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Fulfilled sex on a car...but was it real?

Kajal, Binita, Moumita with their spouse were showing conservative looks. But Vijaya is such a lady; she does not know to fail. I knew she will try other means to strip them too. Vijaya said, "Thanks, Vishu and Priya, for the show. My pussy is so wet I will have to pump it out. Our next entertainment game is called strip musical chairs. The rule is simple: when music starts, you start dancing. When music stops, if you don't have a chair, you strip for the group. Once your clothes are off, they stay off! Vishu and Priya will start and stop the music, as they've done their show."

Kajal and Moumita objected. Kajal is generally bit conservative and Moumita is always shy due to her hefty boobs. We tried to make them understand the situation; when Vishu went near to Kajal, I found her sneaking to his erect cock. Priya's tits were also quite heavy; she went to them showing her bouncing mounds. Ultimately we could convince Kajal, Moumita; and Binita too with their spouse.

Vishu started the music and Vijaya removed one chair from the centre. The group danced, when the music stopped Soma was left standing; she became first to strip.

The music began again, and Soma started to dance. While dancing her Sari touched the floor, she removed her petticoat. She turned her back to us and removed her blouse, bra. She faced us again showing us her firm, small tits. She pulled her panty past her hips; we saw her completely shaved pussy.

After dancing, Soma went to sit with Vishu and Priya. The music started again and Vishu removed one more chair. The next winner turned out to be Raman, Binita's husband. He started with his suit, then his shirt, in order to show his muscular hairless chest. When he dropped his underwear, we had another surprise: He was wearing two diamond rings in his testicles. That thing set the spirit of the party very high. We all started to shed clothes ourselves. The ladies started to ask Binita about the rings in her husband's balls and the cost. The atmosphere became very amicable then.

Kajal requested my nude wife Vijaya to unhook her bra. I myself went to Moumita to unfasten her bra; she was undoubtedly having largest breasts, at least 38. All participated to strip them, while I approached Binita and with her due permission I removed her panty. She had muscular legs and powerful butt. Gunjan and Binita began kissing. Gunjan's dick was hard, and Binita started to rub her clit with his erect cock.

Deba was all over my wife's tits, Vijaya was enjoying the attention he gave her boobs. Soma was kissing Deba's cock and it became rock hard. I looked towards Vijaya, she smiled. Actually just two weeks ago Deba's wife who was not present there complained Soma and Vijaya regarding Deba's lack of erection in bed. He was facing some sexual problems. Now he was showing almost 6 inch erect cock, I saw Vijaya to masturbate. Soma got on her knee and Deba entered her from behind. Deba's cock plunged in and out of Soma's juicy cunt. I wanted to enter my wife, but Shubho moved in and pushed his dick into Vijaya's cunt hole.

Kajal came to me and we started to get on all four. I entered her from behind, her pussy was very tight. I asked her the reason, and she told, "Gunjan went to China, my cunt remained unattended for two weeks. If you and Vijaya ever want to have me, just give me a call and come." After that she shouted, "Fuck me, fuck me please." She just pushed her back against me and I reached to feel her nice breasts in my hands. Just a couple of years ago she was very thin with flat chest. Now she is having quite big breasts. We slammed together, she started to come and the tensing of her cunt muscles caused me to fill her love hole with my hot come.

Kajal disengaged from my penis. I looked back at Vijaya; she buckled as Shubho poured his come inside her. He pulled out, Binita started to lick her pussy. Within a minute, she had a powerful orgasm.

When I turned from looking at the scene, Raman and Moumita were fucking on the carpet.

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