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A brief expositionary interlude.


Rita whimpered and looked up at his face. "I've already made one or two small ones."

Tom chuckled. "I think our lovemaking is going to be short and quick in that case."

Rita grinned and picked up the soap. "Not if we break it into two sections. One oral and one for all the rest."

"Now why didn't I think of that," Tom said with a grin of his own as he turned and presented his back to her.

Rita giggled and started to soap up his back. "You would have figured it out about the second time I screamed my head off with you licking me."

"What about the screams after that?" Tom asked teasing her.

Rita groaned softly. "I'd better do you first when we get in bed because I don't think I'll be in any shape to do it after you finish with me."

"This is going to be an interesting evening," Tom whispered as her hands moved down his back to the top of his butt.

"Evening? I was thinking about the whole weekend," Rita whispered with a giggle at the end. "That is, if we both live through this evening."

Tom grinned and leaned forward slightly as she worked her way down his thighs. "I like the way you think."

She got to his ankles and reached up to slap him on the ass as she stood up. "Turn around I want to do the front."

Tom straightened up and turned around. Rita hurriedly soaped up his right arm and then the left. Then she paused with her hands just above his chest. As she started to soap it up she said, "I need to slow down or I'll be running to the bed." Then her hands dropped to his hard dick.

With a deep groan, Tom wrapped her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss as her hands continued to move on his dick. They would twist from side to side and then move up and down. He groaned into her mouth and broke the kiss as he pulled them both under the water.

He was trying to rinse the soap off and to continue kissing her at the same time. It wasn't working so he broke the kiss again and pushed her away gently. "Time out," he said with a grin as he got her hands off his dick.

A pouting look came to her face for a moment and then she grinned as he turned off the water, opened the door, and pulled her outside. They were both still dripping water as they ran to the bedroom and jumped on the bed.

They were both laughing loudly as she tried to get turned enough to stuff his dick in her mouth and he kept trying to get her flat on her back so he could get his head between her legs. In the end, he groaned loudly as her mouth found the head of his dick and sucked it in. Her tongue was going wild on and around the spongy head. She moaned loudly and swallowed him to the base. He groaned even louder and thrust his hips forward.

He was dimly aware of her hips jerking and bucking as she bobbed her head quickly. He could feel as much as hear her moaning. Then he was coming in her mouth. She gave out with a muffled yell and bobbed her head even faster, her hips jerking harder.


Tom groaned and opened his eyes. Rita's sex was just below his chin. She was on her side and so was he. Her mouth was still on his soft dick, nursing on it. Her head was resting on his thigh at his hip. He shivered, as this was something new. If he ever came in Maggie's mouth, she always jumped up to go spit.

He felt her let go of his dick and a moment later, she sighed and rolled over on her back. He lifted his upper body and propped his head up with his hand. He could see her face between her breasts. She had her eyes closed and was smiling and then she licked her lips.

Tom chuckled and she opened her eyes. "I take it you swallowed."

She grinned. "Every last drop."

"Maggie never did."

Rita giggled. "I never did either until now."

Tom looked at her questioningly and she smiled. "Sucking Tony's dick was an obligation. Sucking yours was... greedy on my part. I had never wanted to do it so much in my life. When you came so quickly, I just swallowed. It seemed like the natural thing to do since I wasn't ready to let you go."

"Were you coming as I did?"

Rita giggled again and nodded. "That never happened before either."


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