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A walk inside the city quickly turns to a night of enjoyment.

I am taken aback by her voluptuous figure. The swell of her breasts cupped and concealed by the fabric of her top are not large, but they jiggle invitingly as she moves. My mouth waters at the thought of ripping the triangular cloth off and suckling them. Her torso is not slender, but flows smoothly downward to her small waist. Her hips flare out and taper down like a mermaid's tail, she truly seems meant for the sea. She turns away from me, looking around again. With her back to me, she plays with the strings on the sides of her bottom and then giggles again at her own musings.

I want to be the one to evoke that sound from her lips and bring the waves in again to draw her attention back to me. She turns around, smiling. For a moment I believe she knows I am there and fear she will run away, but she remains standing on the beach. Her smile strikes a cord within me, I feel bewitched by her beauty and I wonder if she is a daughter of Calypso.

I tease her feet again, longing to run my hands along her perfectly tapered calves and firm thighs. Again I am shocked, and wonder if she can hear my thoughts, when she sits upon the sand and waits for the next wave to wash over her lower body. My desire heats the sand and burns hotter at the sight of her laying her body down upon it. I bring my liquid hands forward and rush them up her legs and splash upon her body. Her moan tells me she is enjoying herself as much as I am.

Like lava, the core of my being bubbles in molten liquid fire, but I am afraid to reveal myself to her just yet. I rein in my mounting passion, calming the sand and waves. I let her relax, cuddle her softly with the breeze and dull the ocean sounds to a soothing hum. With her eyes on the heavens, she slowly drifts to sleep and my excitement grows. Once she is in a deep slumber, I lay beside her small frame; stroking her delicate flesh to the rhythm of the sea.


As if in a haze, I slowly turn to my side and become aware the ocean breeze is no longer caressing me. The pleasant touch of thick, fluid fingers gliding along my skin draws my attention.

A soothing shiver sinks into my flesh as the hand trickles down my shoulder, flowing with the curves of my arm. They clasp my fingers briefly before rolling back up. I suddenly realize those fingers belong to a man.

I try to open my eyes, but the sea is still weaving its paralyzing spell. My mind panics, I want to run, to wake up and go home, yet my body feels leaden and heavy, it refuses to respond to my commands. I feel the grip of fear tightening in my chest, leaving me breathless and fighting the sobs building in my throat. My nose begins to sting and tears well up behind my closed eyes. As the first tear seeps through the cracks of my lids, I feel a slight tug in my mind.


I sense her consciousness gradually drawing out from the trance. I prepare myself for the shock she is about to feel once she becomes aware of my presence. A sudden surge of panic fires across my link to her mind. Her senses become my own. I feel the rapid drumming of her heart beating within my chest. An unfamiliar, burning itch creeps through my nose and my eyes swell. Her terror makes me want to comfort her. I lightly brush against her thoughts and wait for her reaction.


I feel a buzzing pressure on the center of my forehead. I focus my attention on the vibrations thrumming within my brain. I concentrate and realize there is another presence within me, not just beside me. It draws me further from myself, I feel as if my mind is being cuddled. The sensation is so affectionate, my fear vanishes in an instant and I find myself wanting more. The sense is so securing, I am reminded of the times I used to cradle my teddy bear for comfort. I feel my body drop away and become aware my eyes are now open. I turn my head slightly to see who is with me.

It is still night time, but somehow he appears to me as if in daylight.

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