I can teach you So'aan! Kill her and you'll have it. Bring Taurin out of the shadows." His voice rose in volume and became shrill. "You are scared of me, aren't you Taurin?! She," he pointed widely at me, "was used to bring you out! One way or another I brought you to me when I was ready! Now you know how it feels!"

So'aan laughed. "And how would you think that I would do that? Oh, great one," the demon replied sarcastically.

Ray moved farther into the room and smiled again, "This way."

I felt a piece of the barrier being shoved away in conjunction with the sorcerer's jerky hand movement.

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