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The war escalates.

Almost imperceptibly, Mark's whole body stiffened. Thoughts of Beth, of Amy, of Beth with Amy, of his whole twisted friendship with the beautiful, witty woman in front of him danced around in his mind. He didn't want to mess things up, but he had to had to take a chance, and now seemed like the best time. It had been a great evening, and he'd never felt more sure of anything as his affection for Beth.

"No, I'm just jealous that you let her look at your tits, when I always have to be sneaky about it."

Beth slapped him playfully and squeezed her arms together, giving her a pronounced, delicious cleavage. Caught up in their usual habit of banter, she winked at him, too. "Go ahead and look, sweetie. Hell, they're so magnificent that I sometimes look down and forget what I was doing."

Mark took a step forward, grabbing her hand again. His breathing was shallowed, and he looked deep into her eyes. Without breaking eye contact, he reached out and ran his thumb over her cheek. "All of you is magnificent."

Beth's breath caught in her throat. She looked him over, searching for something. She wasn't sure what. A sign he was joking, a sarcastic grin. To her surprise, she was relieved to find that he was completely serious. Beth closed the gap between the two. Their faces mere centimetres apart, one of his large hands in hers, the other stroking her soft cheek, Mark dipped his head and placed his mouth over hers. Slowly, unsurely, he placed small, soft kisses on her bottom lip, trying to ignore the taut pulling of his jeans. This wasn't the time for that. Not yet. When Beth's tongue peeped from between her luscious lips on to his, meeting his kisses, Mark's brain went into overdrive. He struggled to overcome the temptation to take her right there on the kitchen bench, to grope every inch of her now trembling body, and lay kisses on her most intimate areas, staking claim to her once and for and all. Rather, he begrudgingly pulled away, cupping her face in his hands. "Beth, I mean it. All of you is magnificent. Inside and outside. Everything. And I have to tell you, if you kiss me again like that, I can't guarantee that I will ever stop."

Now it was Beth's turn to run her hand down his face, lightly brushing the back of her fingers down his neck, then walking her fingertips down his pectoral muscles. She gently fisted his shirt at his stomach and pulled him back into her arms. They were both trembling now, nervous, but pleased with their relationship's new development. Very softly, she whispered "Well, I suppose we'll just have to see about that," and kissed him again, harder, and with more certainty. Beth's tongue entwined with Mark's, and they both moaned, allowing their hands to roam up each other's backs and sides. Unable to help himself, Mark cupped Beth's ass, the ass he'd been coveting all evening in it's seductive denim covering. Firm, yet generous. Beth moaned into Mark's mouth again, and ground her hips into his. Pulling away, but not removing his hands from her backside, Beth scolded Mark, "tsk, tsk, you wicked boy. I guess you'll have to sit in the naughty chair."

Reluctantly peeling herself from Mark's embrace, Beth pulled out a kitchen chair and guided Mark back on to it.

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