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" He said. "We're all set. Let's go." But he heard the tension in his own voice and wondered if she did too.

They sat together in silence on the way to the restaurant. Jake felt her sneaking worried looks at him, but he stubbornly kept his eyes glued to the road, hating that he'd upset her, hating the way he felt. From the corner of his eye, he stole a few glimpses of her smooth tanned thighs and groaned inwardly. What the hell was wrong with him? She looked great. Really beautiful in fact, but he could hardly bear the thought of someone else seeing what belonged to him. Worse, he enjoyed her innocence and didn't like seeing maturity rear its head. He supposed what he really wanted was the best of both worlds, and there was no way to have that.

At last, he slammed the brakes and pulled off the road into a crowded parking lot. Turning, he looked at the hurt in her eyes, wishing it away with all his might. He reached out a hand and stroked her cheek as he watched her tears spill over.

"Julie... baby, I'm so sorry."

She flung herself at him, crying against his shoulder and clutching him close. He held her, soothing her with a hand down her back, and whispering his love for her.

Eventually, her tears subsided and she pulled away, her big blue eyes searching his face. "I don't understand what was wrong. Don't you like how I look?"

"Yes! Baby, you look beautiful, and so sexy. Maybe too sexy. Part of what I love is that you're so innocent, and I don't want you to lose that quality. Not until it's truly time for you to mature."

He held her hand as he leaned over to kiss her. "Also, I feel... well... jealous as hell really. I know you're going to be turning a lot of heads, and I'm not sure I can deal with that very well. No matter what though, we're okay. Right? You're beautiful... you're still my girl... and I'm just a foolish man. Be patient with me sweetheart, okay?"

Somehow, she smiled at him, sending his heart flip-flopping around his chest. If anything, her tears had increased her beauty, lending her a sultry, pouty look that he found irresistible.

Mindless of prying, small town eyes, Jake leaned over and captured her lips. He pressed insistently until he felt her blossom open as she always did for his kisses. Their tongues met and he was startled by the intensity with which she returned his kiss. Moving quickly, he pulled her to him and allowed his tongue to taste the sweetness of her mouth in a deep way. She sucked at his tongue and moaned low in her throat, once more surprising him with her passion.

When he pulled away, she whimpered and opened her eyes. "My God Julie, how do you do this to me? How can I want you so much?"

She only smiled and held his hand as he started the car and pulled into traffic.


Their lunch was nice. Julie had a shrimp basket and Jake had a steak. He watched her eat hungrily, a thousand thoughts on his mind, yet he hesitated to spoil the mood again. He'd been right about the looks cast their way. Filled with a strange, arousing mix of pride and jealousy, he watched the men and young boys stare at Julie. He knew most of these people, and they were aware that the Walkers had a young girl living with them for the summer, but he couldn't help wondering if they thought something illicit was going on between he and Julie what with the way he looked at her, and her flirtatious laugh. Recklessly, he decided he didn't care as he fed her a French fry and handed her a napkin for her mouth. She giggled and wiped the ketchup away, then suddenly turned serious.

"What will happen after Michelle gets home Jake?"

"Um, I'm not sure." He said honestly, meeting her sharp gaze full on, "Our time will be limited to whatever we can grab, but we have to be careful honey. Very careful. Understand?"

She nodded, and lowered her eyes. "It's not fair is it?" Her voice was barely a whisper.

"I suppose not, but don't you worry, we'll be alright. We'll figure out something. Okay?"


Jake paid the bill and the two of them headed for home.


The message light was blinking on the answeri

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