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Savage learns some terrible news.

The floor was clean, the crap was thrown away and the desk looked almost new he had treated it so thoroughly. It really was a nice desk. He was not going to throw that away, although with a languid look round the rest of the office he noted that most of the furniture needed replacing if he was to call it his. He might have just secretly enjoyed a spot of cleaning but he wasn't going to lower his high standards that much.

He turned then, replacing the mop and other cleaning materials in their corner of the store room, then headed into the main part of the store. He puffed out his cheeks, impressed at what he saw. The rubbish truck had clearly arrived, and most of the store's inventory had been chucked into it. Clearly Jenny had not been sentimental in her handling of the old stock - it had all gone in, save the more useful bits that she had set aside, presumably for charity. The cabinets, too, were all but dismantled, and he called out to attract the attention of his staff.

"Bloody hell, you've done a lot," he said, still shocked. "I've got a good team of workers, clearly."

Jenny shrugged with a small smile. "Well, we get the job done."

"I can see. You deserve a break, guys. Go and get a coffee or something, and be back in an hour. You'll be paid, don't worry. You've earnt that."

With one final look round the shop floor, and a shake of his head in awe at the speed of the work done, Daniel stepped back into the store room. He heard the bell that hung above the front door clink as his staff made their way onto the main street to grab refreshments, and wandered back into his office.

He sat on the chair, slowly spinning in place, and wondered if he should have joined them. It would have made for good bonding, after all, and he was going to spending a lot of time with those three people.

Pursing his lips in annoyance that he did not think of it earlier, he sighed, reaching for the drawer that contained his great-grandfather's will. He'd reread it dozens of times by this point, but there was no harm in checking it again.

The noise of his office door opening caused him to jump then. He looked up quizzically to see Jenny strolling in, a wicked grin growing on her face as she caught his eyes.

"Hello," she said simply, stepping further into the office and shutting the door behind her.

"Hello," Daniel replied. He stood, surreptitiously sliding shut the desk drawer as he did so and moving towards the stunning brunette. Daniel's member stirred in his pants at the salacious glint he recognised in the brunette's eyes, and she stepped towards him.

After another moment, he spoke. "You didn't go for coffee?"

"I didn't fancy a coffee. After all that manual labour, I've worked up quite an appetite for... something else. I thought you might be able to help me, Dan."

She lazily turned away then, nonchalantly unhooking the window blinds. They dropped down with a clatter, totally obscuring any view through the glass walls into his office.

"Did you now?" he grinned. "And what would that be?"

Jenny placed her hand on his chest and half-pushed, half-guided him into the chair that rested behind the desk. He thumped down onto it. "I thought I'd climb on top of you and ride your cock."

His grin spread wider. A week or so ago he would have been utterly taken aback by such a forward statement, but getting to know Jenny and the other women of this town had completely changed that.

"Do you think you could let me do that?" she continued, as in the same languid movement she climbed onto the chair after him, stoking her hand down his chest. She knelt on his lap, her calves either side of his thighs, her ass resting on his knees.

He glanced at the clock. "How long do we have?"

"Long enough."

She groaned as she grabbed his t-shirt, yanking it upwards with a glint in her eyes. Daniel laughed, hunching forwards to let her do so, and soon his bare chest was exposed. She pushed him back fully onto the chair, the cool leather against his back, then pressed her mouth against his.

He returned the kiss with passion; the sex infl

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