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A lesbian finally has sex with only her girlfriend.

I put my hand around your neck and then pushed your head down, thrusting my nipple into your mouth. You pulled away and smiled at me victoriously, as if you didn't know you had such control over me. I begged you with my eyes to continue, and you all to happily obliged.

You kissed circles around my nipple and finally gave it an all to quick flick of your tongue. You then sucked it into your mouth and flicked it simultaneously, making me wetter and my pussy to throb and contract in anticipation. I moaned incoherently, and massaged the back of your head in encouragement. I slid my hands down your opposite arm down to your wrist, where I grabbed it and placed it on my other breast. With your mouth your were licking and sucking me and with the other hand rolling my nipple in your fingers, leaving me weak in the knees. I guided your hand lower, for my pussy wanted some satisfaction as well.

You took over quickly, and let your hand glide over my pussy without even sliding between my lips. You stopped your hand at my anus, leaving it there, as if in curiosity or waiting for a cue. I squatted down a little to force your arms to give my clit some of the attention is so dearly wanted, but you were wise to my trick and saw it coming. You let your finger slide from my asshole forward, gently spreading my lips without touching my hole or clit. I was almost to the point of anger, and so I reached down and forced a finger inside me. I pulled my hand away, and this time I thought I was going to hit you. You slid your hand out of my dripping, throbbing pussy and then calmed me by moving your kisses from my nipple to my stomach, and then lower. You dropped to your knees into a crouching position, and placed my foot on the wall of the bath tub. You put your finger back inside me, only an inch though, and the pulled it back out. You did the same again, only this time two inches. Finally, though I though it might never come, your tongue found my clit and you flicked it quickly. I felt my pussy grip your finger as you did this, asking for more. You started fingering me faster, and let your tongue slid up and down my clit in long, soft strokes in time with your finger. "Ohhhhhh..." I moaned, becoming lost in my ecstasy. You reached your finger still deeper inside me, reaching my G-spot. The pressure you put there made my pussy feel hotter, and it seemed you connected an invisible wire from my clit to my pussy. I could feel the heat inside me becoming more intense, and the pressure was building as well. "Oh... baby, I'm getting so close..." I muttered to you. Encouraged, you pressed harder on my G-spot and faster with your tongue. "Unghhhh..." I moaned loudly, not caring whether or not Meme heard us. I put my hand to the back of your head and both massaged it and pushed it into my pussy, trying desperately to release the tension in my clit. You moaned to me in surprise, and the gentle vibration was all I needed to send me over the edge.

As if a flash of lightning, all the energy in my body raced in waves to escape through my clit. I moaned and breathed loudly, becoming lost in my release. I felt my pussy tighten with each wave, as you continued to finger me and lick my lighter and lighter. My knees were know shaking, and once I was back on earth I felt I was going to fall. you stood up quickly to embrace me, your dick growing hard again at the sounds of pleasure I had made. I let you hold me, for I didn't yet feel I could do it on my own.


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