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Sexual exploration and the modern workplace.

So deep and guttural was this scream that I thought the stones of the Teatro Romano would crack and crumble.

When my beautiful Nicoletta, her firm young breasts practically aglow in the moonbeams, finally straightened her back and looked down at me, I had only a brief second to understand the centuries of bloodlust that her scream had represented. The moment of my death was at hand and the terror that welled up in me had no time to manifest itself as a sound in my throat, let alone a scream of any kind. Her copper eyes burning like the fires of Hell, my sweet Nicoletta bared fangs the likes of which no animal on Earth can claim and sunk them into my chest. The life blood that only moments ago had been aflame with passion for this woman now passed out of me and into her waiting mouth. Minutes passed. Pain and pleasure mixed in my brain. Color drained from the world. No matter how hard I tried to remove this monster's head from it's place of suckling, what strength I might have mustered was long gone. Between the lust of our lovemaking and the draining of my life's blood, I had naught to wrestle with. I blacked out without the benefit of even being able to acknowledge the moment of my death.

Nothing. Blackness. Then distant echoed sounds. Was this Heaven? Was this Hell? I was dead, that much was certain. The image of the monster that I'd loved so completely was clear in my mind. I coughed, then rolling on my side wretched. And instantly a gentle hand reached for my matted hair and caressed my head. Slowly, I opened my eyes as if the image of the beautiful face that I knew would be there would kill me again with just a look. There, in complete nakedness crouching next to me, was Nicoletta. Her copper eyes still a flame. When she spoke now it was different. There was a tone to her voice that was part delicate woman and part devil. It shook me so that I tried to back away. But I had no strength. Nicoletta caressed my head, then slowly traced her fingertips lovingly (lovingly?) down the silhouette of my face and onto my chest where she had killed me. The wounds there were clear and fresh, but I did not bleed. Open gashes that had no pain. Tough as my focus returned fully, I noticed now that my pallor mirrored Nicoletta's and suddenly, like a bolt from the sky. It all made sense. Succubus? As if he knew my mind, Nicoletta, corrected me, "No my love, we are vampires. Pia, Serena, myself. And now you, my immortal. I can only tell you that from the moment that I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were my immortal. That I must have you. That I must give you this gift, that we might spend eternity together as we just did. Bloodlust, you see, is something no mortal can imagine. It consumes you. And I knew that I must have you. Or that you would die in my moment of bloodlust."

While Nicoletta spoke, the feel and texture of the passion that we had shared returned to my mind.

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