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Sharon explores his anal desires.

Suck my cock, suck my dick," he cried while giving my ass several warming smacks. "Oh yea, oh yea, you are the best...There's someone walking by and he can see you blowing me, he can see your panties are down and your bare ass is showing. Wiggle your cute little ass for him."

Mr. Little enjoyed our little play-acting. While I never thought for sure that anyone was watching us, and surely standing there right outside the car with my sucking him off, the thought that we might be observed was hot. And it really excited my boss. Whenever he would speak those kind of words I knew his orgasm was near, and I wiggled my butt high in the air while intensifying my mouth action on his blossoming, sperm-filled dick.

I slowed my sucking to delay his orgasm, and then sped up to bring it on, bobbing my head on his dick like the bobble head doll that I am.

"Swallow it all, suck the cum out of my cock," begged Mr. Little, and swallow I did. But not all of his sticky hot sauce. On this afternoon I kept a couple spurts of his cum in my mouth. After several minutes of recovery, I pushed myself up and planted a major league kiss on his mouth.

Mr. Little pulled back a little upon the taste of the strange substance, but I moved with him, swirling my cum-drenched tongue in his mouth. Ultimately he kissed back, resigned to the situation. Oh, it was hot knowing this macho man had his manly sauce in his mouth, but heck, if it was good enough for me it surely was good enough for him, right?

"You are a bad girl, Constance," said my boss when he came up for air.

I smiled my cum-stained lips at him and asked him if he liked the taste. Now that was a test! If he said no, then he would have my wrath as being one who had sucked down gallons of his cum over the prior few months. If he said yes, I'd ask if he wanted more next time. He shook his head and laughed, finally telling me it was good but that he'd rather I swallowed it all the way down into my stomach instead.

We laughed and I hugged him, reminding him of the time. "You don't want to be late getting home to your wife," I tongue-in-cheek reminded.

He sort of groaned, but reminded me that he loved me. I think he loved my cocksucking skills more than anything, but appreciated the compliment.

I smiled at him, and glanced down at his shrinking cock. It had shrived up, and I coyly asked if he wanted me to clean it off. Not surprisingly, he nodded yes. I lowered my head once again into his lap and sucked his now flaccid cock into my hot mouth. He pulled back a little as I did it, but gradually loosened up and allowed me full access to his dick. All of it fit into my mouth, and I slowly caressed his knob with my mouth. His cock grew a little, but it surely didn't get hard. It was the first time I had blown him so soon after sucking him off, and I didn't know what to expect.

My mouth sucked his semi-hard cock for several minutes. I didn't bob my head on it, I didn't have to. I just sucked and twirled my tongue around his little dick. He forgot about getting home to wifey and just kept telling me how wonderful it felt, how hot it was that I was sucking him off again so soon after his blasting my tongue with cum the first time. After a while he told me I could stop, that he couldn't cum again so fast after the last time, and that he did need to be going. I, on the other hand, was a woman on a mission, and continued to oval my mouth on the flaccid dick.

It was great sucking him this way, as his dick wasn't throbbingly insistent. You know, it didn't need to cum. It was spent. Still, it wanted more of what I was giving, and I gradually increased the pressure of my oral assault on his dick. I've honestly never been able to deep throat a guy when he was rock hard, but in Mr. Little's current state of rigidity I could more than handle all his manhood. I rolled my tongue around his dick while continuing to suck, and feeling his thick brown pubic hair tickling my nose was quite an unusual feeling.

My boss lay back and savored by mouth on his cock.

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