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Husband takes reluctant wife's anal virginity.

Kissing her as I do.

In and out I go. Deeper with ever push. She wraps her arms and legs around me, pulling me deeper in her.

She is an amazing lay. Girls my age lay there as I do all the work, but not Lori. She moves with me. I feel her pussy muscles milking my cock. I feel her hard nipples on my chest. She is way better than any of the girls I have been with before. They were girls, she is a woman.

She moans louder and louder. I go faster and harder.

"Oh yes James. Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

I do as I am told. I go faster and harder.

"Harder James, harder."

Well if she wants it hard this isn't the best way.

I pull out. "Why did you stop?" she asks with a cry in her voice.

I don't say a word. I just take her little body and roll it over and lift her so she is on all fours. Then I get behind her. "Oh god yes James. Fuck me like an animal," she says.

My cock goes back in her pussy. And I give her what she wanted, a good hard fuck.

In and out hard I go. Our bodies slapping. Damn I love this sound.

Deeper and harder.

My hands hold her hips pulling her into my cock. Her head is flying around as I go faster. I bend over and reach around grabbing her tits. Playing with them. Massaging them and pinching her nipples.

"Oh god I am cumming James. Don't stop. Harder James, harder."

Her body starts to shake like mad. I go faster and harder. I am not ready to cum but I want her to do it.

"Cum baby. Cum all over my cock Mrs. Williams." I can tell she is ready.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," she screams as a big smile appears on my face. I love it.

I slow down but keep fucking her. I rub her back as our bodies keep slapping. "Does your husband make you cum like that Mrs. Williams?"

"No James. Only you."

I bend over again kissing her shoulders and neck as I reach around and play more with her tits. Still going in and out. She lets out a moan.

"James it feels so good to have your cock in me and your hands on my tits. Use me lover. I am yours to use."

I am using her. I pull out and roll her over. She may be thinking that I am going back in her pussy, but I have other ideas.

I straddle her body again. "Push them together again Lori," I tell her. She knows what I will do in a minute. At first I think she was hoping that I would just have her suck me so I would cum in her mouth. But now she realizes I am going back to her tits.

She does as I tell her. "James nobody has ever cum on my tits. Can't you just cum in my pussy or my mouth?" she asks.

"You said I could do anything. This is what I want to do Lori," I tell her. Then I slide back between tits. Sliding between them feels even better with my cock covered with her pussy juice. Her words may have suggested she didn't want this, but her eyes were still staring lustfully at my cock. I reach down and play hard with her nipples. Her moans make it sound like she is going to cum again.

"Do you like this Lori?"

She doesn't answer, so I play harder with her nipples.

"DO YOU LIKE THIS LORI?" I ask now with authority.

"Yes James. I love what you're doing to my tits. My husband barely touches them. I feel like such a slut but I love what you are doing to them. Please don't stop."

I go faster and faster. The look on her face is amazing. "Maybe she really is a slut?" I think to myself.

The cum is churning in my balls and getting ready to explode. I am trying to hold out as long as I can, but there is only so long until I have to cum. My hand grabs my cock and I start to stroke it when aiming it at her tits. Mrs. Williams never tells me to stop or not to do it. Her eyes never leave my cock. She may never have had cum on her tits, but she will in a few seconds.

Faster and faster my hand moves over my cock. Then it happens, I blast my white goo all over her tits. I let out a loud moan as it shoots out all over her big tits. The look on Lori's face is amazing. She looks like a little girl on Christmas morning. Her eyes are fixed on my cum.

"That was so hot James.

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