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Sisters and lovers...sweet new joy!

It occurred to me that I needed for him to move to the couch or to the floor. I had been lucky to catch him yesterday.

- John, I will need the table for my folders. Can you move to the sofa?

He barely looked up, took the last spoon of cornflakes and proceeded to plant himself in the sofa with his book. As I cleared the table, I tried to spy on his position and possible dangers if...when he blacked out. Suddenly I saw "it". His giant penis was clearly visible through his pajamas where the cloth stretched over his thigh. Perhaps I was wrong. I was huge now and he was wide-awake, reading his book.

It was all quite innocent and I had to try the theory. If I was right, I would discreetly tell Linda and refer her to another professional. It was obvious that John could through practice and biofeedback, learn to regulate his blood flow so as to have healthy erections without passing out. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I pushed my breasts up and opened my robe slightly as I took a binder full various papers and walked over to the sofa. I "tripped" and the binder went flying out of my hand. The effect was as intended. The papers covered the rug and made such a mess that I almost forgot I did it on purpose. I kneeled down in front of John who on kept reading.

- I will clean it up. After all it is my mess.

John remained seated. As I knelt on the floor I turn towards John so he could see my cleavage. I didn't dare look up.

Suddenly I hear a thump.

John had blacked out. He had started to slide to his right and fallen the last bit. The thump was his head hitting the sofa armrest. No harm done I hoped. Well, it seemed my theory was right so far.

I was just about to stand up, when I suddenly saw it. His penis was fully erect. I could see its shape through the pajamas. What shocked me was that half of it was sticking out of the pajamas on the outside of his t-shirt.

My professional curiosity got the better of me. I leaned in. It was huge. It had to be at least ten inches long. Perhaps even longer. Thicker than my soap bottle. Before I made a conscious decision, I had it in my hand. Hard, soft, warm. Hot. I squeezed it.

As I did, John reacted. He appeared to fall into a deeper sleep. I had almost expected the opposite. Once blacked out, the body should be regulating his blood flow so as to restore all his functions. Instead my stimulation seemed to prolong and deepen it.

I don't know when my professional concern was replaced with my personal curiosity. And lust. Here is what I did.

I took a firm grip of the penis - the grip I had failed to achieve in my dreams. With my other hand I pulled down his pajamas. I as I pulled, I exposed more and more flesh. It was incredible. Long. Thick. Pulsating. Beautiful.

My hand tried unsuccessfully to reach around it. I squeezed. Gently at first, then harder. I felt the blood rush through its veins. I sensed John slump a little extra as if the additional stimulation forced his body to direct his blood to keep the erection.

I felt satisfied I had found the cause of his blackouts. And I should have left it at that. Only my hand could not seem to stop caressing the length of the giant muscle. It vibrated ever so slightly.

My eyes were glued on the head. As if I was watching a movie, my hand suddenly came into view and then, just as suddenly, disappeared. Over and over again.

I was gently masturbating John's penis.

As if I had been caught, I withdrew my hand quickly. What was I doing? This was no longer innocent. I was fascinated. I was enjoying it. I placed my arm next to John's great appendage. It was thicker than my arm. Oh my god!

I was not controlling my own movements. I squeezed him again to reassure myself that he was asleep. And remained asleep. I got up. Lifted my robe slightly. With my back to John I proceeded to straddle him. I did not want to face him in case he woke up. And yet, now I would not see if he woke up and caught me.

With a firm grip on the penis, I lifted it and sat down on his stomach

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