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Babe is blackmailed & humiliated in office.

I have seen many eyes and hers stood out. They were hollow as the dead but I could see a slight glint of hope and strength in them. She coughed and winced bringing me back from the depths of her painful eyes. I carried the girl to an abandoned house where I placed her broken form down on a cot left behind by previous inhabitants. She screamed in agony as I put her down. Her hand flew to her chest.

"I can't breathe too much pressure...."

I ripped her dress from her chest and stared down at her breasts which would have been a magnificent sight, their roundness and shape more beautiful then Venus herself. The creamy color and ripe little nipples a sensational sight. I gasped at the extent of colorful bruises that extended from under her breast until her rib cage ended. I slowly and without too much pressure began to feel the bones across the cage of her heart, many broken and snapped. She had only a few nights to live. I looked back up into those swirling eyes of hurt and sighed. The pain was so strong it made my heart skip a few beats. Never in all my life, or lives all 172 years had I seen such a deep mounting pain and such a small glare of light protruding from the darkness a light of hope of wanting to survive. Of wanting to be happy. I did not know why she was a girl who pleasured men for money, I did not know why her pain seemed to delve straight into my heart and I did not know why I wanted to save her. When you have been a cursed creature for as long as I had there was nothing worth saving from death, nothing worthy of attention and understanding, all people began to feel like a repeat. I couldn't count how many women begged to be with me, how many would die to be loved by me, but not once had I cared about them. This woman wounded and without the heart to carry on got to me made me feel as if I were her only chance at life.

"I am going to die aren't I?" she whispered somberly.

I didn't answer instead I hesitated, as a vampire I do not ever hesitate to be truthful.

"Its only fair, after all a whore has no life..."

She grabbed for something to relieve the pain and found my hand, she grabbed it firmly and then smiled slightly.

"Think god would let me in heaven, or am I going to be one of many in hell?"

Was she really asking this? I didn't know what to say only that I was sorry.


She held onto that one word the stranger whispered and slowly began to let herself die. His hand was cold, as cold as death. Death was mounting her taking her into her grave.

"Thank you for the hand, it feels a bit easier to die when someone is sad for me." she tried to smile but failed her young mouth collapsing into a frown. Her sadness overwhelming me. Her eyes haunted my very existence.

I could cure her ailments if I bound her to my own heart's steady beat. Cleaver mistake thinking creatures of the night didn't have a heart, infact they felt more emotions then humans. Would she want this, this gift? She would not be immortal unless I willed it so... but to live? What would she have to go back to?

"If I could have lived life differently I would have been a angel." She laughed but it sounded like a tangled cry. "You know my mama died when I was young and my father sold me to an Irish man. He was kind to me..." She coughed.

"Then he died when I was 14, I turned to selling myself..."

This girl spilling her heart into my emotions so strong I felt like I had known her for years. Her sad tale was nothing new, the desperate streets had thousands of sad endings but hers crept into my heart and made the organ hurt the way she hurt.

"You know today is my birthday, 16 I am."

I blinked my green-gold eyes at her and frowned. This girl was but a child. I tried to think of the many I met with cruel fate, the many who had been too young to die but passsed anyway the ones I could have saved but let die.

"Would you care for a kiss?" The first real words I had spoken to her.

"Even on my deathbed you wish me to waken your prick?" She sounded dis

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