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An arrangement is reached with my landlady.

Anna went to water the plants before bed. They now took up a green house almost an acre in size, all separated by the type of area the plants were discovered in. She had finished half the isles when she saw it, the central plant growing in one of the pots almost in the center of the greenhouse.

Anna knew that it wasn't the plant she had placed in that spot. That plant was now in a pot with another plant, one pot away from the new center. She shook her head in wonder. One plant, one pot. So how did that plant move in with its neighbor and where did the central plant come from?

Anna examined the plant. Except for being much smaller than those she was used to seeing in the wild it was identical. The flower had yet to open and Anna bent to check it out. She was examining the bud when she felt a light touch of a tendril brush the cleavage between her breasts. She looked down, startled, as her jump suit which had been closed all the way to her neck, was now open nearly to her waist. Several of the delicate tendrils had uncurled from the plant and were now brushing against her flesh.

Body heat, she thought. They must be attracted by my body heat. She watched as several more uncurled and fell against her. Anna was distracted at that moment by the flower she had been examining. It opened as she watched. Anna saw a puff of pollen escape the flower. She sniffed the delicate scent.

Her nipples were being pulled and stripped gently. Anna swam up through the haze of sleep, enjoying the sensation of being manipulated. "Kim you're going to get caught if you don't quit sneaking in my..." Anna opened her eyes, no Kim, no bedroom; she was looking up at the ceiling of the greenhouse. Again she felt her nipples being pulled and sucked. She looked down shocked to find the plant tendrils were covering her breasts and had wrapped around her nipples. As she watched it seemed to pull back from her tit without releasing the nipple pulling on them.

Anna started to reach out to unwrap the silly plant, when she discovered that larger, stronger vines had her arms wrapped and smaller tendrils had dug into the floor of the greenhouse, effectively pinning her to the floor. She also discovered that her legs were similarly trapped.

Anna didn't panic but she did scream for help. Repeatedly, with no response. That's when she noticed that the automatic green house lighting was in night mode. How long had she been lying here? It was just past dinner when she came to water the plants. Everyone must have gone to bed, on the other side of the compound, of course. Great, she was stuck until morning.

Still, Anna thought, it's not as if I'm being hurt. Matter of fact, it feels kind of sensual, she watched as the tendril continued to pull at her nipples gently. She lay back, enjoying the feelings and wondering how the plant vines had grown over her arms and legs so quickly. Oh no. She felt another of the plants small feelers slipping up the leg of her suit. Anna squirmed and twisted trying to free herself. It seemed as if the plant held on even tighter. She could feel the progress of the little vine as it curled around her calf and over her knee. She felt another offshoot brush against the under side of her knee.

It caused her to jump. She had always been sensitive to being played with there and the plant was soft and delicate and Oh My God. The tendril was moving again up the inside of her thigh, feeling for all the world like the tongue of a lover licking its way to... Oh no.

The vine tickled as it parted her pussy lips and again she could feel off shoots branching out spreading her lips, curling around her clit. Just like the one pulling her nipples, the one around her clit began a rhythmic pulling.

Anna could feel her body responding to the delicate stimulation.

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