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Prom and graduation parties.

Besides herself, there were Amanda, Cassie, Chloe, Elena, Lindsey and Mieko. That made the sides of the table pretty even once Tony was added into the mix so there might not be a need for 'doubling up' as there had been in the past. Heather breathed a sigh of relief at that realization though her inner-slut was a little put out. At least her two favorite cocks were sitting in on the game and that alone was enough to wet her panties. Tony kept dividing his attention between, the returning Mieko, as well as herself so Heather knew that what she thought she had felt this morning beside the pool had probably not been her imagination.
"Hey! Shit head!" Barked Tony as he threw an empty beer bottle toward a couple that were barely clothed and almost having sex in the doorway of the game room. "Private party unless you care to buy in. . ." The frat boy and his, barely legal, girlfriend mumbled some apologies and then slunk away in search of another corner in which they could fuck.

"Thanks," Heather said. "For the party, I mean. This is great Bro."

"Nothing is too good for my little sister," he said with a smile even as he opened another beer and began shuffling the cards.

The game progressed through several more 'straight' hands. Lindsey shifted in her seat a little during one of those and from the way that Amanda had her left arm turned out it was obvious where her fingers had gone. To say nothing of the fact that both twins forgot how to play poker and threw several good hands apiece. As the pile of chips increased for the House - which kept half of the two-hundred dollar buy-in - and the guests continued smoking their cigars and drinking their beer the eyes of the guys began to fixate more on the offered 'entertainment' than on the cards. Especially since two of those pieces of ass seemed to have skipped ahead to the festivities and were fingering one another underneath the table. Buchard especially seemed to be having a hard time keeping his eyes and his mind on his cards as Amanda's finger-fucking of her sister drew a lengthy moan of pleasure from Lindsey and the two girls came together for a deep kiss complete with some practiced tongue action. Deciding to hurry things along, Heather stood up from her spot at the table and began stripping away her street clothes. The other girls followed her lead and in less than five minutes they had cast all of their clothing - aside from the matching sets of lingerie - into the center of the table. As they each returned to their seats the guys gave them a 'golf clap' a few wolf-whistles and more than one of their hands vanished into their crotches to stroke a suddenly eager, and stiffening, penis.

The frat boys seemed to like the idea of having their 'entertainment' at a disadvantage and kept all of their clothes on for the strip and foreplay portion of their usual game.

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