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Darlin' meets someone new.

The coach began to sway violently from side to side and I could see the alarm growing in Clarissa's eyes. With presence of forethought, I ordered the maid to exchange cloaks with me, which we quickly did. I then handed her my purse and switched sides with her, so she was facing forward.

We heard a few shots then all was quiet as the coach rolled to a stop. In moments, the door was pulled open and a dastardly looking brigand stuck his head inside.

"You be the lady?" he asked of Clarissa who merely blushed and nodded. "Never had me a lady." With that, he grabbed Clarissa by the ankles, pulling her to the floor of the coach. She screamed and I let out a gasp of horror as the man shoved her skirts up about her waist as he undid his breeches. Once they were undone, his swollen manhood popped up and pressed itself between poor Clarissa's ivory thighs.

He was buried within her in an instance and I shall never forget the cries of pain and horror she gave. His foul odor filled the coach as he rutted like a beast upon my poor girl. Tears rolled down her cheeks as he grunted his last and filled her with his passion. When he removed himself, the swinging lights of the coach gave proof to my poor Clarissa's innocence as her virgin blood speckled the insides of her thighs.

What fierce circumstances had led us to this! Trembling, I pressed myself tightly into the corner of the coach, vainly hoping to pass notice. It was not to be. The brigand, finished with poor Clarissa dragged her from the floor of the coach and tossed her to the ground outside, inviting his compatriots to have at her. Then his crooked eye alighted upon my quivering frame and one lecherous hand reached for my ankle.

I screamed loudly and began to plead for my innocence. Huge tears lay poised upon my lashes but he would not be swayed. Up went my skirts about my waist as he pushed a finger inside my most private place. I squirmed and wiggled to escape his dastardly clutches but he only chuckled and made some remark about my being hot and wet for him.

I could not help but to notice the manly fullness of his length and width as his fingers pried me open for his use. My eyes must certainly had to have been as big as saucers as he chuckled and said, "You be wanting some of this, girl? Now admit you do."

It being two years gone now since the passing of my beloved husband, Terrance, Lord Sutterby, I could only swallow and nod my head swiftly. It was soon to be enough as he pushed his enormous tool into me with one swift movement, quickly filling me.

Oh but how I moaned to be so well used! His girth was much more than my departed husband's and it felt so much more fulfilling. My hips could not help but to rise of their own violation, urging him to come even deeper into my scented well.

My poor lonely, unused body ached for the touch of a man. It flew against his as he plunged into me again and again, my thighs squeezing around his thick waist and pulling him even tighter against me. The coach began to rock violently with the motions our bodies made and I could hear his companions' laughs and comments about the boss having found a hot one. I blushed furiously but neither would my need nor my body be denied as I urged him to use me without mercy with soft mews and a tightening of my grip.

Oh too quickly I heard his roar of pleasure and his seed filled me, my own pleasure matching his own as I cried with delight. He lay panting above me for a moment before slipping his well-used manhood from my body and, pulling me by my legs, dragging me to him. He pressed his slick rod to my lips and grunted, "Aye, you'll be cleaning me now, girl."

Greedily I took the wet cock inside my mouth. The mixed taste of Clarissa's virginity, his cum and my passion was precious nectar I shall not soon forget. My tongue was all too eager to lick every drop from him and soon he was as clean as a newborn babe.

He retrieved his breeches and rallied his men, advising the brigands they had tarried too long.

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