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They get what they want - Daddy gets what HE wants.

I allowed my hand to move up toward the leg band of her panties (she was wearing only a skirt and blouse), inching underneath it. Moving slowly, my finger found the edge of her silken patch of pussy, feeling my way over to my ultimate goal.

"Can I proceed further?" I asked.

All she did was shake her head, as my finger found the very edge of her girly opening. With a short gasp, she opened her legs, slightly, allowing my finger to enter just the outer portion of her pussy. Feeling my way up and back down her pussy lips, I noticed how wet she was, and how her breathing was coming in short bursts.

Almost simultaneously, we leaned towards each other and kissed, briefly. Her lips on mine, tasted like the pizza we just finished, and she was the first to lean back to me and kiss me a bit harder, this time. With my finger slowly moving up and down her pussy lips, her hand found its way to my blouse and started unbuttoning each button, one at a time. My finger found her tiny, throbbing clit, which suddenly grew, under my touch.

Then suddenly she pulled back, and half pushed me out of her arms.

"Sheela Aunty, no. We shouldn't be doing this. Why are we doing this?"

"Because, Nisha, Because it feels good," I responded, and kissed her again, and of course, she responded.

The smell of her perfume was girly and it was driving me crazy. My tongue sought her and she responded. She wasn't struggling at all, and wasn't pulling away from me. I slowly ran my hands all over her back and in the process the skirt and top gave way and at times I could feel my hands on her bare skin, that soft velvety touch of her thighs, and on the fleshy panty-clad pussy mound. Nisha freed herself from me for a moment (only to join me soon later) and removed my dresses and we both were in sexy undies - just lacy bras and the silky panties, all wet and damp. Her hands came up to my front and ran lightly over my bra, over my breasts.

"Ohh god, they're luscious" she murmured, with both hands feeling the lacy cups of my bra.

"You can take my bra off, if you'd like" I said, hoping that was her desire. No sooner than the words were out of my mouth, she reached in back of me, to unhook the clasp. She pushed the straps off my arms and it too fell to the floor. Before either of us noticed, we had disposed of all our clothing, and resumed our explorations of each other's bodies.

My hands quickly went to her perfectly formed breasts; capped by those tiny, rock hard nipples. I started rubbing around the base of her breasts and made squeezing motions around and up until I reached for her nipples. Her nipples were hard when I reached them. I flicked them with my thumb, pinched them, and rubbed them. I felt them with the base of my hand and with my fingers. I wanted to suck them so badly (and now I know why men are so crazy about sucking breasts). Nisha was making a sound from the bottom of her throat. It started out as a moan but soon began to be a purr. I was making her, a lovely girl purr!

With my finger still moving up and down her pussy, she leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on my nipple, taking it into her mouth. Feeling its size, she started sucking on it, slowly, causing my breath to quicken. My nipple quickly grew in her mouth, never knowing that this was the first time she had ever done this.I soon found out, just how sensitive her nipples were, as my mouth found one of them and my finger re found her slit, and teased it up and down, as my mouth hardened one nipple, then the other. Nisha's breathing told me she was about to experience her first female induced orgasm, and true to my senses, her body shook mightily, and she literally soaked my finger.

Breathing heavy, we collapsed in each other's arms.

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