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A challenge...

You kiss, lick and nip at my exposed flesh. I try to sit up so that I can slide the robe completely off but you stop me.

"Not yet," you whisper, as you lower your head back to my breasts, kissing every exposed inch before moving your body to kiss and lick your way down mine. Your fingers find my nipples through the lace of my bra to pinch, stroke and caress them. Knowing this is driving me crazy, you simply carry on with your kissing and licking, teasing me mercilessly.

You kiss my belly button and I flinch. You know I hate my belly button being touched so you softly slap my bare thigh to distract me. You look up at me and move that we are again side by side. I stay on my back while prop yourself up on your side to wrap your arm over my waist as you shift your naked body closer to me. The heat of your body being so close makes me turn and face you, just looking you in the eyes. I kiss you once more.

I bring my leg up, bending it, so that I can maneuver over you to straddle you, pushing you over on your back. Placing both my hands on your chest, I can steady as I make myself more comfortable on you. You reach up and slide the robe down over my shoulders. You feel me shudder slightly as you run you fingers down my arms. I lean down to kiss you as you reach behind me and unclasp my bra. It slides down to reveal my full breasts. You slide your hands slowly around from my back to slowly and gently cup each breast, positioning each hand so that my nipples are in between your thumb and forefinger, squeezing ever so slightly. Building a rhythm, I rock my hips ever so slightly on yours, feeling your hardness growing and throbbing in-between my legs against the material of my thong.

Keeping my hands on either side of your head, I continue to kiss you, moving slightly so that I can begin to kiss down your body. Starting with your neck, moving slowly down as you keep both your hands on my breasts, pulling more on my nipples now. Your movements are getting rougher the more I try to work down your body. Not able to get lower than your chest, I work my way back up. Licking and kissing my way with your hands firmly on my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples. I work back into the rhythm of our hips.

Just as you start getting into it, grinding your hips with mine, I move. Once more kissing and licking my way down your body. You try to stop me, by squeezing my breasts and nipples but I move fast now, almost jerking my breasts out of your reach.

"Oh, I was enjoying that so..." you start, but don't bother to continue as you feel me working my way even further down your naked body. You guess where I am heading. Running my hands down your sides, my fingers work faster down your body than my mouth. My fingers find your cock mere moments before my mouth does.

As my fingers work slowly down the length of your cock, my tongue follows the trail made by my fingers, licking slowly down to your balls. As I lick slowly over every inch, you moan loudly. I take that as my cue to slowly ease the head of your cock into my mouth. I take my time to tease you, licking and sucking, letting my tongue flick over your cock. Taking your cock into my mouth, I work you with my hand, slowly building speed. Working into a faster rhythm in time with you rocking your hips, you get faster and faster as you feel yourself coming closer and closer. The taste of you fills my mouth. I stop only for a moment, but I keep my hand moving fast on your cock as I look you in the eyes before returning my mouth to your cock, once more licking and sucking. Working fast, I feel you tense as your cock throbs and you shoot cum deep in my mouth. I lick and suck your cock clean, making sure I get every... last... drop.

You place your hands on either side of my face and gently pull so that I crawl up the bed until I am sitting on your cock.

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