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Megan Fox is not who she's supposed to be.

For a man who had not been with anyone for a while he had stamina, not that I was complaining, it had been too long since I'd been with Charles, so I was enjoying myself.

Then I began to detect the tell-tale signs of an orgasm approaching first his breathing quickened, and I felt his nuts contract, but what gave it away completely was when he grabbed hold of my head, held on and shoved his cock down my throat so deep that my lips hit his pelvic bone as his cum jetted down my throat as he moaned out "Ohhhhhh...fffuuck!" I felt his warmth hit my esophagus as I squeezed his nuts as he released another jet. When he was done I pulled off of him and watched as his cock slowly dipped its head into the water. I poured more champagne and swallowed it down...then poured another. He panted for a bit, unable to speak and just stared at me then smiled. "I needed that, I really did...thank you" he said.

I leaned my upper body onto the deck and felt the warmth of the sun baked wood on my skin, which exposed my ass to world. I felt his hand on my back and make its way down my to my cheeks and curious fingers probing my opening. Leaning in he whispered "I hope you will let me fuck you also" he said.

I rolled over to look at him and said "I'd be disappointed if you didn't. I loved having your cock buried inside me...nothing ever felt so good," I said rolling back over as his hand reacquainted itself with my ass. I then added "I hope you have enough cum left".

"Oh, I think I can manage," he said. One of the nice things about Archer was that he didn't have to have conversation with his intimacy. Charles both liked to talk and sometimes he liked to just enjoy the moments without any talk. Where Charles liked to work up to something, Archer liked to 'do' what was on his He was poking around my entrance dipping a finger to the knuckle, pulling out...shoving it in deeper...pulling out...when suddenly I felt him shove three fingers to the knuckle all at once. Not that it was painful, just unexpected and I howled in bliss "Yes!" and he started rolling his three fingers into me like turning a doorknob eventually adding a fourth. He had lubed his hand while I was enjoying the sun and decided to see if I could handle a little fist action.

Charles had once talked to me about it...but we never went far with it. We had only gotten as far as four fingers to his knuckle but we never went passed that. Well, Archer started where Charles had stopped...only he did not work me up to it and just shoved his fingers as deep as he could. But we did not go any further. I was not quite ready for that because that was a bit too extreme and given the girth of his So he finger fucked me for a while. He had me sit up and face him and had his fingers in my ass again...watching I enjoyed his finger fucking me. We finished the champagne and he went to get another, already chilled. By the time we had half that bottle down, we were tiring of the hot tub. We both got out and left our clothes were we took them off and headed inside. I noticed that Archer had taken the gallon jug of lube with us. It was clear that his intentions were to use it on me. I had no objections.

By the time we were inside it was obvious that Archer was ready for something to happen by the fact that his cock was once again at attention. Where Charles was patient and methodical, Archer was impatient and...well...horny. He was a very good looking guy, with all the right stuff, only he had been unsuccessful in his attempts at finding someone he could see regularly. His choice of moving to our small town was so that he could have a nice quiet place to come to on occasion. I later learned that he kept an apartment in the city where he often stayed for reasons of business, but never for 'private' entertaining. He was all business and he was serious about serious that it was detrimental to his personal life.

He worked out every day, cycling thro

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