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A Turkish immigrant's girlfriend has a secret plan.

Paul joined him in depantsing. Ryan started stroking his cock as Paul joined him on the bed and did the same. Measuring himself mentally, Ryan noted Paul was a similar size. He wasn't sure which was bigger. The ginger shaved though and had no pubic hair unlike Ryan. They furiously stroked to the manic sounds of pleasure Taylor shouted out about.

Looking at his friend, Ryan leaned in and kissed him. There was a definite difference then kissing a girl but he had no qualms about it. It turned from a kiss into something more though as Paul moved over him. Soon they were thrusting against each other, cocks rubbing against each other.

Ryan called out first as he erupted. He paused as Paul kept going. Paul groaned a minute later as he came as well. It was a new experience feeling someone else cum against his skin. They collapsed against each other.

Liz and he had made out some more after school. He had gotten a finger in her and made her moan much like he heard Taylor moan. She had stroked him through his shorts and made him cum. It was the furthest the two of them had gotten so far.

Paul and he had talked and agreed they were open to more of the same in the future. The house was empty like normal as he walked in. Scurrying to the bedroom, he stripped off his sticky underwear and ran to the shower. The shower was a blessing as he cleaned off his seed. He heard his sister come in.

Ryan freaked out a moment as he realized his clothes were in the room. Then he remembered he could just use a towel and go back to the bedroom that way. Turning the shower off, he toweled off and headed back to his room. Taylor just waved as she saw him enter the room.

She was in booty shorts and a tank top with knee high socks. His erection tented the towel as he raced inside. He desperately needed to jerk off again. After finally being brought to orgasm by Liz and seeing how his sister was dressed, his arousal was firing on all cylinders. It was almost torture.

Not even bothering to lay down on the bed, Ryan started tugging on his cock as he thought again back on Liz's hand caressing and playing with his cock through his shorts. Her hand had tugged and twisted just right even with the fabric in the way. It had been amazing.

"Holy shit! Ryan!" The towel was at his ankles as he faced away from Taylor. The action was unmistakable. He stopped. "What? Taylor!" "Why- oh my fucking god! You got turned on by me!" "No! Liz... finally jerked me off."

"Oh... still!" "Taylor... just leave me be." "I need to borrow some money for gas." "Why?" "Mike got caught shoplifting on base and I need to pick him up." "No! Ask Dad to bail him out." "No. He's already pissed. Mike's lucky Dad wasn't the arresting officer." "Why don't you have gas money?"

The conversation was markedly odd due to him being nude, hand still on his deflating cock, as he discussed Mike with his sister. "Dad limits my money cause of Mike. That's why he's always over here. I used most of my gas money on... on some pills." "Haha. You're such an idiot." "Ryan!"

Her eyes were pleading with him as he laughed some more. Taylor swooped in and kissed him as her hand groped his deflated cock. He kissed back as her hand stroked him to his full erection. She kept stroking his 5.5 inch stick as he kissed her back. His hands found her ass as she maneuvered him towards the bed.

Ryan enjoyed the view as he lay on his bed, Taylor jerking him as she kissed his thighs. Then her lips made his cock disappear. He moaned at the intense pleasure he felt. A few motions from her brought him right up to his level. Her hands squeezed his balls lightly as she worked her tongue around his tip.

He grunted as his only warning. He flooded her with his orgasm as she kept up her work. It was the best pleasure he had ever experienced in his life. He felt more wiped than he had earlier. Taylor dipped out of his room after rummaging through his wallet.

Neither of the siblings saw each other the next couple days.

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