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Magic Vegas Style.

I pampered myself as I soaked, then I washed my hair. Lately I have let my hair grow longer and I was sure if I blow-dried it right it would pass for a pixie cut. I walked naked except for a towel around me to our bedroom. When I passed the mirror, I noticed I had, without thinking, wrapped the towel completely around me as a woman instead of around my waist as a man would.

I looked in Emily's closet and the first thing I saw was that little black dress. Now that I was so much more experienced, I wondered if I would look better in it than before. I grabbed it and threw it on the bed, for tonight I was to find out. First, I put a garter belt on and as always, I got that tingling feeling as I rolled the nylons up my legs. Next I took a pair of French cut pink panties and put them on after forcing my dick between my legs. After practicing, I had learned how to hold it there so it wouldn't show. I put on the matching pink bra with the foam inserts already feeling sexy as hell. Staring at myself in my wife's dressing table mirror, I thought about make-up. I had not tried make-up before as I worried about not being able to clean it off before she came home. I remember my mother telling my sister, 'Less is more' so I applied a touch of color to my cheeks. Then some color for my eyes and them a light pink for my lips.

I let the dress fall down over my body and admired my reflection in the mirror. I added a strand of pearls and clip on earrings from Emily's jewelry box and grabbed a black clutch to match my black, 'oh so' high heels. Wow I not only felt like a woman I looked like one too and cute if I may brag. This was killing me, I had to show off to someone I wanted the world to see how pretty I had become.

I knew right away that I wanted to see if I could pass for a woman, I had to try it, even with the risk of humiliation I had to find out. With just one more glance in the mirror, I grabbed my bag and left the safety of my home for the outside world. I hurried to my car and headed for the other side of town. I parked in front of a coffee shop as it looked safe and maybe it would be just right for my coming out party. As I got out of the car, I noticed a bar next-door and all thoughts of safety went out the window as I headed that way.

I sat at the bar and ordered a cosmo without feeling guilty about it being a girly drink. Just as I drank it down another was put in front of me. The barkeep told me it was from the gentleman at the end. Feeling brazen, I looked over his way and smiled as I held up my glass. I had seen this scene in countless movies but never in real life and had only thought about it from the man's point of view. As a man, the fear of rejection had always stopped me from trying to pick up women in bars. Now as a woman I felt in control as I could either ignore him or be nice to him it was up to me. I felt his presence as he slid down the bar to the stool next to mine. I turned to him, smiled, and in my most feminine voice thanked him for the cocktail. He said his name was Hank and I introduced myself as Teddy. He was from out of town and only here for the weekend. After another drink I could feel my head start spinning and when he asked if I wanted to go somewhere for coffee I agreed.

Once out in the night air I realized what kind of a situation, I was getting myself into and I began to worry. I had to be careful, if Hank found out I was really a man there was no telling what he might do to me. I wanted to flee but knew I'd had too much to drink to drive. That meant I was at Hanks mercy and I wasn't sure I could fight him off if he started making advances to me. I knew I had to think fast and come up with some kind of plan. When I climbed into his car not only was my head spinning, my wheels were turning also. I knew it was now or never, so as he got into his side I made my move. I put my hand on his thigh than said,

"Hank I want to be up front with you, we can't do anything you see because I'm married."

As his answer he leaned over and kissed me, I couldn't stop myself as I returned his ki

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