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Her fate is in her hands, all she has to do is count down.

When he pulled out, she felt as if she couldn't breathe, and when he entered her again, she let out a groan that she didn't even recognize as her own. She felt so full and complete and desired. Tracy tore her eyes away from the erotic site of this beast's manhood protruding from her body and looked up into his eyes, seeing what was behind them - the lust; the hunger and the desire to own her body - and braced herself for what was surely to come.

Blake took a hold of Tracy's shoulders to gain leverage, then inched forward, pushing himself farther and farther inside with each stroke. He kissed her, swallowing her moans that were becoming louder with each thrust, until finally he felt his skin kiss hers.

Tracy felt his cock push deeper and deeper inside her pussy. How she was taking his length she did not know; she just knew she had no choice. He was kissing her now and she felt dizzy with wanton desire as she held him close to her, his body pressed against hers, his cock buried to the hilt. She had never felt such a sensation; how could she possibly take anymore? She opened her eyes and looked into his. Oh, my God, she thought. Is this a dream? It's too real for a dream.

"Blake?" she whispered.

She saw the recognition in his eyes as he pulled back until just the tip was inside.

"No," she protested involuntarily when she thought he was leaving her.

She felt his grip on her tighten and when she looked into his eyes again, a shudder cascaded through her body. A moment later, her brother let out a primal groan as he slammed into her with such force she thought she would die. Again he pulled back, and again he slammed into her, bottoming out each time.

"Fuck!" she hissed as their bodies met.

Blake leaned down, crushing her tits against his chest, holding her tight to his body as he ground his pelvis into her, using her for his own pleasure. He grunted like an animal, his thickness making her feel every inch. Wrapping her arms around his muscular body, Tracy spread her legs wide, taking everything he gave her. She didn't care if he was her step-brother; he wanted her and she needed him, just like this. He was so big, his cock hitting all the right spots, she felt her orgasm rapidly approaching.

"Oh, fuck; oh, fuck; fuuuuuuuck!" she yelled, not caring if their parents could hear her.

She tightened her hold on him as the first wave of convulsions rocked her body. Biting into his neck, Tracy stifled another scream as she came all over her step-brother's cock, the sound of her wetness filling the room. His thrusts were becoming more erratic as he groaned into her ear, signaling his own approaching orgasm.

He quickly pulled out, leaving her feeling vacant and yearning for his return. He then stood, pulling her up to her knees. "Swallow it," he croaked.

Tracy held him with both hands and took him into her mouth. Fuck, he's huge, she thought. She stroked him but that wasn't enough to satisfy his needs. Taking her head in his hands, Blake fucked her mouth, causing her to gag on his length. She held onto his hips as he used her mouth to get himself off. A few seconds later, she felt him swell inside her, then the hot deluge of cum splashed against her tongue and the back of her throat. He moaned in rhythm with his thrusts as he just kept coming and coming, his thick, salty seed dribbling down her chin when she couldn't swallow fast enough until he finally pulled out, as she fell back onto the bed.

Blake looked down at his step-sister. Her short, blonde hair was disheveled, her pussy was puffy from her arousal and the pounding he gave her, and her lips were swollen from him fucking her mouth. She wiped a drop of cum from her chin and licked it off her fingers. Blake's wanton desires were hardly satisfied; he couldn't believe it! He had heard that guys his age were in their sexual prime but he had come twice tonight and he was already ready for more.

Lying down on the bed, he propped his head up on a pillow, and stroking his now fully erect cock, said, "suck it."

Before she knew what she was doing, Tracy g

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