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The new Bill learns something more about himself.


He licked his lips in response and leaned back while straightening out some wrinkles that had formed on my shirt. "I know, sorry, I was staring at your back first period, knowing that you had my shirt on under this flannel got me so hot. All I've been thinking about is kissing you. His eyes went to my jeans and he noticed they were tighter than usual.

"Let's skip lunch" he said as he pressed his steamy lips against mine and took his hand to slide down my zipper. Lust filled my brain as his scent overwhelmed me trapped in the confines of the small bathroom. He pushed me back against the wall as he fished my trapped cock from its cotton confines. He broke the kiss and looked down at me, my body was on edge and he could tell as he ghosted his fingers across my now aching cock. The electricity coursing my body was almost unbearable. I felt as if I would catch on fire as he slowly rubbed up and down the silky skin on my shaft. The fact that neither of us had an experience like this combined with the worry of being caught, it was almost too much to bear.

"I've only touched myself." Rob admitted, "let me know if you want me to do something else." I grabbed him behind the head and forced my tongue into his mouth. Passion coming out of my ears like a teapot ready to explode. "It's perfect, "I said before attacking his mouth again. He started unbuttoning my shirt and I threw my backpack down so he could get it off me. He grinned and turned me around so he could see the back of the shirt, admiring his name and number as he rubbed his hands across my shoulders. My jeans hit the floor next as I reached out to undo his. I have seen his perfect ass framed in a jockstrap, but I wanted to see what was filling out the front so nicely.

He helped me push his jeans and tight boxer briefs down while I stared open mouthed. It was just perfect. Almost 8 inches long, hard, thick, I almost drooled at the dew drop that was hanging on to the tip like honeysuckle. I couldn't contain myself; I took my thumb and rubbed it off before bringing the delicate string with a drop at the end to my tongue. We both moaned as I licked it and he ravaged my mouth. We were slowly jerking each other off, moaning into each others' open mouths. I tried to break the kiss to let him know I was about to shoot, but he held me still jerking me faster. I exploded on the bathroom floor as I felt his cock somehow get even harder before he started shooting jet after jet onto the tiled floor. We slumped against each other for what felt like hours trying to catch our breath.

"That was" I started but couldn't find the breath or words to finish "amazing." He chimed in. He quickly grabbed some damp paper towels to mop up our joint mess before pulling up his pants. He helped me button my flannel shirt and straightened it out again before kissing me on the nose.

"When the bell rings we need to sneak out separately and blend in with crowd." I nodded as he kissed me again lightly pressing his lips to mine. "You're so cute when you blush." I felt my cheeks get warmer as the bell sounded.

I know I had a dazed grin on my face as I was walking around. Everyone headed out to the bleachers after lunch for the start of the pep rally. I sat next to some friends on the bleachers and was in a blissful daze staring at the field while the team and cheerleaders did silly stunts. A kid from my relay track team nudged me "What's got you grinning so much?" I shook my head to clear the lust filled haze that was filling my brain more and more frequently. "Just glad it's Friday, and I don't have to sit through Calculus." I managed to say. He just patted my back and shook his head.

All of the seniors on the team were put in seats facing the bleachers.

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