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Tor convinces the fairy, Zeph, to do him a favor.

Already, thoughts of this now apparent MILF spreading her legs for Rick were rushing through the young man's head. Dominique must have noticed the growing bulge in his pants when she looked up at him, grinning, and asked if he'd come along. He said sure.

The four of them walked to down the cracked street towards the beach. Audrey and Tony walked ahead while Rick and Dominique lagged behind, carrying towels, idly chatting and sizing each other up. They hit the hot sand and soon had picked out a spot for their towels. Tony immediately tore of his t-shirt and sprinted towards the water. Audrey quickly shimmied out of her shorts and pulled her tank top over her head, revealing a red bikini. Her massive breasts sagged slightly and urged to pop out into the sun. She followed Tony into the water and they were soon splashing each other and laughing.

Rick sat next to Dominique on a towel. She had also removed her shorts and t-shirt, and now only had on a black one-piece swimsuit. Her breasts were not quite as big as her sister's, but perked proudly. Both were pierced and her nipples poked out distinctly. She and Rick spoke sparsely, paying half attention to the couple in the water. Audrey and Tony were now kissing. Tony tried to unhook his partner's bikini top, but she giggled and pushed him away, only to pull him right back. Her right hand disappeared beneath the water. Rick and Dominique looked at each other and laughed. Rick leaned over and kissed Dominique softly on her neck, causing her to slide over nearer to him. She ran her hand over his bare chest. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he kissed her neck again and she pulled his lips up to his face.

When their kiss broke, they looked up and saw that Tony and Audrey were locked in a rhythmic embrace. The gentle waves seemed to direct the two as Audrey bobbed up and down, her hands clasped behind Tony's neck, his hands gripping her lower torso. Rick pinched Dominique's ass and slid his hand between her legs from behind. Sliding the crotch of her bathing suit aside, he cupped his hand beneath her pussy. He could feel its warmth, dripping-a mix of sweat and sweet juice. Slowly, he spread her lips apart and massaged her inside using one finger at first. Dominique breathed faster, and he thrust a second finger inside. Her pussy clamped around his digits and he slid them in and out while they both sat and watched their two counterparts go at it in the water. From a distance, it was nearly impossible to tell what Rick and Dominique were up to. One would only grow suspicious up close-Dominique seemed to be grinding back in forth on her towel breathing short quick breaths while to her immediate left, Rick focused on the water, with an intense, furrowed brow, and a slight grin.

They hurried back to Dominique's house. She showed Rick into her bedroom and jumped into the shower. When she returned to her room, she wore only an oversized white t-shirt. Rick was lounging on the couch, naked. His stiff cock stood straight up and pointed at the ceiling, alert. She jumped onto the bad and straddled her younger lover. At twenty-seven, she had slept with her fair share of men, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Their tongues intertwined and Rick dispersed of her t-shirt. Now, there was a twisted couple, bare fleshed, sweating, dry humping on a still-made bed.

Rick tugged on Dominique's nipple rings-they hardened at the touch and he began to play with them using his tongue. He squeezed and prodded her breasts, which were dangling over his face as her crotch ground against his stomach. She moaned with his play, and soon could not hold out any longer. Lifting her hips into the air slightly, she came down and rested her soaked pussy on the tip of Rick's glistening cock. Their eyes met, and she plunged her pussy down onto his cock, taking in the pre-cum soaked rod.

Dominique rested there for a moment, but Rick soon grabbed her wide hips and began grinding them slowly against him.

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