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A cool guy confuses Brigit initially.

Her cloth went lower and so did his. She brought hers down to his crotch and he swept his over her boobs. This was obvious as sexual as it was a way of beating the heat. They didn't speak except to murmur 'yes' and 'good' and 'mmm' as the pair began to bath each other. They would switch off the terrycloth for another in the chilled water. Trent took the initiative of working from Julie's feet up her legs and then right into her crotch, dampening the delta which was already juicy at her juncture.

After that she pulled her son toward her to do his back, and he did hers also, that way they were torso to torso, her ta-tas mashed against his pects. Their faces looking into each other's eyes with love and lust and they began to kiss once more. Tongues went exploring and fingers caressed through the fabric on spine then tush, sides then front. By then the terrycloth had been abandoned and it was a field day for fondling the forbidden fruit of incestuous flesh, apples, banana, etc.; feeling the places that were once private, but now were freely explored by dexterous digits.

Then Trent slid down to the carpet and pried wide his mother's thighs. Julie moaned and surrendered to the oral administrations of her son's tongue.

Unwrapping Her Presence

Julie felt her son's fingers in the belt of her house dress, a simple wrap she had thrown on when she heard him at the door greeting the neighbors as he returned. Wouldn't they be surprised if they could see what was going on - or actually coming off, as the gown slid to the floor? Just her brassiere and panties were left. Had she had time, she would have divested these before meeting him in the foyer, but his nibble digits managed to pop the snap in the back easily. She switched from hugging to tugging, working the sweatshirt off his athletic frame. He slid his palms along her ass and his hands went under the elastic of her brief low-cut scanties and leveraged them down her hips. The demi-bra fell between them.

God! At this rate he'd ravage her right there on the floor, but a few feet from the door! She wanted to make it to the bedroom at least. Nonetheless, mother worked to strip her college kid of his jeans. The buckle gave her little trouble, a western style simple post-in-hole; as she shoved the denims down she saw he was commando and his bayonet was at the ready. Trent kicked and stamped until he was free of both Levis and sneakers. He swiftly squatted to yank Julie's undies to her ankles and straightened to mash his manhood against her Mons, as chest and breasts had happy reunion. They resumed their French lip-lock smooching with renewed passion.

"Oh God, Mom I missed you!" Trent all but squealed in his high strung emotional state.

Julie choked up from arousal and overwhelming love for her boy, the Adonis male that she had raised and who now held her skin to skin, flesh to flesh, could only manage a husky whisper, "I need you, Trent, I need you!" She stepped out of her silk puddle of fabric and with his hand in hers turned to go up the stairs to her room, with the broad mattress and the fresh sheets she had put on this morning, just for their anticipated romp. She had another set ready since these would be well soaked with perspiration and cum stains before midnight. She got up to nearly the top of the short flight before tripping.

Trent saw his mom slip and fall forward, landing on her hands at the top but her knees two steps below. Her nudity was erotic, but when the bare tush was presented in that fashion, thrust back at his prow of a prick that was prodding her already as they ascended, he couldn't resist the tempting target. She gave a short laugh, clearly she was fine. But she was exposed so openly, her sex a red gash, shiny with her lubrication, perfectly framed by the twin globes of her tan bottom. What man could do otherwise when confronted with such an awesome sight and so horny a hard-on?

They didn't make it to the bedroom.

Oral Exams and Good Marks

With her thighs spread before him Trent could have div

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