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What will Anna do?

"I don't mean I am cooling on the idea don't worry." My face had obviously fallen somewhat. "All I am asking is can we set aside an afternoon, as I appreciate that you wont be able to spend a night with me, in fact I would rather you don't as your wife would probably suss us out if you did that." While she spoke her hand rubbed mine as I gripped her bum. "Can we spend an afternoon together? A nice hotel room? I can sort it out don't worry I have a very discrete friend."

We then spent a short time walking along the riverside talking and just sharing each other's company. All day I had imagined having sex with Claire and yet now we were unlikely to do anything yet I was walking on air. When we parted we had arranged a date and time at which we would meet again and then spend an unhurried afternoon together.


On the big day I woke up and conducted myself as I would on any occasion when I had a meeting at the London offices. I shaved, dressed in my business suit, with perfect white cotton boxer shorts underneath. I travelled a little earlier than normal so that I could deal with the work as quickly as possible and then excuse myself for an afternoon off. Then I left the office and walked hurriedly across the city to the address of the hotel that Claire had given to me when we had met.

The lobby was very nice and I realised that, although it was not the Hilton, this was a quality hotel. Straightaway I saw Claire sitting down reading a broadsheet newspaper. She was dressed in a smart black knee length skirt with a white blouse. To anyone seeing her she would have looked like a businesswoman, when she saw me she put her paper down and rose to greet me, she kissed me lightly on the cheek.

"Hi honey." She whispered in my ear.

"You look beautiful Claire." I said.

"Thank you. Shall we go to our room?" I nodded in reply.

She walked up to the reception and spoke with the receptionist. I saw the woman behind the desk smile then look across to me and grin. I guessed that this was Claire's friend. Then Claire walked back to me with a room key in her hand. We both walked to the lifts and made our way to 'our room'.


The room was a fairly small yet pleasant room. It had a double bed and an on-suite bathroom. I noted that a holdall was on the bed. Claire saw my eyes move to the bag. "Don't worry I brought it up earlier. I brought some items to help us enjoy this afternoon." She opened the bag and removed several things. "First things first I think you need to help me to relax!" With that she walked into the bathroom. From the bedroom I heard the sound of water beginning to fill the bathtub. Then Claire walked back into the room with two bathrobes over her arms. "While the bath fills would you like to undress me?" She asked.

Standing in front on me she place the fluffy robes on the bed before placing her hands on her hips and facing me. She was so beautiful and now I was going to see her completely naked for the first time. I rose from the bed and my hands moved to the front of her blouse and I began to unbutton it. As each button undid I eased the material apart so that her soft skin was exposed. Her lovely young breasts were encased in a pretty white lace bra. When the top was open I lifted the cotton from the shoulders. My hands rubbed her shoulders and moved up to hold her face. I moved forward and we began to kiss. Her soft gentle lips eased apart allowing me to kiss her fully. As we embraced my hands moved slowly and deliberately down her back until I reached the clasp of her bra. In seconds the strap was parted and I loosened the garment and freed her young firm breasts.

I broke our embrace and slowly kissed down her body until my mouth had reached the swell of her right breast.

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