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Filthy Frank receives a surprise visit from a teenage girl.

I shared this; I couldn't understand why he was still here! He walked back towards Alex on the chair, leant over him, and without making eye contact, wrote a message into my conversation.

Tom says: just how long have you been watching me, Anna?

I couldn't believe it. I had to gather myself in order to make sense when speaking now.

Anna says: watching you? How so?

Tom says: you know what I mean. Staring at me as I walk by, catching my eye in the common room. I've seen you do it. You know I've seen you doing it, you always blush so much. Alex knows it too, don't you little brother?

Alex looked into the camera a moment, with a pretty sheepish look on his face. My mouth dropped open indignantly.

Anna says: you TOLD him? What have you said to him?

Of course, Alex didn't have any time to answer now. The computer belonged to Tom now, he was the one in charge. Alex got up, and moved to the yellow chair in the corner, leaving Tom to sit in the black leather chair.

Tom says: it happens when we're forced to spend too much time together. One car journey, one traffic jam. It didn't take me long to get it out of him, really. You know how persuasive I am, Anna...

The twinge that I had lost momentarily when he first walked in started to return. The sight of Alex naked with Tom in the room, and the way I was being spoken to only made me worse.

Anna says: well no, actually I think that's one side of you that I haven't yet experienced. Is it as endearing as your arrogance?

Tom said nothing, but turned around to face his twin and pulled him to a standing position. As I sat in my cold bedroom on one side of town, my boyfriend and his twin kissed on the other. One fully naked, one fully clothed. I had to say, I didn't see an awful lot of persuasion present, but I wasn't really concentrating on that as I watched them.

I was hypnotised by what I was seeing, and as the kiss got deeper so did my attraction. It lasted for a minute, and when Tom pulled back he was smiling somewhat cheekily. The look on Alex's face was somewhere between horny and confused, and I didn't blame him, for I could understand what he would be thinking. I couldn't comprehend Tom's reasoning for what he was doing, but I wasn't going to complain.

Anna says: I didn't see a lot of persuasion there, Tom.

Tom says: you're not meant to have done. The real persuasion comes now.

I saw Alex's lips move in speech, and he moved to type, letting Tom stand behind him. As Alex began to type, Tom stepped neatly out of his clothes, almost as a porn star would. As he was quite a bit taller than Alex, he appeared skinnier, but the muscles in his arms were much more toned and defined. He was an impressive sight naked, that was for sure, and now I was faced with two gorgeous naked bodies on the screen in front of me.

Alex says: I think you're going to get your way, Anna...

I knew what he meant. For months I had fantasised about Tom and Alex together. The idea excited me somehow; twin brothers, as handsome and sexual as each other in their own ways, making each other come and falling asleep in each others arms. I have to admit, I never thought it would have ever come true. The two were so different, Tom was so aloof most of the time and I'd never have thought that he was the type to fulfil my desires at all. But now, watching the monitor, I knew I was getting my wish.

I stared at the screen, unable to look away as Tom's hands settled on Alex's shoulders. I couldn't tear my eyes away as he slowly turned the chair around, so they were sideways on to the camera facing each other. Alex' head was level with Tom's stomach, and from this angle, their erect cocks were in full view. Tom's hands now rested on the sides of Alex's head, and I was speechless as Alex slowly lowered his lips to the head of Tom's penis, guided but not resisting. Alex had always been good at things first time, and although I was pretty sure he would rather not be in this predicament, he seemed willing to do it.

As his tongue touched the very tip of his brother's cock, I

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