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Erotic short story.

"Bite it, come on, Ian, keep going," Kelly said in a hoarse whisper.

Ian again complied, taking Kelly's left nipple between his teeth and lightly nibbling. "Harder, bite my nipple harder," she whimpered. Ian's teeth gained purchase on the nipple, and he could feel the flesh of it compress between his teeth. In response, Kelly began fucking back at his invading shaft and a throaty growl emanated from her pretty, innocent-looking mouth. Her breathing increased, coming in short gasps, and Ian continued his pelvic thrusting. His teeth parted some to decrease the pressure on Kelly's abused nipple, causing her to immediately freeze her return thrusts as her eyes snapped open.

"Noooo!" she cried out. "Keep biting me, I fucking love that feeling," she sobbed. "Come on, Ian; treat me like a fuckin' whore. Keep fucking my little cunt, and bite my nipples . . . harder . . . harder . . . yeeessssss, that's it," she moaned as Ian's teeth once again clamped down on her left nipple. Ian was afraid of drawing blood, but he maintained a constant pressure on Kelly's nipple, while at the same time increasing his penetration of her sloppy cunt.

Prodding him along, Kelly used the heel of one of her feet to pull Ian deeper into her soaking wet cunt, kicking him relatively hard in the ass. The kick caused Ian to inadvertently slam his cock in her waxed cunt to the hilt, but also to bite harder on the now-raw nipple that sat atop one of Kelly's magnificent tits. The effect sent Kelly over the top. Letting out a loud moan, her hands went to the back of Ian's head and pulled it tighter to her chest; there was no way that that nipple was escaping his mouth. At the same time, her thrusting at Ian's cock increased, and she was soon cumming, her head lolling back and forth against the cushions of the couch. "Oooohhh, fuuuccckkkk," she hissed. "I'm . . . I'm cummmminggg. Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Ian felt a wet heat spread around his cock as Kelly's pussy convulsed around the rod; her juice flowed liberally out of her cunt and covered his balls. It ran down the inside of his legs to the floor of the bungalow, and down the crack of Kelly's ass, leaving a wet patch on the cushion. Ian continued to fuck the newlywed as she rolled through her orgasm, moans still coming from her throat and her head tossing back and forth, her long blonde hair matting itself to her sweaty face. As she began to come down from the high, her grip on Ian's head loosened, and he pulled his face away from her oversized tits to get some breathing room. Still thrusting at the tight hole between Kelly's legs, and having caught his breath, Ian said with a laugh, "Jesus Christ, what a fucking whore you turned out to be!"

Kelly shuddered at the degradation, a smile appearing on her lips and in her eyes, now hooded in post-orgasmic bliss. "Never would have guessed, huh?" she responded breathlessly as she continued to grind her sopping cunt at Ian's still-erect cock, squishing her over stimulated clit between their respective pelvic bones.

"Not in a million years, lady. Not in a million years."

"Well, we're not done yet," she whispered. "Keep going. Keep fucking me." Ian started to increase his pace again, his breath having returned. "Yes, just like that, Ian, fuck me. Harder . . . . Use me . . . . Abuse my trashy little cunt," she breathed out. "Abuse me like I'm your little fuck toy. I love it. . . . Yyeessss, more. Come on, call me a fuckin' slut, Ian, abuse me!"

Ian did not think he could last much longer. Fucking a beautiful slut like Kelly was enough to make any man shoot short, but her nasty mouth made it all that much harder to hold his load. To make it last a little longer, he pulled out of the married woman's cunt, and told her to bend over the coffee table. "Yyeessss. I absolutely lllooovvveee getting fucked like a dog," she almost squealed, getting up and bending over the table and presenting Ian with her tanned, oily backside.

Ian moved in behind her, and felt the long, manicured nai

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