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Teased and tempted by my roommate's hot young girlfriend.

That confidence, in turn, gave him that take-charge attitude that made Julie act like a slut for him.

That's what it was really, wasn't it? Julie acting like a slut? Greg gave her a chance to behave in a way that no previous lover had, and she had responded to it. Would he have the same effect on her if she was suddenly alone with him again? She wasn't sure.

How much of last night was acting? How much was her having an opportunity to experiment? How much of it was something that was inside of her all along, waiting to be released?

She didn't believe it was something hardwired in her head or body. If it was, then it was only a matter of time before Greg or some other bad boy came along and she did it again. While she admitted to herself that she might sleep with Greg again, Julie didn't see herself leaping into the sack with someone else to satisfy some newly discovered slutty urges.

"And now you are?"

She re-read Greg's email. She still wasn't sure what the answer was. She knew how thrilling it had been to be fucked like a slut. But did that make her one?

"Not sure..... yet"

She emailed back to him. Then she shut down her email. She was a little surprised by her own answer. She was pretty much telling him that she would fuck him again; that she wanted to fuck him again, really. A man like Greg didn't need that kind of help. If he wanted to get in her pants, he could do it anyway, as he had so effectively demonstrated. An email like that, well.... she might as well tell him she was on her back naked with her legs up in the air!

She smiled at the thought.

That night, Julie came home to another delicious aroma. As she walked through the door and caught a whiff of Gary's cooking, she remembered that tonight was their rescheduled "celebration" dinner. The thought twisted Julie's gut.

How had she forgotten? Hadn't she promised to make it up to him the other night? When he had been so sweet, but she had been so not-in-the-mood? If she hadn't been turned on then, she was even less so now.

For starters, she was still tender and sore from all the hard, deep thrusts of Greg's sizeable cock. Even a more modestly endowed man would hurt her tonight. And that was only the physical part of it.

The emotional part was far more convoluted. How would she be able to have sex with Gary like nothing had happened? Poor trusting Gary! He would probably never suspect her of doing what she had done. But she was worried that there would be some telltale evidence of her indiscretion; by having sex with him, she would somehow give herself away.

But that wasn't the whole story, was it? Sex with Gary wasn't especially appealing to her. Had it really ever been? That thought shook her up pretty badly. She had had orgasms, of course. But were orgasms the only indication as to a woman's satisfaction? Julie realized that her answer to that question might have changed in the last twenty-four hours.

Gary was his usual sweet self all through dinner, though he surely knew that something was wrong. If anything, he tried harder to make things perfect for her. The meal was again fantastic. The wine and the background music were--or, would have been--just right. After dinner, he massaged her legs and feet the way she loved. It was all done so carefully, meticulously to please her that she really wanted to live up to her promise.

But she couldn't will herself to be in the mood. There was simply nothing there. Maybe that was the form her guilt took. Or maybe last night had somehow ruined her relationship--sexually, at least--with Gary.

Julie pushed that thought away. Surely, that wasn't the case. Her reluctance to be intimate with her husband after having an extra-marital affair, well... that was certainly understandable. It didn't mean her marriage had been ruined.

As Gary massaged her legs, Julie told him she felt sick. She had been feeling a little under the weather all day... she must be coming down with something. And Gary, of course, was very understanding.

Why the hell

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