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Bridget tries to relax on cruise ship, with mixed results.

He trails his fingertips up and down, putting his slab of meat on display for the voluptuous, nervous woman.

Maggie finishes cutting a few inches of his hair. She tries to set the scissors down on a nearby table but captivated by his lingering hand, she fumbles the scissors and drops them to the floor.

"Oh, silly me... Sorry about that. How clumsy of me..."

James turns his head and smiles up at the blushing woman. He reaches his hands behind his neck and unclasps the mock, pulling it off him and letting it fall to the floor. He stands up, brushing off the snippets of hair still left on his clothing. He lowers his neck, gazing down at her with an eager stare. His ice blue eyes are ablaze, peering deep into Maggie's greens. He slowly reaches his hand over, wrapping his fingers around her left wrist. He carefully guides her hand toward his thigh and places her palm on his pulsating, monstrous cock. Her cheeks blush bright red, nibbling on her bottom lip with her eyes fixated on his enormous bulge. She quickly shakes her head, trying to remain rational, "No, this isn't right..."

The typical James would respect her wishes, but the boy has an agenda that must be fulfilled. However, it isn't just about taking revenge on the bullying brute back at school. James is very strongly attracted to the woman. Having her hand pressed tight against his throbbing member sends him into overdrive. It's as if the confidence mixed with vengeance has turned him into someone else entirely.

"What's wrong, Maggie?"

The boy smirks wide, revealing his white, strong teeth. His other hand turns upward, his palm parallel to the floor. His fingers fan out, sliding under her gigantic globe. His palm presses tight beneath, squeezing his fingertips inward in a powerful grip. He squeezes the massive mound while forcing her palm to glide up and down the entire thirteen inches of his fully erect meat. Her legs slightly quiver as warmth rushes down to her nether region. Her eyes are glued to her own hand being guided up and down the boy's impossibly long genitalia. She flashes her eyes onto her ring finger, staring at her wedding ring and nearly choking. James takes notice and grins, "I bet your husband isn't nearly as hung, is he?"

James can't believe the own words that are coming out of his mouths. Maggie can't either. Her jaw drops wide, gasping out a raspy moan as her head shakes from side to side. James lightly juggles the heavy weight breast up and down in his hand while grinning into her eyes, "Would you like to see it?"

Before she can respond, James hesitantly slides his fingers from her bosom. With her hand still pressed tight against his thigh, his other hand pulls down the zipper to his shorts. He slides his fingers inside and unbuttons his boxers. He spreads open the flaps, leaving a gaping hole. He smirks down into her bright, green eyes as he guides her fingers up his thighs. He pushes her hand forward, sinking it into his boxers. His eyelids lower, breathing out a deep, groaning grunt as her incredibly soft fingertips brush against the base of his heavily thick meat. He continues to push her hand downward, her fingers trailing along his road mapped veins. He spreads his fingers over the back of her hand and guides her fingers to attempt to wrap around the jumbo shaft. Her thumb and forefinger are unable to meet, despite how hard he makes her squeeze down. With her hand gripping tight, he swiftly jerks her hand backward. His enormous, throbbing slab of meat is pulled from its hiding place into the open. There is a strong curve on his shaft, the bulbous, flared head aimed at his chest. He keeps her hand fixed on his shaft and slowly glides her fist up and down the unbelievable length with a grip on her wrist.

He smirks wide, "What do you think, Maggie?"

Maggie gasps another moan, her eyes glowing wide, "My fuckin' God... It is incredible, James..."

Now, it is Maggie's turn for her words to not make sense to her rationale.

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