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Older Uber driver plus porn and younger woman.

His girlfriend was with him the entire European leg of the tour; she was much taller than him and very beautiful. It was pretty obvious she adored him. One awkward trip, he was in the window seat she was next to him and I was on the aisle seat. She couldn't keep her hands off of him, and I had to pretend to not see her rubbing his crotch and nibbling his neck. I had to put my jacket in my lap to prevent anyone from seeing how this was raising my interest, at one point I glanced up and he looked at me, flashed an embarrassed grin and shrugged his shoulders.

We had a couple of weeks off between the tours; once we got back together I could see something had changed. First off his girlfriend was not around as much. I also caught him looking at me a lot more with those penetrating eyes, like he was trying to figure out something important and I was the key to solving it.

He also took to drinking a great deal. Not to say he was a tee-totaler before, but one or two beers was usually it, but after the first show in London, he managed to down four beers before I had my first one opened.

The band and I talked about it one night after he had taken off for the hotel. Some guessed lady troubles, others the burden of sudden fame, I couldn't put my finger on it but I knew there was more to it.

One night he came on to me, at first I thought he was joking, but I could see by the little-boy-lost look he had that he meant it. He further confounded me by freaking out when I tried to take him up on it later that evening, and then the next morning he wouldn't look me in the eye.

I told myself I didn't need a sexually confused nutcase in my personal life, and I considered calling it a day and letting this gig go, but a quick mental tallying of my finances made me resolve to just give him a wide berth and keep in on the purely professional.

The turning point was when the guys in the band decided the travelling movie one day would be a soft-core porno. I had a raging hard-on and it gave me the courage to force my hand with him. I went to the room at the back of the bus and let myself in. He was sound asleep on his back, his lips slightly parted which made me get even more turned on. I knelt next to him and pulled his shirt open and started kissing him on the neck the same way his girlfriend did that one day.

After a few minutes his eyes opened and he sat up, pushing me away. I could see that he was both turned on and a bit scared, but I didn't relent even when he protested that this was not the time or place for this. Instead I pulled him to me and stuck my cock in his mouth. I half expected him to protest but he didn't.

I knew he hadn't done it before, his tentative attempts made me nuts. I unfortunately lost it, and wound up essentially mouth raping him. He flipped out once I let him go, his eyes were positively murderous, I really thought he was going to kill me right then and there. I slunk back to my seat and waiting for him to come after me.

I laid low for the rest of that day. I knew I had really fucked up and I figured at any time I was going to be told I was fired or worse he would find me and beat the living shit out of me. And I would have it coming. Strangely though he didn't. I was made bold by this and laid in wait for him after the show and made a move. I somehow charmed him into letting me into his room that night. I couldn't believe my luck although part of me wondered if I was going to get that beating I deserved instead.

I showered and headed to his room, the door was unlocked so I just jumped into the room and tore off my robe. The scene that greeted me wasn't quite what I expected. There he was all right, his small but chiselled bod wrapped only in a towel. But there was also the matter of his very naked girlfriend. He shot me a look of pure horror and then lost all colour in his face.

She may have been a pretty chick but she was no airhead, it took her less than a minute to size up the situation and she yanke

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