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Robby and Rachel add a special new player.

"Well, I knew you'd be happy," Tom said in between passionate kisses, "but I didn't expect...I...honey, we're in public, we should wait just a little..." She'd curled up in his lap, now, continuing to lock lips with him while her fingers roamed over his chest, undoing a few buttons so that she could slip a hand into his shirt and feel his flesh against her fingers. It just felt so good, so magical and wonderful that she didn't ever want to stop, and she shifted position so that she was straddling his hips in the chair.

Tom could feel it too, she could tell. As they kissed, as she touched, she could hear it in his voice as he tried to talk. "We...oh, that feels so...oh, yes, right there...we should, oh...we should go, find..." She heard the naked desire growing in his voice, even as she felt the naked desire stirring through his clothes where her crotch met his. "Find, or a...oh, fuck, yes, oh god oh fuck...yes, touch me there..." His hands wrapped around her back, now, roaming over the expanse of skin exposed by her evening gown and finding that it wasn't enough. She felt him tugging at her dress, and she wriggled her body to help expose more of her body to his touch.

Margo had never felt anything like this before, this boiling, furious delight that seemed to fill her up from her toes all the way up to the very top of her skull. She thought that she and Tom had always enjoyed a healthy sex life, but the magic of the evening seemed to have taken it to a whole new level. She fumbled at his zipper, not wanting to look down because that would mean that she had to stop nuzzling at his chin and neck. She was distantly aware of disapproving murmurs around them, but she didn't care. They could smooth things over with the restaurant later, right now she just wanted pulled Tom's cock out of his pants, already stiff and hot under her fingers, and slid aside her panties to allow it entrance to her needy cunt.

Once he was inside her, it was even better. Tom had long ago stopped trying to talk, he was just panting and moaning in time with her own gasps of ecstasy as he thrust up into her and she thrust down onto him and...and... "Excuse me?" There was a dignified cough behind them, a discreet 'ahem' that suggested just a trifling matter, but one that needed to be discussed.

Margo turned her head to see Nicolette standing just a bit off to the right, staring at them with a look that mixed fascination, shock, and urgent worry. "Hello," Nicolette said. She seemed a little lost for words. "I, um, I don't wish to interrupt you..."

She wasn't. Margo might have managed to tear her mouth away from Tom's lips (and neck and chest), but she hadn't stopped pumping her hips up and down for even a second. "I, just...I, um..." Nicolette continued to stammer, watching Margo's breasts bounce up and down as she rode her fianc__ with an intensity they'd never felt before. Margo's dress had slid clean off of her shoulders during Tom's energetic fondling, leaving her tits wonderfully exposed to Tom's eyes, and Margo suddenly found that she didn't mind at all that she was giving Nicolette an eyeful. She was just so hot right now, so filled with passion that she wanted nothing more to do than to share it with someone. Anyone. Everyone.

"I, I'm sure you're...I mean, we have...I just, I have to ask you..." Nicolette trailed into silence, watching the two of them fuck. Margo's dress had ridden up around her hips now, exposing smooth expanses of leg to go with her taut stomach and gorgeous tits, and Margo moaned loudly as she felt Tom cum inside her. She couldn't stop, though, she just kept riding him, and his cock didn't even soften for a second as they kept fucking.

"I have to ask..." Nicolette's eyes went vacant for a moment as she watched them fuck, following the motion of Margo's body. "Can I join you?" she blurted out suddenly.

Without even speaking a word, Margo grabbed Nicolette's blouse and pulled the other woman towards them, dragging her down into a passionate embrace.

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