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Haunted in the night.

He raked his hands through his jet black hair, kicking himself for trying to push this meeting. No matter when or how he decided to meet her again, this was still going to be the end result.

"That went well." He rolled his eyes at the annoying tone of his assistant Mara.

He straighten his tie turned back to her who had this smug look on her face, "Don't worry, I'll get her." He said finally believing his own words.

Gale tried to calm her beating heart as her brain processed what just happened. Patrick! She couldn't believe after all this time she saw him. He was right there in front of her, staring at her as if she was a piece of meat he was ready to devour. No, he lost that chance a long time ago to look at her like that. She should have laid his ass out.

She growled out her frustration as she turned into K&J. Oh she was going to have a long talk with her sister. She nearly jumped out the car before stopping it full. She moved past everyone and burst through the door. Jade was the first person that head popped up toward the door.

"Sister, can I see you for a moment?" Gale said through gritted teeth.

"Oh shit." Jade whispered jumping from her seat and walked quickly to the back.

Gale was right on her tail and before Jade could shut the door, Gale stuck her hand out, "Hey sis, how is it going? How did the job go?"

"You knew."

"Knew what?" Jade said still trying to play dumb.

She was horrible at it as far as Gale was concerned, "You know what I'm talking about: Patrick."

"Oh, you saw him?" Gale narrowed her eyes and

Jade just exhaled, "Alright fine. Yes I knew Patrick was here and that he wanted you to have the job."

"How could you do that with everything you know that happened?"

"Actually I don't know what happened between you guys, you never told me anything. All I know is that he wanted to have someone that could really decorate the hotel the way he wanted it and I thought it would be a perfect job for you. Maybe if you told me what happened then I can understand the anger."

Gale scrunched her face staring at Jade, "He didn't tell you anything?"

"He told me he made a stupid mistake and that he wanted to ask for your forgiveness."

She chuckled lightly, "I'm not going to give it to him. I'm not going to give him the satisfaction that everything is all rosy posy and that we can work together and the years of hurt that I went through can just vanish."

"Gale, you have to forgive him and I'm not saying it for him, but for you. I hate to bring this back up but you sided with my ex-boyfriend to plot breaking up me and James. That hurt and I forgave you." Gale stance sunk a little as she looked into her younger sister's big doe eyes, "I think you need to take the job, you need a big job that's going to get a lot of publicity. This is it."

"I don't know if I can work with him or be near him again." She said showing Jade a hint of vulnerability.

"You can do it. You told me everything that you are doing is about letting go and finding your way back to you. You already divorced that lousy husband of yours, Patrick is just another obstacle."

Gale took deep inhales thinking about what her sister said. It was true, she was trying to make herself better and she did need to handle this one final obstacle. Could she really be considering taking this job though?

"Now, I know you can't be mad at me anymore right?" Jade said with a smile and Gale couldn't help but laugh it off.

"Right, I have to be a big girl about this. I will think about it. Sorry about barging in here like that, I know your customers must think we are crazy."

Jade just shrugged, "In this town, nothing gets too past them. Now does he still look the same to you as he always did?"

"There is nothing there Jade. I have no feelings for him."

"Sure you don't." Jade said rolling her eyes, "Now run along and do your thinking and researching."

"I didn't say I was going to take the job." She said grabbing her purse.

"Well in case you do, you have something to co

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