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Prom and graduation parties.

"Hello Mr.. Wilson, how are you today?" she purred. She knew he was awake. Could sense his fear and disgust, the flash of what little light there was off his eyes as they rolled. "Aren't you looking fine tonight?" She had personally bathed and shaved him earlier. She always did when she intended to visit him. She began to undress, coyly slipping off the dress and the enormous white cotton panties and the functional white bra. Her dugs hung down her chest and she played with the nipples, near her navel, as she crossed to him.

He tried to scream out for help, he tried to ball up his fists. But since the motorcycle accident the only power he had in his still athletic body was the ability to breathe and open and close his eyes. Doctors were hopeful that after the swelling of his spine went down he would recover greatly. They were encouraged by the fact that a lot of his automatic functions were operational. He couldn't tell them verbally but motioned with his eyes yes or no that he had some feeling as well. But he was also, for the moment, paralyzed beyond speech or movement. But by then, when he could tell them of his abuse at her hands, the night hag would have moved on.

"Oh, you are so beautiful..." She breathed as she uncovered him, removed the gown and the giant diaper. Her breath smelled like McNalley's chili and she bent to kiss him, forcing her tongue between his lips and his belly roiled when he felt bits of leftover food slide from her mouth to his. Meanwhile her hand played with his nipples, before sliding down his twitching flat abs to his cock, to fondle him. Traitorous thing, it responded, getting stiffer in her hand.

"Oh, you want me, don't you." She breathed and smiled. "How do you want me? I wish you could kiss back, tell me you love me." She pulled up one tit and sucked on her own nipple while watching him. "You wish it were you doing this to me, don't you?" she asked as she paused. He learned early on not to look away. She got angry then, some times did things immediately, sometimes she did things like change his medication. She had told him in the beginning, ten days ago, to keep her happy and he wouldn't die before he could move again.

Hope crashed that tonight would be quick when she climbed on top of the bed facing away from him. These nights were the worst. Carefully she maneuvered herself so that her cunt was directly over his face and began to masturbate for him. The only two blessings in this exercise were that she rarely looked to make sure he was watching, and her cunt smelled better than her breath.

"Oh, I want your baby, baby." She cooed, fingers opening up the puffy fat lips and sliding up and down her slit. She bent over and began to give him head, something his semi-erect cock enjoyed and his brain couldn't connect with it enough to tell it no. He endured sound of her fingers slapping against herself, her thighs squeezing his head, her belly laying on his throat and her breasts laying on either side of his rib cage and that traitor cock stiff as a rod of steel in her chili breathed mouth; he had died and gone to hell.

When she came she took her hand away and ground herself against his face and he couldn't breathe. She came silently, gasping air above him. He couldn't see but knew that she like to twist and pull her nipples when she came, pulling the heavy sacks up and away from her body elongating them horribly. Her clit was up his nose, literally.

She moved off his face and settled on his cock and smiled at him happily with her beady eyes glittering in her pudgy face. "I know you love me, you are so good to me." She began to sing that line over and over again softly as she rocked back and forth. "I know you looove me, you are sooo goooood to me." Faster and faster she moved till he came and she came shortly again after, biting one nipple terribly while jerking on the other, all the while making sure he was watching her.

"I'm gonna have your baby, baby.

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