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He has fun with his girl.

Oh my dear God, the lovely bastard sucked, sucked it some more, and I screamed, and screamed some more! This girl was dissolving in to a puddle, and that licking, that sucking, oh Hell, I didn't want it to ever stop! Hey, I figure the only reason our neighbors didn't call the police, was because I'd latched on to a pillow, and had done my screaming in to it. It might have been muffled; still, I figure Murphy heard every word of my rather loudly insistent "Bastard, lick it, suck it, do it, yes, yes, more, oh fuck, oh fuck, Jesus don't stop, yes, yes, more!" Whatever, so I was in the middle of this mind blowing orgasm, and I'm totally screaming my lungs out, and guess what he does? Without any warning, pow, He drove his big fat tongue in to my asshole! Hell, I swear, I thought I might have a fucking heart attack or something!

Now don't get me wrong; I loved it! Only, oh dear God, this girl was done, just absolutely done! Huh, imagine that; honestly, I'd thought so anyway! Well OK, at least I'd been squirming and trying hard to dodge that nasty tongue! Yeah, and pleading with him to stop! Not that my impassioned "No more, please Murphy, no more...please baby, I can't cum any more," did me any good at all!

Oh fine, so what did the darling do? He slid his hands under my ass, something he knows I absolutely love, lifted me, and put his tongue in to, like hyper drive or something! And then, the heartless bastard proceeded to ignore my feebly panted protests! I mean so what could I do, besides settle in to his strong hands, kick back, and let him take me? Well, I pretty much figured that's what he was going to do anyway, right? Only he did it with my hands tangled in his hair, feet braced on his broad shoulders, and with my thighs straining. Well gee, seeing as how I was so nicely snugged in to just about my favorite position, naturally, I got in to the spirit of things! Calling out an exultant "Yippee," I followed it up with an insistent "Eat me, do it bastard...yeah, eat me!" So like zoom, and why was I surprised; but, in no time at all his tongue ignited a wildfire that raged through my clit, and blasted me over the top again. Hey, and I'm pretty sure I was still somewhere in the middle of that wild orgasmic roller coaster ride, when I'd have sworn I heard the silly bastard chuckling. Why not, by then I didn't need his damn tongue anymore anyhow, Hell, this bitch was in freefall, woo woo!

Only oops, I knew I'd blown it, and even before he brushed my hands out of his hair, flipped me over, and cracked a pair of stinging swats off my ass. So it's not exactly like I needed to hear Murphy's gleeful hand clapping, or his silly laughing either. Oh Hell no, not with him telling me "Judi, Judi, darling you sort of forgot to ask for permission didn't you?" Oh fine, so there I was this quivering mass of seriously over done girl, quaking and utterly breathless, and I'm forced to wonder just what sort of horrid penalty Murphy has on his nasty mind. Well lying there face down, and rubbing my poor stinging ass, I couldn't very well give him the blistering hands on the hips glare his stupid question deserved now could I? So, I staggered to my feet on rubbery legs, and stretched luxuriously.

Composed, I veiled my tranquil feel of utter satisfaction under a lip licking glare, and turned to face Murphy. And then, I gave him a provocative Hip-shot, hand on the hip look that said, I dare you, just about as loudly as my eyes could shout it! With him utterly ignoring my defiant stance, I watched, definitely annoyed, as Murphy got up and sat his cute butt down on the edge of the bed. And, Oh boy didn't his big hard cock look good! I mean, gosh, between his fingers, my fingers, and that incredible tongue of his, I'd sort of lost track of his cock. Well, I did think about going to my knees, and dropping my mouth down over that beautiful rock hard hunk of thick cock. But no; maybe later I figured, for right then, I had other ideas.

Before Murphy

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