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Dustin learns about Ronnie's secret, another first for him.

Williams emerged from the shadows, as I'd seen a "For Rent" sign in the upstairs apartment window. I decided to stay where I was until they emerged and, if the car didn't go anywhere once they were in it, I'd sneak up closer; otherwise, I'd maintain the plan to try to follow them.

I was surprised a short while later, after the rest of the employees were gone, when Mr. Moore and Mrs. Williams rounded the corner of the building and, rather than heading for her car, started up the stairs to the apartment. I was pretty sure that the only way to see into the apartment would be through the window next to the door at the top of the stairs, so I'd have to follow them if was going to attempt to see anything. Fortunately, the outside light over the door was not on. I didn't know what part of the apartment that window would look into or what the chances were that I'd actually be able to see anything, but I figured that, with the apartment vacant, the lack of furniture might keep them from wandering too far from the door.

As soon as the door was closed behind them, I slipped stealthily over and up the stairs, then peeked into the window. I was looking into the kitchen, where Mr. Moore and Mrs. Williams stood, making out while his hands were kneading her ass through her short skirt. I didn't have to wonder very long if they might move further into the empty apartment when Mrs. Williams pulled her mouth away from Mr. Moore's, said something I couldn't hear, then dropped to her knees. I felt the blood begin flowing to my cock as she unfastened his belt then opened his jeans. She worked them down a little bit, then fished out his rigid tool and pumped it in her fist before engulfing it between her thick lips.

Mr. Moore's hands went immediately to her hair as he threw his own head back and closed his eyes. With one hand, Mrs. Williams was pumping Mr. Moore's cock while she slid her lips up and down it and, with the other, she was caressing his balls. I did not pull out my cock despite how hard it was because I was going to wait until I saw some of Mrs. Williams' chocolaty skin. I chanced a quick glance down at her ass and became even more anxious to see what was under her short skirt. Fortunately, she didn't spend too much time sliding her thick lips up and down Mr. Moore's tool before standing up and turning her back on us.

She bent over while raising her skirt, just as I'd hoped, then started sliding her panties down, revealing her round, black ass to us. Mr. Moore stepped up behind her and guided his pink tool between her lips, then grasped her by the hips and pulled her back until he was completely embedded and his hips were pressed against her ass. As she reached one hand back between her legs while bracing herself against the kitchen counter with the other, Mr. Moore started to slowly fuck her. Once he had a good rhythm going, he moved his hands up to squeeze her big tits through her blouse while continuing to pump his cock in and out of her.

I still had not extracted my cock because I wanted to see her tits and, hopefully, her pussy while I was stroking off, though I was not expecting to see her naked. In the meantime, I was watching her ass jiggle each time Mr. Moore's hips tapped against it. I noticed that her panties were still around her ankles and, combined with her skirt around her waist, I found this surprisingly erotic. I also realized that I could hear her moaning coming through the window and it sounded like it was getting louder around the same time it appeared that she was pushing back against his incoming thrusts. I hoped that Mr. Moore wasn't close to being done because I didn't want to end up dashing down the stairs without seeing more of Mrs. Williams' flesh and without having a chance to cum myself.

As had been the case quite a bit since I started my new hobby, I completely lucked out.

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