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Mike discovers an old video of Ashley.

want it know?"

I nodded my approval. "I can't wait." My voice trembled.

"I know babe. Neither can I." "Seeing you pregnant with my baby is all I think about. My beautiful sister, carrying my healthy inbred baby."

He liked referring to that. Perhaps this incest thing was a turn on for him, so he kept referring to inbreeding. No matter, I was ready to play along as long as he wanted me. That was my only concern. I couldn't think of a life without him now.

"Make love to me bhaiya. I want to be your pregnant whore." I gave him a slutty smile.

He bit into my mouth without another word, holding me hard against himself. My breasts crushed against his hard chest. I opened my fleshy thighs and felt his middle finger open me. He turned it around stretching my warm hole wide then aimed his hard on towards my vagina. Just as I held my breath he rammed it inside me with full force. After a few heavenly strokes he pushed a pillow beneath my hips, so it would help with the pregnancy.

Then began to batter me in earnest. He pumped my pussy and mauled my breasts. I had bite marks down my neck to between my breasts. I was beginning to have a liking for pain. I lifted my legs around his waist while he continued to ram inside me. This gave him deeper penetration and in my heart I began to pray for a miracle.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm,Rudraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," I felt my pussy leak its juices when I came shuddering in his arms.

"Riyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," he came with me and gave me a pussy full of semen.

We lay spent against each other, panting. It was two in the night when we stirred awake. He was still inside me and his penis had hardened again.

"I'll give it a go one more time," he whispered.

"Hmmm," I whispered back.

He turned me around to lie on my stomach. "Now lift just your buttocks," he ordered and I obeyed. Most of my head rested against the pillows, my thighs were raised on my knees while my buttocks jutted back at him. He was ready.

His hard on slipped easily inside me again, perhaps cos I was so wet from our mixed juices. He began with long strokes, which felt comforting after his ramming earlier. He would slide the entire length of his penis almost out then slide it back in . He did this a few times then gradually began to build his tempo.

Every time he rammed inside me it gave deeper penetration, and his balls rubbed against my clitoris heightening my pleasure. I groaned aloud inside the pillow when I came and within a couple of second he had dumped his load inside me as well. We slumped into the mattress, sweating and panting once again from our mutual endeavours. He took the vaginal plug from my bed side drawer and slid it inside me while he slipped out of my bed into his. This is the first time he had fucked me in my bed.

Thankfully by the time ma came to check on me early morning there were no tell tale signs from the night before. Ma is an early riser, she likes to get a head start each day, to pray early in the morning.

"How did you sleep?" she inquired of me.

"Okay, actually better than down there." I answered fulfilling her query.

She nodded. "Tea?"

"Yes." I smiled. Would it be alright for the baby I wondered. I did know that green tea was. Perhaps once I knew I was pregnant I would switch over.

I climbed down two steps at a time and began to prepare tea for the both of us. Bhaiya could do with a little more sleep. I smiled shyly.

I began humming a tune and ma gave me a curious glance but thankfully she didn't question me. She was busy telling the beads of her rosary, chanting mantras. We shared a quiet cup of tea watching sea gulls fish for food, feeding their nestlings perched precariously over the cliff side. Soon bhaiya and I would have acquired a similar role. I smiled shyly again.

"What's with you today?" Ma shook me out of my reverie.

"Nothing," I said without thought, too scared my look might give me away.

"What nothing, you seem ecstatic about something. What is it? Tell me?"

"I told you ma, it's nothing.

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