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A Big sister + porn = trouble.

You ladies will appreciate how I felt; it's awful when you're on the verge of an orgasm and you get hung up.

Gareth was staring at me and I knew why. The rush job of covering up hadn't quite covered enough. I'm sure he couldn't see my genitals but he must have come close, and my breasts were only partially covered.

He'd stared at me at other times but I'd never before given him quite so much to stare at. I could see that my exposure was having an effect on him as witness a growing lump in the region of his groin. I'd seen that happen before as well, but never when I was caught by him on the edge of what promised to be a mighty orgasm.

His gaze changed from salacious to concern as he said, "Are you okay mum, you look tense and your face is flushed?"

"Tense"? My God that was an understatement.

I had to defuse the situation so instead of replying I asked, "How come you're home so early?"

His expression changed to one of smugness. "They let me loose on my first real assignment today. Old Arnold Townsend was supposed to do it but he got sick, so they sent me to do the interview -- a clergyman who says God doesn't exist. They said I could write the interview up at home, so here I am."

"Ah... well, as you're home I'll make us a cup of tea."

I rose but had only gone a couple of paces when Gareth said, "Hey, what's that thing?"

Even as I turned I knew what "that thing" was. Green Man; in the mental, physical and emotional confusion I'd been experiencing I'd forgotten about him.

Gareth picked him up and was weighing him in his hand. "It's all sticky," he said, "What's it used for?"

I could hardly say that it was a pudding mixture stirrer so I raked around for a quick answer.

"It... it's... er... it's what I use for relaxation therapy," I said, and it wasn't really untruthful.

"Relaxation therapy; a length of green plastic; what's that got to do with relaxation?" he laughed.

"Well... well... that's what it's for."

"Show me; show me how you use it to relax yourself."

"No, it's private."

He looked at it more closely and said, "Do you know what it looks like, it looks like... hey, it buzzes and it's trembling."

He'd fiddled with the vibration control.

I tried to snatch Green Man from him but he pulled it away from me.

"It looks like a penis," he chuckled.

By that stage I was close to hysteria and yelled out, "That's what it's supposed to look like."

He looked at me questioningly. "It's... it's one of those things... what are they called... that women use to...?"

"Dildo... a dildo... " I said wearily.

"You mean you... you use this to...?"

As I've said, it had been one of those days, and this was the last straw. I don't often cry but now the tears came.

Gareth came to me, put his arm round me and said, "Come on mum, sit down."

He took me back to the divan and sat beside me, his arm still round me.

"It's okay mum, I have to do a similar thing except I don't need a gadget to do it with."

"Gareth," I wept, "I have to have something. I've made sure you didn't have to put up with a stepfather or 'uncles.' You probably think I'm a neuter, but I'm not, I've got feelings and that's how I cope with them."

He kissed me on the forehead and said, "I never thought you were neuter mum and I've often wondered why you never took on a man. You did it for me."

"Yes and no," I said. "I did it for you, but I did it for me as well."

"For you?"

"Do you know where your father is?"


"Have you ever seen him?"


"Have you ever heard from him?"


"Neither have I, so is it any wonder I don't have anything to do with men?"

"You mean he hurt you so badly."

"You've got it."

"But not all men are... "

"Perhaps not, but why take the risk; now give me Green Man."

"Green man? Oh yes, I see."

I decided not to tell him about Purple Man who lived in my bedside cabinet, Gareth had seen and heard enough already, or so I thought.

He handed me Green Man saying, "How do you use it?" He chuckled and went on, "I suppose if I

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