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Strangers connect during a drive from Vegas.

"Oh darling," I groaned feeling his lips on my neck.

He lifted me up again and carried me into the lounge. We both giggled and landed in a heap on the sofa.

"Wait," I said picking up the remote.

We giggled as I pressed the button. There was a crash in the kitchen at the same time.

"You useless shit!" my husband bellowed.

"Sorry madam," the maid said quietly standing in the doorway.

"Get in here, and stop looking at my tits!" I snapped.

The little red faced thing stood in front of us. My husband took the remote from me and turned it up to number 4.

"Please sir no!" the maid whimpered.

I dragged my 5 inch stiletto heel across the erect cock that lay under the maid's tights. Well they were mine actually for two days. I only allow my maid to wear my worn pantyhose. I held my heel against my maid's balls.

I looked to my husband.

"Now Carl," I said softly.

He pushed the button as I dug my heel into Barry's bollocks.

The butt plug grew in Barry's asshole to size 4. As it did my ex-husband screamed and walked onto my heel, causing him pain in both places.

"Oh does that hurt wimp?" I asked sarcastically.

"Yes madam," he groaned with a screwed up face.

"Oh dear what will he be like when we reach number 10!" Carl said with a smirk.

"Who cares darling," I purred and kissed him hard.

I knelt between Carl's legs sucking his cock. Barry busied himself, kissing the soles of my feet in the black nylon that I had worn for 2 days.

"Make sure you get in between my toes!"

I felt a slap across my face.

"How dare you stop English whore!"

"You're going to pay for that Barry!" I sneered.

I looked up lovingly into Carl's eyes.

Then went back to sucking his lovely hard cock!

So that's my story. Needless to say after a few months I got fed up with Barry. I kicked him out the car near Chelsea football club, just as the game finished. I don't know what happened to him after that. But I can imagine. Well he was wearing one of those maids outfit's the transvestites often wear, with seamed stockings and 6 inch platform heels that I had locked onto his feet. You ought to have seen him running after the car, as I dangled the keys to the little locks out of the window teasing him!

Carl and I had a month long holiday in Florida. Hey you might have seen me, the only English girl, with a sexy young German husband. And I was wearing very short miniskirts, high heels, and of course pantyhose the whole time!

Lots of love, QUEEN BEE (Oh that's QUEEN BITCH actually). But when Jenny and I started the game at 13, we didn't like to swear!

THE END....................OR.

A third ending.

I clung to my husband until I was pulled away sobbing. I sat numbly in the cell. I still wore the tight fitting miniskirt Carl had bought for me on holiday. 3 hours ago I didn't have a care in the world. I was planning on spending my money with my husband. Now after only 3 hours back from our holiday I had been accused of killing my father!

After my trial I was taken away to the mental hospital run by Clive. The judge had some sympathy for me due to my treatment over the years by my father. Although seeing I had planned his death I could not go unpunished. I thought about telling the court about Clive helping me, but I was just too exhausted and frightened. Besides he ran the clinic, and I thought I could get out earlier than the 9 years if he helped me.

I had been in the clinic for nearly two years now. All my thoughts of getting out early didn't rest with Clive as I hoped. Every 1st Tuesday of the month I had a special nurse for the day. If I pleased her and completed all my tasks it would strike two weeks off my sentence. She had already promised me 6 months off my remaining 7 years if I became pregnant!

She came in as usual at 10 o'clock.

"How are you feeling?" she asked with a contented grin.

I didn't answer as the tears fell down my cheeks.

"You are going to sign this by the end of the day, and as promised another 6 months will disappear from your stay here.

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