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Loving the woman of my dreams.

A feeling like a bolt of lighting shot through Suzie's body when Nina touched her panty covered pussy. Suzie quickly closed her legs and rolled her lower body to one side. Nina then caressed Suzie's thigh and ran her hand under the short skirt and stroked her daughter's buttock.

Suzie shivered again as her bottom was gently stroked and fondled. Nina had moved her hand under the cotton panty and was gently caressing Suzie's smooth buttock. Nina loved the touch of her daughter's youthful flawless skin. Nine then unfastened Suzie's skirt and pulled it down and off her body. Suzie allowed herself to be turned on her back and she voluntarily lifted her hips as the skirt was removed. Nina wasted no time in going for the panties and she quickly removed them from her daughter's body. Suzie's covered her vulva with her hand as if she was embarrassed by her complete nudity.

Nina smiled and kissed her daughter again before returning to kiss Suzie's tits. As Nina kissed and sucked on Suzie's titties, she covered Suzie's vulva and caressed the swollen mound. Nina was pleased to find her daughter's pussy damp with desire. She caressed the outer lips and let her finger glide between the puffy flesh. Suzie groaned at the first female touch of her pussy. Nina took the groan as one of approval and she let her fingers part the outer lips and enter the inner lips of her daughter's vagina. Suzie's body twitched and she felt that familiar surge in her loins when she needed to cum.

Nina's finger pushed into her daughter's pussy and Suzie involuntarily lifted her hips. Nina then moved quickly between her daughter's legs and with both hands spread the lips of her pussy apart and licked at the stiff clit poking out of its tiny hood. Suzie screamed in pleasure and she held her mother's head in both hands. Nina then went to work on Suzie's pussy as she inserted two fingers and quickly located the g-spot and then she fastened her mouth on the stiff clit. Suzie's body lifted off the bed and her hands clenched her mother's head as a quick but intense orgasm ripped through her body.

Nina felt the love juice on her tongue as her daughter orgasmed but she knew that it was only the beginning for Suzie. Nina kept at her daughter's pussy with her finger and tongue until Suzie orgasmed a second time. This time it was massive and it was all Nina could do to keep her mouth on her daughter's pussy. Suzie bucked and screamed as one of her most intense orgasms ever rocked her body. Nina's face was covered with her daughter's love nectar and she moved back up the bed to kiss Suzie and let her taste her own juices. They held each other tightly as Suzie murmured over and over "Thank you, oh thank you."


The two of them cuddled and relaxed as Suzie was relieved that her mother did not ask her to reciprocate. Suzie had a fantastic orgasm but she still felt a void in her pussy. "Mom, that was great but I was wondering when you and Jan do it, do you ever penetrate each other?" Suzie quizzed her mother.

"Aha, I know just what you need," Nina replied and then she moved off the bed and left the room.

When Nina returned she was naked except for a harness with a dildo attached to it. Suzie stared at the life like fake cock and she turned beet red. It looked hideous on her mother but it looked so real at the same time. Suzie guessed it to be about 8" long and almost 5' around. It was just about the same size as Suzie's recent boyfriend's cock. The Suzie realized what was about to happen.

"Do you plan to fuck me with that thing?" Suzie asked in a nervous voice.

"Absolutely, you are going to love it. The great thing about this cock is that it doesn't get soft and it doesn't shoot that nasty stuff into your pussy," Nina replied.

"I can't believe how real it looks," Suzie remarked.

"Uh huh and just you wait until you feel this in you. It will feel real too," Nina said with a sinister smirk.

Nina knelt on the bed between Suzie's legs and pressed her lips down hard on

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