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Working girl goes down to go up, with predictable results

She covered her face as I lowered her shorts down her legs and she stepped out of them and handed them to our captor. He raised them to his nose and smelt the crotch I had been day dreaming of earlier. I felt so excited as she stood there in just in her t-shirt and panties. Her panties were awesome. A simple string bikini, white lace and very sheer. Her sweat had made them even more sheer, and I could see the triangle of her pubic hairs in the middle. Some hairs peeped out the sides. Our captor was looking very intently at her pussy. "Wow, sexy panties, an expensive looking brand! Now lets find out how it smells," The man said. He was still sniffing at her sweaty shorts.

He handed her pants to me and then knelt in front of her again and brought his face to her pantied crotch and sniffed loudly again. I stepped out of her line of sight and brought the shorts to my nose. Just like I had imagined, her mixture of sweat, perfume and pussy made them smell like a dream come true.

"Wow, this is a lot better, it smells like pussy now. Go ahead young man; sniff It." he instructed me. I went down on my knees again and sniffed her crotch again. This was exactly what I had been dreaming of for ages and I was now able to fulfill my dream! I had never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I would be able to act out my deepest fantasy.

He asked me what I thought.

"Smells good," I said looking up at the sexy woman. She looked down at me, the look on her face almost one of gratitude. Almost is if to thank me for paying her a compliment.

I could see that our captor was starting to get agitated. "Tell me the truth!" he demanded.
I looked at her again, her eyes looked sad; she just shrugged and looked away. I sniffed her panty-clad pussy again. "It smells musky," I said

"What else?" The man said.

"Sexy" I replied

"What else?" he demanded.

"Intoxicating" I whispered.

He then ordered me to take off her panties. I could see that she was not even trying to argue this time. I knelt down between her legs and slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties, my fingers brushing her warm, smooth skin. I could see that the gusset of her panties was quite wet now, The gusset of her panties sticking between her legs from her moisture. As I slipped her panties down I saw that she had a beautiful looking pussy, she had a thick mat of light pubic hairs and I could see the outline of her slit through the hair.

The man took the panties from me and turned them inside out, bringing them to his nose and sniffing them once again. "Yes," he said "a beautiful, musky pussy. This is exactly what a pussy should smell like." He leant across and brought them to my nose. I sniffed them eagerly. They smelt exactly how I would have imagined they would. I looked over at the woman and noticed that her head was hanging down in embarrassment, her cheeks flushed. I took the opportunity to sniff again, they were very strong smelling, it must have been the mixture of her feminine juices and the sweat from running. Even after he took them away her feminine aroma lingered on my nose.

He lifted the panties to her nose and told her to sniff her own pussy odor. She had little choice but to sniff her own panties. Her nose crinkled slightly but I was sure that she had not found them nearly as distasteful as she was expecting. She had almost a look of relief on her face.

" Now tell me what you smell lady?" he asked.

" This is the natural smell of a woman especially when we sweat." She said. I could see her starting to become indignant as she continued. "We can't do anything about it. I didn't like the smell at all and I don't know how people like you can enjoy it! Its gross!"
Our captor just laughed at her and I could see she was starting to become angry again. I just hoped that she wouldn't do anything stupid. I didn't want either of us to get hurt.

He knelt in front of her once again and ordered her to spread her legs wider.

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