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Diving instructor gets more than he bargained for.


Mama proceeded to explain that she always used cr__me rinse rather than shaving cream. It was cheaper and lasted longer, did not sting if it entered your slit, and you did not use as much. Smelled great too. You did not need any expensive brand either and pointed to the "2 for one Euro" sticker. She motioned me to the drawer for the new razors then, again, showed me the bottle of cr__me rinse. "You will be surprised how good it works and feels even nicer," she said.

After a few minutes more of using the scissors, she grabbed my knee to spread my legs a bit to check out my progress. "Looks alright." she said.

She took the bottle and poured a nice amount into her palm. "May I have the honors?" she asked. I did not answer, but scooted closer to her, spreading my legs a bit more to make my nest a bit more available while she applied the cream on my pubes. She noted I had closed my eyes as her knowing hand found me. "Told you it feels nicer than shaving cr__me, Yes?" she asked but she knew her "Yes" would suffice for my answer as mama surely knew her Baby Doll well enough to not to expect a reply and I did not give her one. Finally, I said, "Don't think one application is going to do it, mama, No?"

"Yep, you are sooooooooooo right Baby Doll, always do two". She squirted more onto her palm and repeated the application. "No, No, No, No, No I repeated to myself, it feels much more Yesssiie."

I opened my eyes as she said, "Let that sit for a bit," then proceeded to double dip her honey-dew as well.

After a few minutes of chit-chat allowing time for the cream to work its magic, she grabbed the razor and schooled me on her method. "This direction. Lift that. Around here. Never this," and other such directions.

I was always a bit behind her watching her as she watched me.

"Do you want to save a bit at the top or simply go bald, Baby Girl?" she asked.

"How about we both save a bit and be twins," I said.

"OK then, let's put our things away. How about a shower?" she offered.

Without a word, being closest to the faucets, I proceeded to adjust the water then stepped in followed by mama.

We both examined ourselves and the when kinky hair that fell to the tub floor began to be no more, she gave me a beauty bar and told her to do her back. I started on her back and she lifted her left arm for me to clean her arm pit. Then the other one. She brought them both down. "We will shave those later. Legs too," she said. I returned to her back and then lowered my hands to her lower back. With that, she placed a hand apiece on each hip spreading her ass cheeks and with nothing but a beauty bar and my hand, I cleaned up butt.

"Turn around," she said and she returned the favor. When she finally reached my crack, she poked a finger into my anal cavity, rolled it around a bit, removing any foreign matter leaving it Baby Girl clean. "You are just one dirty Baby Girl. And did you indicate that you did not clean your pussy after you peed. Oh, that will not be tolerated."

She turned me around and I saw her wet titties with a droplet of water on each nipple. She moved her creamy hands down to my pussy and just as she had with my butt crack, she made sure that all was better. Each upward movement of her hand made a long glide against my awakening clit.

"OK, Baby Doll, mama's turn," she said giving me the bar. I tried to repeat the process, but she hurried it on. "Let's see how we look," she said.

We left the bathroom and reached the full length mirror to inspect our hairless twats. "Not bad, my Baby Girl, Not bad. Now for the touch test." I assumed that we would play a familiar game of mutual masturbation, but she led me to the bed, and told me to lie down.

She positioned herself behind my head and began to kiss me.

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