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New neighbor needs help.

Remembering what Mandy had warned me of earlier, I was stunned and I began to consider things I'd never thought of before. Is she so defensive of her lifestyle she'd leave me rather than let me change it in any way? Is that what Mandy meant? Through all of this I had never wanted to get off this amazing ride with Collette, I had just wanted to tweak it a bit to better satisfy my emotional needs and Mandy's sexual needs, but now I wondered. Am I playing with fire?

I'm not sure how long I stood thinking under the spray of the shower, but Collette finally called to me. "Time to get dressed for the party, dear, and after you do would you be a dear and check out how Mandy's doing in the kitchen. Help her out if she needs it because I want everything to go well tonight. I have a feeling this may be a very special night for all of us." Collette's tone was not asking me, she was commanding me and I left the shower to begin toweling off.

Just before I left the bedroom I caught sight of Collette in her white latex cat suit and it reinforced one thought in my head. I must be careful. I don't want to lose her.

* * * *

When the party ended both Collette and I were well sated, but not so Mandy and I felt sorry for her when we retired to our bedroom and Collette set her slave to cleaning up the apartment. After we stripped off our latex and climbed into our king-sized bed, I realized how tired three ales and the robust fucking of Collette had made me. I would easily have been willing to forgo the discussion of my ideas about our future until tomorrow, but to my surprise Collette brought up the subject.
"So . . . tell me about these plans you have for our future. I'm dying to hear all the details." Collette sounded sincere so I felt I had to oblige.

I started with the house, telling her how I imagined us in a large country home in either a modern style or perhaps an old farmhouse. Moving on, I gave her a thumbnail sketch of the three way relationship I envisioned between her, Mandy, and me. Collette didn't voice any verbal objections until I got to the part where I mentioned she might have to step down as CEO of her company for all this to happen.

Collette gave me a sour look and sighed. "You want me to give up my career?" She sounded incredulous. "For what, to make my slave happy?"

Desperately I tried to do damage control. "No, not just that. You'd give it up to establish a sound physical and emotional relationship with two other people which would be very rewarding. You have to give your time to make a deep relationship." I knew as I spoke the words they were having little effect on her.

"What's wrong with our relationship now, you get all the sex you want from me and my slut. I think things are fine as they are, but you must be unhappy or you wouldn't be pushing this." Collette had a point I hadn't considered; was I truly unhappy, or just restless. Is this about the emotional distance I feel from Collette, or is it just about my feelings about liberating Mandy?

I didn't have an answer, but still I pressed forward hoping Collette's resistance would crumble. "I don't think I'm terribly unhappy, but we've lived your full tilt, hedonistic lifestyle for four years now. Isn't it perhaps time to try something else? Doesn't the ultimate m__nage a trois sound good?" I was trying to tempt her.

Collette took a moment for thought and I felt like I could see the wheels turning in her head, but I couldn't determine which way they were rolling. "So if I agree to try this we can change back if it doesn't work, if I don't like it?" There was a hint of her sly tone in her voice.

I simply couldn't envision Collette not liking this once she got into it, but I wanted to assure she would give it a fair trial.

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