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Engaging on a journey to America.

"Cutting edge cyber-forensics have enabled our intelligence agencies to assemble and analyze vast amounts of ordinary people's data, including details of their love-lives, their sexual and political propensities, which web sites they frequent, their financial transactions, even which movies they've purchased tickets on line to see.

"Class, with the training you will receive in this graduate program, each of you will learn to discern and recognize how the submissive subject stands apart from his or her normal colleagues and coworkers in everyday social interactions.

"At the heart of what separates the submissive from the rest of us is their obvious need to suppress the constant craving for that consensual exchange of power which they find irresistibly erotic and addictive.

"It requires an enormous amount of psychic energy for any subject to keep this dangerous sort of kink under wraps, and the vast majority of those so afflicted will slip and succumb to enslavement in the end.

"Just as sexual orientation is hopelessly impossible to change or alter by way of therapeutic intervention, the same can be said of the submissive's slavish orientation even though it will inevitably lead him into a lifetime of humiliation and social disgrace.

"Much of the research literature has concluded that it would be unethical and inhumane to even try to disengage the submissive from his erotic attachment to those kinks which must ultimately enslave him.

"A submissive's embrace of his or her slavery is consummated by the initial act of accepting the humiliation, the degradation, and the powerlessness of surrendering to dominance and authority. The psychological marker common to all submissives who must necessarily become slaves is the erotic charge that is at once addicting and inescapable.

"It is that inevitable first act of submission which is the trigger for all submissives; it is a life-changing and irreversible psychological event. That which the thrall gives to the dominant can never be taken back.

"Class, the submissives you will study during this semester all have a deep seated need to be owned by another human being, a master or a mistress. To deny them the gratification of that craving would be cruel and abusive, dispossessing them of the joy they alone are uniquely hardwired to receive.

"Most submissives who are careless enough to get ensnared by their own weakness would have been relieved if they could have merely surrendered themselves for an encounter or two without forfeiting their legal freedom. But there are legal and psychological issues, making it impossible and highly impractical for the State not to enslave them for the remainder of their lives.

"For a submissive personality to fully and completely self-actualize they must be completely owned by another, and they must surrender the identity they had heretofore constructed for themselves while they were allowed to live free among free people.

"They must stand before the world, before one and all, stark naked and devoid of self-made identity. The submissive must accept and give full expression to the identity given to them by their owner just as they must accept the collar and the leash.

"Secondly, as I have stated at the beginning of this lecture, the economy can no longer support anyone other than the strongest and the most self-reliant. We no longer have the collective resources to support the weak minded, the weak willed, who would be much happier servicing the rest of us anyway.

"Enslaving those who are demonstrably inferior to us provides a steady source of revenue in the form of proceeds from auction sales, liquidation of slave assets, imposition of taxes, and periodic collection of miscellaneous fees.

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