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Another chapter is the to the story of almost the same name.

"You look like you got caught bad in the storm," the waitress said, placing my drink in front of me.

I nodded. "Yeah, sorry, I'm dripping all over your floor." My hair these days was close-cropped, so the rain was rolling off my head.

She pointed towards the main bus terminal. "There's a restroom in there if you want to dry off. Sorry, but ours is damaged now. I'm telling everyone to go in there."

I glanced over my shoulder. "Yeah, thanks, think I might just towel myself off. Can I leave my drink here?"

The waitress smiled. "Sure thing. If it gets cold, I'll pour you a fresh one when you get back."

"Thanks," I said, and made my way out the door and under the canopy towards the terminal.

It was busy, and I wasn't familiar with the layout, but I soon found the sign for the restrooms and made my way into the men's. As far as I could see, I was alone, and I made my way to the towel dispenser on the wall which I found, to my annoyance, to be empty. I looked around and went to the cubicles, choosing the middle one out of three. There was plenty of paper in there, so I locked the door and sat on the john, pulling a wad of paper out of the dispenser.

As I dried my hair, I glanced to my left and noticed there was a hole, just below eye- level, cut into the connecting wall to the next cubicle. I was glad I wasn't using the toilet for its proper purpose, as I didn't exactly fancy an audience whilst taking care of business. The wall was decorated in various items of graffiti, on both sides; some funny limericks and some sexually explicit drawings and writing. I wondered if the phone number that accompanied the statement 'FOR A GREAT TIGHT FUCK CALL ALAN" was real.

I heard the door to the restroom open and close and footsteps approaching. I saw a pair of sneakered shoes stop very briefly in front of the stall I occupied, then continue to my left, enter the cubicle and I heard the door close and the lock engage. I discarded the wet paper I had used to dry myself and tried to keep as quiet as possible. I then saw a foot come under the door and kick the side of my boot gently. I found this strange and looked through the hole.

I saw that the man was standing, and he had unzipped his cock, which he was slowly massaging. It was thick and uncut, the head a bright pink under the fluorescents. My own dick twitched in appreciation and I pulled it out of my overalls. Before I knew it, the man had pushed his cock through the gap in the wall and I reached out for it, feeling the thick shaft and raging head. I dropped to my knees and licked his shaft with the tip of my tongue. His cock responded well, bobbing up and down, so I opened my mouth and slowly swallowing his entire length, until my nose was pressed against the wall and his pubic bush. I bobbed my head up and down, making myself gag slightly in the process as he hit the back of my throat. With all the practice I had had sucking cock so far, my technique had improved greatly, and I felt like I knew what I was doing and what other men liked in a blowjob.

Once his prick was nicely coated in my spit, I began to jerk his shaft, using my mouth and hands together to pleasure his member. He started leaking pre-cum and I sucked it greedily from his piss slit. Nothing beat the taste of another man's load for me and I was hoping to get a good mouthful soon. I was jacking myself in time to my rhythmic motion, working his beautiful piece of meat in my mouth and hand. He began to withdraw his dick from the hole, then thrust it back in so that it went in and out of my dripping mouth.

It felt so horny not knowing who was on the other side of the wall, and just concentrating on this thick cock that I so wanted to explode in my eager mouth.

I swabbed his cock inside my cheeks, getting it as deep into my throat as possible whilst breathing through my nose.

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