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Couple walks in park on way home one night.

He's telling me that if I cum without his permission I'll be in for a whole lot worse. He drops the crop then starts kneading my tits with his hands; sucking and biting my nipples and it's all so intense I know I'm not going to be able to stop myself from cumming

One of his hand slips down and starts furiously rubbing my clit. It's the last push I needed and before I even know what's happening I scream out through the gag as I violently cum all around him, my entire body shaking and sweating. My body vibrates shamefully and desperately leaning on to him, he chuckles softly in my ear, his breath sending tingles down my spine. And that little voice in my head tells me I'm not afraid anymore, I'm just a slut that deserves to be ravaged and punished

Everything goes quiet as he pulls away from me. I feel him unshackle my ankles and I sag as my legs relax. Then he pulls me down from the ceiling and carries me over to a bed. My whole body is limp and I'm in such a daze I don't even realise I'm not tied up and I miss my chance to fight back and escape. I think I black out for a while again. When I wake up the gag is removed and I know I've been cleaned up. But I also notice a tugging on my chest. I'm still blindfolded so I feel my chest with my hands. I have nipple clamps on! I try pulling them off but it just makes the pain worse as well as sending little tingles of pleasure down my body. I hear him tell me how useless my struggles are as he comes over and grabs my wrists. He handcuffs them together then ties them to something above my head. The movement pulls on my nipples, sending those spikes of pleasure again

I beg him to let me go, but admittedly I didn't beg very hard. It was just all so exciting! Suddenly I feel his cock on my face covered in sticky precum, he tells me to open my mouth and his cock slips in. It's so big I can barely fit it all in! It hits the back of my throat and he just keeps pushing. I'm trying not to gag as he starts to brutally fuck my mouth. I'm gasping for air, tears streaming down my face as his cock pushes down the back of my throat and his balls slap my chin. It's so degrading yet it turns me on so much! I can feel him tensing as if he is about to cum but then he pulls out letting the air return to my lungs. Before I've recovered he's pulling on a chain between the nipple clamps, tugging little spikes of pleasure out of my nipples. Shamelessly, I start moaning and groaning and pushing my hips toward him, desperate to feel his touch between my thighs

I hear him tell me what a dirty whore I am for letting someone fuck my mouth and I blush with humiliation. But I can't help myself for feeling this way. It's like my mind has been opened up to a whole new world. This man has kidnapped me and is defiling my body yet all I want to do is please him, with the vague hope that if I am good enough, then he will also please me. His hand slides between my legs and I can hear how wet I am. My hips rise up to his hand, desperate for some friction against my bulging clit. He dips a finger inside my pussy, swirling it around, god it aches so good! Then another finger goes in and I hear the vibrator turned on again. Slowly he starts pulling his fingers in and out and my hips are pushing against his hand trying to build up a rhythm. He tells me that if I manage to not come for 30 seconds he will let me come with the vibrator. I bite my lip in concentration as he starts to furiously finger-fuck my soaking pussy while counting out loud. I don't know if I can make it and I pull desperately on the hand cuffs while holding my breath and trying to stay as still as possible to avoid the impending orgasm, I'm so desperate to feel that vibrator again.






Oh god I don't think I can do this!


The vibrator is there on my clit and the pleasure is so intense. I scream out a guttural cry as I convulse around his hand, cuming again and again and again.

As I'm coming down from the orgasmic high my kidnapper flips me over

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