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Two cyber-lover plans a trip to meet each other.

He caught up to Orsolya, and they ran side by side to the cave. "Orsolya, when we arrive you must stay back. You must not endanger the cubs."

Orsolya ignored him, her thoughts centered on her sister. She felt Zs__lya's searing pain and spine-chilling fear, but her sister's thoughts were so jumbled Orsolya couldn't understand what had happened. She didn't notice the huge black wolf and panther catch up to them.

In minutes they had reached the cave. Orsolya, please, wait here. Guillame's pleading through their bond reached her, and she came to a stop outside the cave. Her sides heaved as she tried to catch her breath. She watched as her mate, father, and grandmother entered the cave. She waited for what seemed like hours to her but was actually mere seconds. The three quickly reappeared at the entrance to the cave.

"She is shielding her thoughts. She must have realized she let down her guard and is blocking us again." __rtur called to his daughter. "Zs__lya, please, tell us where you are so we can help you. We are close."

The red panther paced, her snarling punctuated with intermittent growls as she pondered what she would do to the animal that dared harm her sister. Guillame watched her protectively. He had a sense of foreboding that this would not end well.

__rtur found Zs__lya's scent and the four weres followed it through the woods. She couldn't be that far ahead of them. But __rtur smelled the scent of another, one that he didn't know. "Zs__lya, we are coming." __rtur felt a heaviness in his heart. He had seen the blood in the cave and knew it belonged to his daughter.

The betas had caught up to them now and joined the Alpha in trailing the scent of his daughter and her attacker. The pack of wolves and the two panthers ran for miles, climbing into the mountains.


Zs__lya ran as fast as she could, ducking branches, trying to elude the black wolf who followed closely behind her. The only advantage she had was her familiarity with the landscape. He was bigger than she, stronger, and his urge to mate made him more dangerous. She heard the movement behind her, the ragged breathing of the male. As she ran, she warred with herself about whether she should call to her father for help. Would it change anything? She knew her fate. Her father couldn't change it.

She continued to run and began the steep climb up the mountainside. She knew what she must do. She could not mate with this wolf. He was evil. He would seek to control her, to control the visions. She couldn't let that happen. He had laid his claim to her wolf who already wanted to stop and finish the mating. She could not allow it!

She was amazed at how fast her mind could work as she ran from the stranger. If she stopped and allowed her wolf to complete the mating she could call to her father. He would kill the male. But he would be her mate, and her wolf would be desolate. How could she function if her wolf was not in agreement with her?

Zs__lya ran blindly through the rocky terrain. She didn't know how close he was behind her. She didn't care. She ran until her lungs burned. Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would burst in her chest. She didn't care. She could see her goal. She would make it. He was close, but not close enough.

She finally reached the top of the rocky crag. The wind swirled around her. She stopped and looked back at the fast approaching black wolf. She looked away and out over the cliff. It was a beautiful cold autumn day. The clouds began to drop large white flakes of snow. She looked up and blinked as the cold snow landed on her face. She closed her eyes and spoke to her family. "I love you all."

She crouched down for just a moment before hurtling herself over the side to the ground far below.

The black wolf struggled to stop before going over the cliff himself.

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