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Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.


"Oooh!" cried Carrie, before Mark could reply, fingering her pussy as she watched her father orgasming and giving herself a treat too, shuddering as the happy feelings overwhelmed her again while Mark stood back with his sated cock in his hand, his drained ping-pong sized balls nestling in their dark pubes, the hair of which was an exact match to the hair on his head. Unlike his father and uncle, Mark wouldn't need to worry about using hair dye for several more years to come. Or so he hoped.

From their vantage point at the bathroom window, Jem and Lucy clapped and cheered like an enthusiastic audience at the first night of a new theatrical show, Lucy grateful again that the ramshackle home she shared with her husband, son and daughter in the middle of nowhere north of the border stood isolated to the wind, many miles from the nearest neighbours.

Jem and Lucy continued to watch fascinated, like ramblers confronted by a snake, as Mark and Carrie knelt down and began to lick Cam's spunk into their mouths. Carrie slurped her tongue around her father's heavy sweaty balls while Cam pulled his son to him and kissed him on the lips.

Mark responded eagerly to the incestuous gay snog while Carrie continued to lap up her father's spunk that had wreathed its way around his balls. Mark and Cam broke the kiss after two or three minutes and then Mark opened his mouth and began to suck on his father's now semi-erect membrane, licking the paternal cream until he had thoroughly washed Cam's prick with a tongue every bit as enthusiastic as his cock.

Lucy and Jem continued to applaud loudly, and Mark released his mouth's grip on Cam's cock and looked up and smiled at his mother and uncle, again giving a thumbs up sign.

"That was lovely sweetheart," Lucy called down to her son, "I hope you can give me as much as you gave Carrie."

"Yeah, me too," murmured Cam, who loved taking it up the arse from his son.

"Have no fear, mum and dad," Mark replied, "your wish is my command. Won't take me long to get going again."

"Never does," giggled Carrie.

"Looking forward to you giving me a good seeing to, sweetheart," Lucy called down to Mark. "You too, Jem," she said, turning back to her brother.

"It'll be my pleasure, mum," Mark replied, calling upwards. I'll even fuck you too, uncle Jem, if you ask me nicely, that is."

Everyone laughed happily, a loving family fully content within itself ...


"Well," said Jem as he and Lucy stuck their heads back through the bathroom window and shifted their naked bodies into the room, "that was quite a show. And if one brother and sister can do it, so can another."

"Anyone'd think we'd never done it together before," said Lucy, dropping to her knees, "and I can't wait to see my son fuck his dad - and that tight arse of yours, too."

"I'd like to get my cock up Mark's arse, an' all," said Jem, leering again rather than grinning at Lucy. "That hole of his is out of this fucking world and he takes cock just as confidently as yours and Carrie's pussies do."

"He's ace," replied Lucy, pleased as always to hear her brother complimenting her son on his undoubted sexual prowess. "And I'm sure Mark won't mind you fucking him again," she went on, "he and his dad fucked each other last night after they'd seen to me."

"Wish I'd been there," replied Jem, "I bet it was brilliant. Did you use that dildo of yours on Mark, too?"

"I most certainly did," Lucy said, "like you said, my boy has a very accommodating arsehole."

"Hardly a boy," murmured Jem. "He's well on his way to forty."

"All sons are still boys to their mothers, whatever age they are," said Lucy, "you of all people should know that."

"Yeah," said Jem, "mum never stopped calling me her little boy."

"You ain't what I would call little," giggled Lucy, giving Jem's cock a gentle squeeze.

That brought Je

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