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Lesbian track athlete meets a sexy lesbian drama student.

Emily, Cassie and I didn't bring anything to change into and since Chris didn't want us getting his leather seats wet, we wrapped ourselves in our towels and stripped down.

The seats were hot and the car was uncomfortably crammed. Chris naturally drove and Brad called shotgun, so I was left squished in the backseat with Emily at the window and Cassie smashed between us. We weren't even a mile down the road before Cassie climbed onto my lap to relieve the shoulder to shoulder congestion in the back. I didn't mind at all. Cassie and I had been close friends for some time now and had even messed around quite a bit before. Plus, having had spent the better part of the day soaking in the tight coed bodies that I saw on the beach, I was excited to have one sitting naked with just the fabric of a towel between her and my cock.

"No doing anything over there you two!" Emily said, looking over at us.

"What? I'm only a little hard anyways so it's ok." I said back teasing her.

Cassie, almost immediately, reached down between her legs and felt my cock to check and see if what I had just said was true. It was.

"You are starting to get a little hard!" she said with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"Oh my god you two!" Emily exclaimed "And I got stuck back here with this?"

"What do you expect? I'm naked, she's naked and she's sitting on my dick. Do you really expect me to not enjoy that?"

"Well, not right on your dick." Cassie said. And with that she lifted herself slightly and opened my towel enough to expose my semi-erect cock. As she lowered herself back down, she shifted her own towel so that her bare pussy rested on me. "Now I'm sitting on your dick."

"Oh my god! I can't believe you two are doing this right now!" she said laughing.

Chris check his rear view mirror and Cassie smiled back at him, knowing he wanted to peak at us. Nothing was exposed to them though. The only opening in our towels was to each other.

We continued with the show, joking that we were fucking in the back seat just to get Emily going. Cassie started bouncing up and down on me, moaning as if I was filling her with every bounce. I went along with it, grabbing her hips and thrusting a little. Emily was laughing and yelling stop at the same time finding it as gross as it was funny.

I was just enjoying it. Every time her pussy came back down on me I got a little more excited. I knew Cassie could feel me growing harder with every bounce. She soon stopped bouncing and started grinding. I could now feel that she too was enjoying it. Her smooth, shaved pussy was getting wet, and gliding over my now hard cock. The joke was soon over as we both knew we were turned on by it.

Emily and the others went back to looking out the window and talking about the day, but Cassie and I weren't done yet. She was wet, and I was hard and we both needed a release. We were both single and hadn't been with anyone in a while and whenever it was needed, we would help each other out. That was the nature of our relationship. And at that moment, we needed a release.

Cassie continued to rub her pussy up and down my hard cock, trying to make her movements subtle to the others. My cock was now soaked with her juice and I wanted more. I shifted in my seat and she on my lap until my tip was at her waiting opening. She rested back down into my and with one push, I was inside her. As I slide all the way into her, I could hear her trying to remain silent but unable to contain the slightest moan. It was almost indistinguishable from an exhale but I knew it was her relief from her pussy's craving for my cock to be in her. From under the towels and under the cover of her body on mine, I began rhythmically thrusting myself up into Cassie.

We were subtle but we were fucking in the back seat of the car with Chris and Brad in the front, totally unaware of what was going on.

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