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Hubby in rejuvenated marriage finds wife an on-line lover.

Sitting down on a chair opposite them, I joined the conversation. We kicked off our shoes, shot the breeze and sank a few more beers, all the time Pam becoming more flirty and suggestive. Her breasts could be seen through her flimsy nightdress and as she shifted in her seat it rode up and I could see her white lacy thong forcing its way up between her beautiful tanned thighs. My imagination ran riot over what was happening underneath that flimsy gusset.

It was time for the next step of my plan. Over a short period of time I pretended to drift off to sleep. Pam was used to this as the end of my night usually ended up with me falling asleep in front of the television. I kept my eyelids just open enough to make out what was happening on the sofa. After a few minutes I saw both of them glance over then continue to talk, although they both lowered their voices. Mike was very close to her ear now and I couldn't make out what he was saying, but Pam giggled again and seemed to blush, before looking over at me again as if to confirm my state of unconsciousness. She said something back to him, quietly, then leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. Mike turned at the last minute and caught her full on the lips. My brain nearly exploded at this point and I was glad I had my baggy chinos on as otherwise my excitement would have been visible.

She seemed to start back from Mike, but he put his arm gently round her shoulder and pulled her in. I kind of half-hoped she'd put up a bit more resistance but her own arms came up to embrace him and she responded enthusiastically. As they kissed deeply Mike's hand moved down to her thigh and began moving upwards, pushing the hem of the nightdress even higher. He looked over at me and, breaking their kiss, reassured Pam. I think by this stage she was too far gone to worry about me. Her hands now moved to Mike's belt, and I realised with a shock that she was actually going to fuck him. Emotions flitted across my mind; fear, jealousy, lust... but mostly lust! It was all I could do now to stay still and keep up my pretence of sleeping.

As his belt was undone he sat up slightly and Pam, breaking away from him, pulled his pants and underwear down as one, over his feet and off. Immediately his hard cock sprang into view, slightly larger than mine, thick and veined with a pair of heavy, full-looking balls hanging tightly underneath. Pam seemed to be mesmerised by the sight, as she reached out in what seemed to be slow motion and grasped it with her right hand. She kneeled up on the sofa and leaned across to take the glans into her mouth. Mike tilted his head back and moaned softly. From my position I could see Pam's butt cheeks and tight thong as she bent over, doggy style, and slowly masturbated Mike with one hand while sucking the end of his penis.

This went on for a few minutes, and if Mike felt anything like me he wouldn't last much longer. Eventually he held her head in his hands and pulled her off his cock. 'I want to fuck you' he said quietly to her breathless, upturned face. Her expression was one of complete lust, and she simply nodded her response. She reached back, pulled up her nightdress and pulled her thong down to her knees. I could now see her glistening pussy under the soft light, swollen and red, waiting to be filled. Moving from one knee to the other, she transferred her underwear to her lower legs then pulled the tiny garment off completely. This was it, I thought to myself, the point of no return...

Mike moved to lie down on his back, underneath her as she manoeuvred herself into position.

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