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The conclusion of Part Six.

I didn't bother learning names, I figured as long as you have black jack I was good and everything else is just site seeing. My first day out in the casinos I can understand why folks don't want, or can't, leave. Constantly bombarded with lights, sounds, and smells that hit you all the time to do more and more.

I stuck to my plan for the most part. The first day was to get a feel of gambling. I wanted to check to see how I react to the environments. I stopped off at a store for some pants and shirts. At my hotel I ate at its restaurant. I had a steak dinner. Back at the room I became horny. At first I was going to use some internet porn but I called up a service, I was in Vegas after all. I gave them my preferences and they told me she'd be there in an hour or so.

I had bathed and everything and she arrived on time. She was quite fetching in her conservative black skirt and jean jacket. I asked for this because I didn't want it to feel too much like prostitution. Anyway, I told her to go have a bath and freshen up. She explained she already did, but I handed her a basket of cleaning stuff and showed her the way. I slapped her big rump on the right cheek and told her no talking back.

When she was done we played with each other for a while. She was like me: she liked to explore and experiment. When the foreplay was done she put her head in between my legs and gave the most skillful and professional blowjob ever. None of her movements were wasted and she sat up on her knees to have me watch her ass jiggle in concert with her movements. After about ten minutes of that she slipped on a condom and sat on top of me. Her waist was small, her hips large, and her breasts decent. She rode and grinded me into the spokes that night. She bounced, usually, only her ass muscles and her pussy muscles to massage my prick. Whether or not her moans were real didn't bother me. I was on vacation and wanted to be lazy for once. To be honest, any other person who would've saw us probably thought we were lovers. After about two cum shots from me she left. I had already paid with a credit card earlier.

Day two and I don't leave the hotel until about 2 in the afternoon. I found my way into some more casinos that day as well. So far I had doubled my money I had started off with. Surprising I know, but I still had a couple more days left. The plan was I began to start a winning streak and then I get up and cash out. I tried not to visit the same casino twice. Casinos are some of the most heavily watched and secured establishments and they are definitely, always, checking the cameras.

My last casino was in the early-late morning, around 1 am. I'd been walking, sitting, site seeing, and gambling for almost twelve hours. I walked over to the black jack table. The dealer was this large, raven haired, cougar milf. The table was already filled up with older gents. As soon as one left I procured his seat.

She was very good at her job that's for sure. She didn't use the machine and she had hundreds of decks. Every ten deals she changed out. She wore a very good poker face and her manners were completely professional. I wasn't the only one staring at her though. The other players stole glances at her chest and those small moments when she turned or bent down for a new deck our eyes left the game for a while. That butt was so full and pillowy.

When she returned to her upright position we had already had our eyes back on our cards. Every so often a player would leave. At one point we were alone and I would win here and there. I was getting tired and I decided to take a chance. I played one last hand, won, and then I asked her name. I went to the booth to check out and then told a floor manager about her, handed a tip and my number to give her.

When I arrived at my room my cell phone rang.

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