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Sue becomes a present for Santa.

We've met before- it's not uncharted territory anymore. But each time still feels like the first...It's the magic of what we have. When enough time passes between meetings, I think we appreciate them more. At least I know I do. And there's no escaping the fact that I am your Mistress. It's incumbent upon me to make sure things never become 'routine'. I take that responsibility seriously, you know.

But if i could do it all over again, I surely would have engaged all my wiles to make it a night to remember. It would have started with kisses from the moment you arrived at the hotel. In my mind, I see it clearly...

Pinning you against the wall with my body so you knew exactly what I had in mind. Frantic and feverish, I pull your shirt from your body revealing the shoulders I love so much. I start my journey by nibbling your lips and neck, traveling slowly down the breadth of your chest to your tummy. Love bites, gentle but tongue tracing a pattern over your nipples until I feel you harden against the palm of my hand.

I step away for a moment so you can watch me walk to the bed. I motion you to join me and you acquiesce. You sit on the edge of the bed, still watching me with a small smile playing at the corners of your lips- you think it's a game, don't you? I assure you, it's not. I plan to take what I want and I think you'll give it to me willingly.

I stand before you and slowly pull the tie from my waist. My dress falls open revealing the perfect curve of my breasts under the corset. Your hands reach for me, encircling my waist and pulling me close to you. Your eyes lock with mine and I can't help but lean down to kiss you once again. You bury your face between my breasts and whisper that you want me- words I have ached to hear for months. I want you too, Love. If you only knew how much...

Kneeling before you, I show you in no uncertain terms that I want to feel your hardness on my tongue. Undressing you is a pleasure- watching you twitch and rise before my eyes is an aphrodisiac. I'm trying to tease you, to linger on your inner thighs to make you harder still, but I can't resist- I need to taste you now. I lick the length of you, savoring every ridge, every vein, every curve of your cock. I love the way you taste...there are simply no words to describe it. Spreading your thighs wide, I sink lower and savor the softness and the hardness. Heavy in my hands I hold you captive, waiting for my mouth to take ownership of you.

And then I can wait no longer- I need to taste you now. With a single fluid motion you're between my lips. Gentle sucking, slight teasing with my tongue until I hear you gasp. You're watching me, Baby. Your eyes haven't left my mouth. I feel your fingers in the tangle of my hair pulling me deeper into you. I can take more of you, I want to take all of you. My hands spread your thighs wider and you lean back against the bed in abandon- you're mine now, exactly how I want you. I begin to stroke you slowly in tandem with my sucking and I feel you arch toward me, urging me on.

'I want to cum inside you.' I hear you whisper. And because I love you, I'll give you what you ask for.

Rising slowly, my eyes never leaving yours, I straddle you on the bed. I position you perfectly between my thighs, my wetness welcoming you.

'Are you sure?' I ask. You nod quickly, never taking your eyes off me. I sink down slowly until I'm filled with you.

'That's it,' you say, 'That gasp. That sound you make when I enter you...'

Your hand reaches for my face and you pull me to your lips, 'I love that sound,' you confess.

I begin to grind on you slowly, feeling the length of you thicken and harden even more, even though I didn't think you could.

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