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Ben and Emily deal with the aftermath.


"No, it's not more of you I want, Coach Hardy. I can get better than you right there in Hollywood."

After he'd gotten over that rejection, he offered me money to keep quiet. I laughed at that, of course, being able to say that I made more money in ten minutes in front of a camera than he made in a month.

I left him with the impression that I'd do it-that I already had written out a mock interview and my agent had it. He just didn't know when I'd do it. Maybe not for a very, very long time if I didn't hear of any other students being manhandled by him.

"Is it time that we can start a merciful retreat then?" Scott asked, leaning in to me and putting his hand on my thigh and squeezing.

"We're in a high school cafeteria, Scott," I whispered.

"Oh, fine, then," he responded with some exasperation. "Can we start our escape?"

"No, not yet," I said. "I'm not finished here."

I half rose from my seat and moved around the table to where I was sitting next to Evan Norton. Most of the eyes in the room followed me. They had been watching me since I'd returned from my tryst with Hardy. It didn't really matter what was going on on stage. I was the visiting celebrity who, just five years ago, was one of them-and, they'd already determined, not exactly someone who stood out in my yearbook or who was predicted to take the world by storm. I was visible proof that there was hope for each of them. If almost nobody Randy Worth could turn into movie star Tyler Hill in five short years, so could they. And they all were watching me as if the secret to how I did it could be read on my shirt sleeve and could be replicated by them.

Little did they know that it had more to do with taking my shirt off-and my pants and briefs as well.

Evan Norton began to tremble with pleasure and anticipation as I rounded the table to the seat next to him and leaned in to talk to him. All the school was now watching him as well.

I'd forgotten how good looking he was and how elegantly he dressed. I could remember the fluid, dancing movement when he walked and the precise way he had of talking, making full use of his rich, baritone voice. I'd forgotten how I'd mimicked him and later received favorable comments on how I carried myself.

He'd been on the stage himself, of course, before giving it up because the parts didn't meet his expectations and turning to teach drama to high school students. I'd been his "find." He'd given up New York quickly, and thus wasn't much more than six years my senior when I took drama from him. All of the girls had swooned over him. No doubt they still did.

I didn't realize until after Hardy had taken me for the first time on graduation night that I too had swooned over Norton too. I just hadn't known why. I knew why the evening Hardy fucked me. Earlier I saw the drama coach in the shadows backstage at graduation, kissing a young man, a guy who had graduated from the school a couple of years earlier, who Norton had brought in as a stagehand for the graduation ceremony in the school auditorium. I suddenly realized why Norton had been so magnetic. I also did some review of the previous year and I realized why he had spent so much time and effort on me. He was interested in me too.

There just was nothing that had been consummated. He left on vacation as soon as graduation was over-probably with the young man he'd brought in as a stage hand-and I'd escaped town as soon afterward as I could as well, ashamed that I had given it away to Coach Hardy and that I had enjoyed doing it.

But I realized that it had all started with him-not with Hardy, really.

"Mr. Norton-Ed," I whispered to him. "Earlier in the evening you were telling me that the backstage had been upgraded considerably since I was here. You, know, I'd like to see that."

"You would?" he asked, both surprised and pleased. "When would you-?"

"Right now, if that would be OK with you. My agent says we'll have to be leaving soon. I'd hate to go without seeing that-and spending a little more time with you."

* * * *

Trembling with pleasure and excitement and ma

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