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A short update to Rishi at the request of his mother.

I thought in for a penny in for a pound and tried to think of something that would make her think some more.

"It's a very lucky man that wakes up in the morning to such a gorgeous view," I said as tenderly as I could.

Ken knew that Jon was offering his love to her; no man would have said such things unless he had strong feelings, and he waited with bated breath for her reply.

Susie was stung by his undoubted words of passion, which were said with real tenderness and sincerity and yet bold enough to take her breath away; she had never had a man express his love in such a basic, but beautiful and flattering way. It put her mind into a spin, she wanted to go and hug him and hold him, but she was still uncertain about committing herself, although she now knew that she was inclined to let herself go with him and see what happens.

She looked at Jon, a little tear running down her face, she did not know if it was joy or anger at her own indecision. "Jon that's so sweet, I don't know what to say."

She looked at him as he leant across and tenderly kissed away the teardrop.

"Then say nothing in haste, that you may regret," I whispered to her putting the ball back in her court.

Susie was impressed yet again with his sensible and unthreatening answer he seemed so genuine, so sure of his feelings and emotions. His apparent confidence made her see him in a new light and she confessed to her inner self that she liked very much what she was seeing.

I reminded myself that when all this started I told Dad it would have to be Mum's decision and that I wanted her to make the choice that was best for her and one that she could live with. I walked over to the cd player to put some music on in order for her to gather her thoughts; I did not want to push her to fast.

I smiled at her saying, "Don't you think I am going to let you get away with that tease, I have not finished with you yet."

Susie smiled, "oh haven't you indeed, it may be I have not done with you yet either." She answered him smiling sweetly.

Dads Sad Dilemma

Part Three

Explanations Needed

I was surprised at Mums little outburst and smiled, Dad was right yet again about her feelings, but it did not look to promising she seems quite determined to resist my best efforts I thought. I shook myself dry, washed my hands and went back downstairs. I briefed Dad and told him exactly what she had said to me.

"Well she said it plain enough, but we will see, I am sure that she will come to you or should I say cum for you soon enough. She is just trying to come to terms with her sense of moral shame and what she perceives as her guilt for having such feelings for her son, but I am still convinced it will all be ok, now go for your walk and let me have some time with her."

Susie was sitting on her bed trying to settle her nerves; she was shaking and trembling with frustration and passion. Her body was wracked with desire and uncertainty. He did look so good as he stood there holding his cock. She had shocked herself by admitting those things to him and talking so honestly, it made her feel worse because for the first time she had confessed and expressed how she truly felt, it was as if she was almost obsessed and that is silly she told herself. She was starting to get nervous about the way she was feeling towards her son and the way that Ken had not objected to their blatant behaviour.

However, she had told Jon plainly enough how she felt and although she had more than enjoyed the attention and she knew that she would miss that, it may be for the best she would just have to see what happens now. After sitting alone for a few minutes she started to relax a little, she still felt very turned on her insides quivering with unsatisfied lust, but she felt she could cope, so she made her way downstairs. Susie joined her husband and accepted an offered glass of wine, she took it sat and looked around for her son.

"Where's Jon," she asked.

Ken noticed the way she was trying to sound casual and off hand, but he saw her eyes looking around anxio

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