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Mike discovers an old video of Ashley.

I kneeled before him sucking his cock, I registered from the tattoo that he was pretty much up for anything. His cum tasted of pineapple, he'd clearly been on the cocktails the night before. I kissed him, letting him taste his own semen from around my mouth and chin. Wishing him a pleasant stay, I girlied it up, sashaying out of the room.

Paulie hadn't even made it to her guy's room. I found her in another room off the reception area riding a heavyset guy on the couch. She managed a grin at me as she switched to the reverse position and clocked me looking in from the doorway. Jesus this place was mental.

There were three female guests on top of the red blooded males. The women were all in their 40s or 50s, in good shape, but all enhanced in one way or another, boobs or tucks or Botox. All tastefully done but still pretty obvious. One was by the pool being fawned over by Rick the gym bunny, she was rubbing his chest laughing at some banal joke. I left them to it.

That evening was a welcome dinner. Both Paulie and I were lucky and were sitting with the guests, Devon not so much. He drew a short straw and was serving, I saw a fleeting look of malevolent pleasure flash across Paulie's face when she saw him. Everyone at the guest table was allowed to choose one item of clothing, plus footwear. For the servers the men got only a bow tie, the women a maid's bonnet, despite the amount of flesh and genitals on show elsewhere, this made them seem very naked. The feminine clothing choices were fun, basically the bigger the garment the less it covered. I chose a sheer gown that was basically see through, Paulie a cut away basque that pushed up and exposed those new perky tits. It actually suited her to be honest. I sat between two guests. On one side a Chinese gentleman, wearing regular, but leather trunks - he appeared to be straight, and on the other side, one of the women who it turned out bisexual. She was attractive, tanned and wearing an all in one bodystocking. What she made of me I had no idea.

People began to drift towards another room at the back of the hall after dinner. The Chinese guy was called Han, he was extremely polite and engaged in everything going on. His English was excellent but heavily accented. He was about my height, short hair and had a trim hairless body. It was impossible to guess his age but he was very smiley, he wasn't bad looking though his tattoo was definitely "straight". I wasn't quite sure what to do with him as we walked together towards the back room with his hand on the top of my right ass cheek. I thought it best to lead him towards one of the other women. Robyn from the gate house had arrived, apparently part of the regular staff now and she happened to be momentarily on her own. She had taken the one item of clothing to the extreme and was wearing a thin black leather choker. Her large breasts glistened with some sort of sparkling foundation and she had an immaculately sculpted Brazilian strip above her sex. Han it seemed had been at one of the other gate houses and hadn't met her before. He bowed deeply when I introduced them. I sloped off.

The conversation was pleasant enough throughout the evening and Paulie and I chatted through our experiences so far, sitting draped over each other on a sofa. We were abundantly aware one of the older guys was watching us intently from a nearby chair. He was clearly stroking his cock and despite our encouragement to come and join us he seemed to prefer to watch.

Calling it a day just after 1am, I got an unexpected jolt of envy as I walked to the stairs. Devon was bent over a chair in the entrance hall, his right hand pulling his ass cheek open for Olivier to expertly, it would seem, rim his dark hole. Swallowing my pride and confident Devon hadn't seen me I skipped up the stairs to my room.

Desperately tired and ready for sleep I opened the door to find one of the other male staff sitting on my bed.

"Hey, I'm Guy, you're Dani right?"

"Yeah I am.

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