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Simon explains what he has seen and his aunt surprises him.

Stephanie felt her face and body become slick with sweat.

"Tell me that you want it harder." Big Tony demanded. "Tell me that you want to return to being my personal black whore!"

"Fuck me harder, Big Tony." Stephanie cried out as her thick brown body jerked back and forth. "Fuck me like that black whore that I am."

"Tell me that you want me to be fucked up the ass like a nasty cock loving whore." Big Tony ordered.

"Fuck my ass like a whore."

Big Tony groaned as he pumped Stephanie's pussy hard and fast. He loved the feel of Stephanie's tight pussy quivering around his big white dick. He pulled out of her and slammed his thickness down on her ass before taking a seat in the chair.

"Get down on your hands and knees and swallow my dick."

Stephanie felt her vagina pulsate when she stood up on weak legs. She got down on the floor and placed her hands on Big Tony's massive thighs. She grabbed his moist cock and jerked it in her hands before deep throating it. Big Tony groaned out in pleasure. Stephanie jerked his cock again and tilted her head so that she could suck on his wet balls.

"I want to see that pretty black ass of yours."

Big Tony said and demanded that Stephanie turn around and spread her cheeks wide. She turned around and grabbed her cheeks and spread them wide. He grabbed hold of her waist and position his thick cock between her plump cheeks. Stephanie released a deep belly groaned when the tip of his penis penetrated her bun hole. Big Tony pulled down on her body and forcibly took her tight brown bottom with nine thick inches of swollen cock.

"Oh shit...oh shit...oh shit...." Stephanie cried as she bounced up and down on his stiff penis. His hard, thick penis stretched her out. Big Tony mauled her big cantaloupe size breasts and demanded that Stephanie increase the pace. He wanted to split her pretty brown ass wide open.

"Oh Tony...Oh Tony...Oh shit..." Stephanie went into a frenzy of groans and moans as Big Tony's long white cock pressed deep inside of her anus. Big Tony grabbed her waist and forced her to sit all the way down on his massive erection.

"I'm a fucking asshole." Big Tony joked. "You silly little whore, do you think you can make a fool out of Big Tony? I know the kind of money you and those black bitches have been making at Coffee and Cream. I want my cut." Big Tony yelled and buried three of his three fingers inside of Stephanie's pussy. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you." He laughed. "I am literally going to fuck the shit out of you."

Big Tony pushed up and forced Stephanie to stand up with his hard cock still plunged inside of her. His arm was wrapped around Stephanie's waist as he guided her to his desk.

"Bend over." He said. She did and Big Tony grabbed both her arms and folded them behind her back and held on to them. Stephanie felt powerless to stop him. Big Tony was big, bad and dangerous. He owned the small Florida town she found herself stuck in and he owned her.

For the next eight minutes, Stephanie would scream her lungs out from the brutal display of hard core anal fucking Big Tony administered. When he finally got his feel of her he came thick and hard. Stephanie felt his warm cream dripping out of her butt as he sat back down in the chair.

"Eight weeks." Big Tony said exhausted. "I'll give you eight weeks to come up with my money. If you do then you can stay in business. If not then not only will I shut down Coffee and Cream but you, Tiffany, and Rochelle will have to come back and work off your debts."

Stephanie didn't say a word as she gathered up her blouse, bra and panties from his office floor. She was sore from head to toe. Her jaw was aching from having a big dick rammed down her throat and her vagina and anus both were sore and extremely tender.

"Eight weeks." Big Tony reminded her and slapped Stephanie across the cheeks as she headed for the door. "It's going to be fun having my way with the three of you again."

Stephanie's body tweaked at the thought of working for Big T

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