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Her plan was my one night stand.

He'd worked damn hard, and she threw all that effort into his face. 'Not good enough', was what she said. She wanted someone who would pay her attention, and think of her. Then he found out the guy was wealthy, and she was the one paying him attention. In return she was paid in presents, and expensive indulgences, like the sports car.

It was difficult getting down on her knees, while wearing such high heels. She managed though. He guessed she'd practiced this pose, as well as the rest of the act. Her lips formed an, 'O', shape, and her tongue flicked out, wetting them. They were already glossy, now the rosebud lips looked so very sexy.

She crawled to him, looking hungry for his cock. She had certainly put a lot of effort into this. He had to remember what she had done, otherwise he might relent.

She pulled his cock from the jeans. Looking up at him, she licked her full pouting lips. A sensuous, sultry look, was followed by a kiss on the head of his cock. Wetting his hardness with her tongue, it licked up and down its full length. She was working on him with enthusiasm. Again the kiss on the end of his cock, only this time she sucked its head between her lips.

He watched his cock disappear between her lips, further and further into her mouth. His cock was being sucked into her mouth, deeper and deeper. There was no telltale bulge in her cheek, which meant only one thing. He felt the head of his cock push to the back of her throat. There was a hesitation, then a tight grip as she swallowed his cock.

He sat back with his hands locked behind his head, watching her. She had certainly learnt a new skill. On the occasional birthday, she had reluctantly sucked on his cock, but it hadn't been a deep throat job. She was sucking on him like a Hoover. She licked the underside of his cock, gave a powerful suck, then swallowed it.

Up she came again, to repeat the process. Sensing he was near to completion, she began to nod her head faster. None of the finesse of a moment ago, she was going for it. He marvelled at how professional she seemed. How on earth had she learned this technique?

He needed to warn her, but gritted his teeth instead. He couldn't talk, just groan. She had never liked his cum in her mouth, as she said it tasted salty, and of urine. She must have guessed, yet she continued to work her mouth up and down his shaft. She was gripping it tight. Maybe it would be revenge to spurt into her mouth.

There was no decision to make, for he began to pump cum into her mouth. Hell! There was a lot of it, for he hadn't fucked in a long time. Eventually he'd emptied his balls into her mouth. She'd even massaged his scrotum, to extract it all. That was something she certainly wouldn't have done before. She hated the feel of a ball sack.

She rocked back on her heels and opened her mouth. He eventually opened his eyes to see what she was waiting for. Fascinated with the sight of this new woman, squatting at his feet with sticky cum in her mouth, he just lay there wondering what to do.

'Swallow,' he eventually managed to croak.

She made a big effort to make it seem like a gallon of the stuff being swallowed.

'That was awesome,' he whispered.

'Thank you, sir. Perhaps a tip is in order?' she fished.

'Yea, most certainly,' he confirmed.

She smiled at him, looking grateful. She sucked his flaccid cock into her mouth, and sucked it clean. Tucking it in carefully, she looked up at him.

'I hope I've pleased you, sir,' she asked.

'Yea, really,' he smiled.

He pulled himself together, while she crawled across the floor, showing off a cute heart shaped ass. He admired it for a moment or two. A thin ribbon split her cheeks. Stockings and suspenders framed it. She really did have a cute ass.

She got up, and pulled down the dress. Not quickly, just slow enough to make it interesting.

'Have I been here before?' she asked.

'No, honey, not as an escort you haven't,' he informed her.

'Just a familiar layout I guess,' she mused.

She stood waiting for him, giving him a moment to catch on, instead of as

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