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She takes care of Santa to prove what a good girl she is.

.. sir! I love it when you... when you whip my pussy! I love feeling the sting of leather against my clitoris when you flog me because it makes me so wet and horny!"

The forced lines were so bafflingly stupid that she failed to realize that she was in fact telling the truth. The painful but bearable stinging sensation in the most tender and sensitive part of her body somehow rendered the rough mechanical fucking even more pleasurable. Her clitoris peeped out as if trying to eagerly greet the riding-crop in mid-swing. Her vaginal fluids flowed freely and her pussy was dripping her body's natural lubricant onto the floor beneath her.

"Good... keep going!" Fleming shouted as he continued to strike at her crotch. Her bare, exposed cunt lips tingled with delight and expectation as she pouted and moaned in helpless, humiliating ecstasy.

"Ughhhh! Oh! OW! Yeow!" She yelped as the soldier suddenly began to strike harder and with increasing eagerness. He kept the paper by his side, hoping Megan would begin to make progress toward memorizing the filth she would hereafter be forced to recite loudly and shamelessly every single day of her life. As the rain of blows faltered for an instant she caught her breath and repeated her lines.

"Thank you so much for disciplining me master, sir! I love it when you whip my pussy! I love having my clit flogged because it makes me wet and horny!"

It wasn't perfect, but she was making progress.

Megan kept her eyes forward, but if she looked down she would have been amazed at how red and swollen her pubic mound and pussy lips were becoming. It would be a long time before she could bear to look at her own body during disciplinary sessions. Soon she would be picking up quite a few lasting scars and bruises.

"Beautiful!" Fleming exclaimed as he returned the crop to a position affixed to his belt. "Care to finish her off, boys?"

Nickels adjusted the machine's dial to setting number eight. This wasn't the maximum setting, but nine and ten generally offered more thrust than any girl particularly needed. Eight was enough to leave a girl's whole lower body numb after five to seven minutes of riding. Nickels and Barrington rose from their seats and approached the helpless nude girl as she dangled from the ceiling fan. She wailed as the machine assaulted her vagina, cycling in and out of her with the fury of a machine gun. Her legs went limp and she dangled helplessly by the wrists. Fleming hoped silently that she didn't tear the fan out of the ceiling. The house would still be worth quite a bit if the army managed to leave it intact.

Fleming took a seat while his two comrades began to fondle and grope their victim. Megan continued to scream helplessly under the machine's assault.

"Ohhhh oh ho ho oohhh whooaaaaaa! Mmmmmm oohhhhh mmm mmm mmpph mpphh mmmooohwoooow OHHH OHHHH WHOA OHHHHH OOOOOOOHHH MMM OHHHH!!!"

Barrington flicked at her clitoris with his fingers, rubbing gently at first. He crept slowly downward, massaging her cunt lips and using the pussy juice oozing around her hole and the shaft that penetrated it to make his fingers slick and damp. Then while Nickels toyed with her labia Barrington returned his fingers to her clit, rubbing progressively harder and faster.

After two and a half minutes of probing fingers and brutal mechanical pounding, nineteen-year-old Megan Warner's body gave in and she shook violently from a powerful orgasm.

"Suck their fingers and lick them clean, slut." Fleming barked from his chair while Barrington and Nickels took turns shoving their hands into her mouth. She accepted them without a struggle, even licking gently with her tongue in a feeble attempt to demonstrate eagerness. She knew that she belonged to them. In the back of her mind she understood that when these men became tired of her, whoever ended up in charge of her could only be far worse.

His fingers soaked in Megan's vaginal fluids and saliva, Pvt.

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