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Daddy and schoolgirl daughter discover their passion.

The flow eased and I stood and moved from over him. All the time the shower had been running and as he stood up me His cock was pointing to the sky! He turned me away from him pushing me forward towards the taps then bent me forward. I felt his cock against my buttocks as I put my hand to the wall for balance as he pushed into me from behind. Sometimes he was a wonderful lover, exceptional foreplay and ensuring I came at the least once. This time he was eager, he pushed right in, thrusting hard straight away, grabbing my hips it was urgent and hard. I heard him groan then he was pulling me back hard to his groin his cock as deep in me as possible as I felt the jerk and spreading warmth of his seed as it pumped into me.

Since that day we had done the same or similar a few times and about a week ago, in bed one evening he had said he would really like to see more. At first I did not comprehend what he was meaning, but after beating around the bush a few times he came out with it. He wanted to see me shit.

Now I am reasonably open minded, and in sexual matters always felt if two consenting adults both want something or agree to it and there is no coercion it is down to them alone. I made some conditions, I got to choose the time, obvious reasons, the place away from the house and I could call it off at any point. He readily agreed and that evening ended with him being a fantastic lover, fingers and tongue everywhere until I could take no more and then the gentle loving penetration and climax.

As I started waking Sunday morning I felt my bowel quite ready. I went to the bathroom and peed, then freshened up. I woke him with a coffee and said

"Come on love, it is a lovely morning and I feel like a nice walk......" I was still naked and pushed off his advance, I slipped on a tee shirt, not bothering with a bra, and just my jeans. He drank the coffee quickly and donned a pair of shorts and tee. We wore trainers, since the woods were my destination.

He had caught on at last to what was happening ( Men can be so slow on the uptake sometimes) and suddenly became rather more eager.

I grabbed my bag and we went to the car. My body was telling me I needed to potty but it was not yet urgent. We drove I guess about half an hour to some privately owned wood. Although the public were permitted it was not obviously signposted or anything so was usually deserted, and early on a Sunday morning there was no other car in the car park. We locked the car and took one of the paths into the woods. A couple of side paths took us well away from any possibility of meeting someone. The scrub was heavy and we were on the point of having to turn back when there was a small grassy clearing only a few yards wide.

I stopped and looked around, the sound of birds was the only sound. I looked at him, he was looking at me his face expressionless. I did not say anything but started to undo my belt. When it was undone I popped the clasp at the waist of the jeans the reached out to feel is groin and find him already well on the way to erection. I lowered the zipper, with no panties and my shaven body he was stareing as I exposed more and more flesh, then I wiggled my hips to get the jeans over them and down my legs I saw his adjust himself. I stepped out of my jeans all together and stood. Again I touched him

"Get it out if you want to love" I said and he needed no second invitation, undoing his shorts and getting his lovely erection out to the air.

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