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Older brother takes advantage of his sleeping sister.

It was early, way too early, but the afternoon was still young, too.

"You sure are pale. You'll need to work on that, if you want to become a real Californian." Her hand slowed, then stopped. She slid way forward on the edge of the chair, and squeezed just a tiny bit of lotion on her fingertips. Gently, she worked it into the skin over my eyes, then down my face and neck.

"How do you get such a deep glow?" I wondered.

"Lots of time in the sun - the real sun, you know. Not a tanning bed, never. And lots of really good moisturizer. You have to do it carefully."

"And be careful you're in a very private place, I suppose." I opened my eyes slightly, and gazed at her taunt and tanned tits, jiggling pleasantly a foot or so from my nose.

"Actually, the pool at my condo is pretty cool. For topless, anyway. You have to be a little careful, though, even there. Women have to be careful everywhere, you know. You never know when some creep is going to try to have his way with you."

I let that hang in the hot stillness of the afternoon for a very long time. Then decided to steer the conversation in a slightly different direction.

"I looked for a ring. In the car."

"Oh, I never wore mine when I was working. Back when I was married."


"I didn't wear a ring then, either. Over?"

That wasn't exactly what I'd meant, but I guess she'd answered the question anyway. I rolled over, and she started between the shoulder blades, then worked outward and down.

"So you're definitely going to make an offer?" The exact inflection as the first time she'd asked the question, standing fully clothed next to the pool. She was a pro, all right. She hadn't lost sight of why we were here.

I turned to look at her over my shoulder. "I think so. Not full price, of course. But a good offer. Good enough, at least. And all cash." I named a figure a little more than two thirds the latest asking price. She winced once again, even harder than when she'd looked in the mirror. I'd just taken a big bite out of her commission.

"He'll scream - and loud. But in the end, something near there will probably work. If it really is all cash. Dollar bills carry a lot of weight in this town."

"I know. You didn't think you had to, did you? To get me to buy the place?" I guess I did want to know after all.

"Surely you're joking."

"No I'm not. And don't call me Shirley."

We shared a good laugh at that.

"See? You're starting to become a local already. Quoting movies."

"Actually, that's vaudeville. And old vaudeville at that. It was ancient before it was ever filmed."

"True. But you were quoting the movie, not anything you ever saw on a stage."

"I suppose. Then why?"

"It's a common enough fantasy; at least it is for women. To be swept off her feet. Ravished. Read any romance novel. Or any fairy tale for that matter. I must have written that scene, or something near it, a dozen different times. I wanted to see what it was like in real life."


"I'm a screenwriter. When I'm not selling real estate."

"Oh? Have I seen anything of yours?"

"If you had, would I be selling real estate?"

"Good point." I paused, searching for something other than the inevitable next question. I didn't find anything. "And?"

She turned her head to look directly at me. Cool and level. "I didn't care for it all that much. Sorry."

"Sorry too, I guess."

She turned fully around to start at my soles, and worked back up the legs. When she reached my ass she squeezed hard. "Someone's been just sitting around too much lately. You need to work on that, too, you know," and she smacked me just as playfully, and every bit as hard, as I'd done to her.
Shifting over to her chair, she leaned back once again, stretching naked in the sunshine just as easily and gracefully as a cat. "Do me in front?"

Interesting phrasing, I thought. 'Do' is such an all-purpose verb these days. I just rolled with it. "OK."

She reached her hands very high, over her head. I started with the palms, and then quickly downward to the shoulders.

After spreading lotion onto her face and neck, ju

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