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Two reunions.

This, finally, moved me past nervous and started to enter horny territory. My cock began to stir in my pants. A couple sexy leg poses later and my hard-on was firmly established, no pun intended, although that is a good one, isn't it. Next she thrust her chest forward for me, and then the next one she pushed her ass back, with one hand moving tantalizingly up her leg.

By now the dinner rush was upon us, the number of employees on shift increasing steadily as the afternoon had progressed and now reaching its peak. Even Mr. Walters gets on food duty at this point. Things get just as crowded behind the counter and in the kitchen as they are waiting in line to order and collect your meal. We bump into each other back there now and then, of course. No big deal, obviously. Alison, however, took this as an opportunity to escalate things another notch. I felt her breasts pressing into my shoulder as she reached past me to grab some fries. Still slightly in denial about what was going on, I figured these things happen and I just got lucky standing in the way at the right time. They felt amazing, by the way, soft and pliable, compressing against my body. My cock felt like it was ready to burst out of my pants right there.

It wasn't long before I felt her breasts against me once more, this time square into my back as she came up directly behind me to reach for a burger. It soon became clear she was going out of her way to reach past me and press her breasts against me rather than walk around, wait for me to move, or even to ask me to pass over whatever she needed. Yet if anyone else saw her, why, she just needed that dessert over there, it would have looked like a perfectly innocent reach. Usually I can't wait for a meal rush to end, this time I wished it could go on all evening. Sadly, that couldn't be. As the dinner hours ended, the staff started thinning out again and Mr. Walters retreated to his office to run the day's numbers, reorder things we were low on, and whatever the hell else he does to keep things running. Alison, for her part, went back to smiles and winks and possibly a hungry-looking gleam in her eye.

I had drawn the late shift today, which meant other than Alison I was to be the last employee in the place during the calmer early night hours. Mr. Walters went home for the night, then what was left of the rest of the employees did also. At this point I'd had plenty of chances to pull Alison aside and ask what was going on with her today, but I was afraid that actually acknowledging it would somehow cause the spell to break, so to speak, and there would be some stupid reason why everything was actually the exact opposite of what it seemed.

A slow trickle of customers remained, but eventually the last of them left as well. Now it really was just the two of us in the building. I wasn't sure if that meant the end of it or if it had been just a prelude to what was about to happen. My cock was straining to burst free of my pants over the latter possibility, though the part of my brain not controlled by sex was dwelling on the former. I didn't see Alison around, and figured she was off cleaning something. I decided to do the same and ventured back into the kitchen area.

Alison was there, but she wasn't cleaning.

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