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Taking advantage of a young neighbor.

"Are you still blonde?" You pouted. "Oh stop it; of course I am, if you are." We kissed and things, which consumed an unknown quantity of time.

"I have no idea what I'm doing here." That makes two of us!

You did just fine!! The straps worked perfectly and the stockings did what we intended. My arms and legs were restrained. I was naked, facing the center of the bed, and you had access to every bit of me, which didn't need restraints. But it was being restrained that added that zip we both sought. Well, no, not really; but... do you know what I mean?

You're a bold little blonde stump. The way we had me... whatever we had me, was perfect!! I could gorge myself on your kitty and I did. Your hand in my hair may have played a role but I never complained. Neither did you. When I finally finished with you (I crack myself up), you asked if you could feast on my kitty. I'm lying.
You did something that absolutely amazed me. On your back, you slid yourself so you could nibble on my pussy, and you somehow pushed off the bed and locked your legs behind my head. Is the visual clear? Hee hee. Your kitty certainly was. I'm not sure I've seen a picture of that on Tumblr yet but I bet I will very soon!! I know, I know - no dot com.

I love the way we love. I love that you respond so wantonly, so vigorously, so no holds barred. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I try extra hard cuz of that little devil in my head that worries about you. But she's a devil; you're my angel.

Your new 'little friend' strapped to your hips, you inched your way to me.

"Get this bitch ready to fuck you, baby."

I did.

One of the more erotic scenes of my life was you scurrying on your back, hands on my impaler, your eyes on mine.

"Ready for me?" I tried to lower myself but your restraints held.

"You're the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life. I want you... I want your cock to fuck me. You already have my heart. Take me; take my pussy." I was crazed. This is not a stretch.

You did. Oh my god you did!!! You fucked me all to hell and back. I lost track of how many times I came - not that it matters. I'm honestly not sure if it was that I was restrained, that you were doing what you did, or both. Does anyone care? I mean really!! Here's what I know - when you were done with me, we were spent. Limp, breathless, gasping for air, twitching, panting, moaning... all right, I'll stop.

You released me. Oh god!! If only I could catalogue all the ways you've actually done that, Kara. I hope this story is testament to just how you have... are.

Anyway, you get the idea. We snuggled, we kissed, and sleep took us.

Your fingers caressed me as I slowly came awake. Feather light, I stayed on my tummy as you curved, caressed and rode over my torso. When I purred, you bent to kiss my neck. After sweeping my hair away, you bent, showering me with kisses, nibbles and licks. I'm only human - I shivered and begged for more.

"More? More what baby? More this?" Your fingers dipped between my legs. I jerked at your touch. You giggled. "Is kitty sore after our night?" Your fingers continued their soft seduction, moving further south. You lay your head on my back. "Feel free to join in the conversation." I shook my head and wiggled my ass. You nodded.

"Can we stay here, just like this, for the entirety of Sunday?" You giggled again.

"Entirety eh? Big words for being so tired." Fuck you. Hmm.

"Can we have our meals in bed?" More giggles.

I lifted so you could slide beneath me. I kissed you, morning mouth and all, and pushed your legs apart. I held your head, my fingers in your hair. You alternately caressed and scraped me with fingers and nails as you glided all over my back and backside. We were just beginning to settle into a rhythm when our lips parted. We both panted for a few moments. I felt liquid, sexy and alive. I looked into the eyes of my love and smiled. You surprised me.

"What was last

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