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She tried to coax three little words with actions.

Do you think he will try it on?" Jimmy laughed, muttering to himself. Aurora called to him. "Excuse me sir! I can't get it closed. It's so tight I need help zipping it up." She said, relieved to be covering her body at last. "Stand still. Its nearly there." He told her. The outfit zipped up the back from bottom to neck sealing her into the flesh coloured latex body suit. The most difficult part had been slipping it over her shoulders for it pulled into her crotch until she thought it would cut her in half.

"That is really something. I'm sure the kinky one's will go for that. Stand up straight, shoulders back!" He told her. The innocent remark had a more intimate effect than intended. The thin latex stretched between her legs, tight between the lips. Her breasts seemed more erotic than when naked even though the nipples were deflated they still showed clearly through the thin latex skin. In the mirror she was dismayed to see large brown circles around each nipple, mistaking them for a moment as her own areola but these were too large. The red tips of nipples made them look like targets. Inwardly she groaned on seeing between her legs the colour there was an imitation of her own opening. She didn't want to see the view behind her. The whole effect was of a tanned skin colouring with intimate places coloured and exaggerated to give the effect of being naked. "OK. Your ready, lets get out there before someone steals the stock." He told her. He had been surprised when she appeared in the corset, unaware how revealing it would be, and of course he was completely ignorant of how brief her panties were. This time he dressed her with more confidence, even looking pleased with his handy work, which was worrying.

"Oh! It's too tight to walk." She exclaimed.

"Come on, you'll get used to it." He told her. Helping her out of the cubicle she tried to walk as ordered. Now she knew the reason for the bobbles on the inside of the suit after thinking they were just unfinished material. They were sawing across her labia with every step. Trying to step carefully on tiptoe, like a cat on a hot tin roof, she managed a few steps unaided. "You man the counter, I need a break." He said. She managed it eventually and it did seem as though the material had stretched around her body. The sawing motion had subsided to a firm massage sending deep tingling sensations out to her limbs and face. Even her scalp tingled; it was so strange and so stimulating she drifted into a little world of pleasure. Looking down at herself she was resigned to the distasteful effect revealed upon the suit. Her nipples were growing out like gaudy red lipsticks. As large as they were the brown colouring surrounding them still looked large as though she had huge areola. If she could have seen the effect between her legs she would have been mortified as the latex stretched, graphically emphasising her excitement.

A middle age customer walked in perusing the magazines.

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