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A friendly football wager turns into a life changing week.

She repeated the action on the other arm, and was totally nude.

I simply stood, penis buried to the hilt, with my hands akimbo. I was an onlooker to a perfect sensuous feline ballet, a striptease of exquisite movement, and almost unearthly beauty.

I still had my shoes, and socks on. My trousers were around my ankles, but otherwise I was fully dressed. I was even wearing a tie! It was time for me to catch up. I hooked off my shoes and socks. I stepped gingerly out of my trousers so as not to dislodge my cock. We were still coupled, and had been for well; well, over half an hour. I undid my tie, took off my shirt, and leant my body to hers. My penis was still erect. It had not visited for a while, so it was happy in her arse.

Slowly I slipped my hands under her arms, over her bare skin, and under her breasts. I touched them for the first time that day, for the first time in a week. I weighed each in turn, gently massaged them, but not touching her nipples. She began to purr.

My middle fingers parted to move either side of her nipples. Momentarily I thought that they might not be welcoming, that was silly of me. They were completely erect, thick, long, hard, and as wonderful as ever. I clamped my fingers, in a now familiar movement, two on two either side of her teats.

I gently pulled on each only to feel a small bead of milk form on both tips. I gathered the nectar from each onto my fingers. I was unwilling to waste a drop. I slowly removed my hands, and licked her love off my fingers. Gently I found her nipples and milked them again. More beads slipped out. I gathered them to feed her.

Suddenly we were both ravenously hungry.

I pulled my cock from her backside with great care. When we were uncoupled she began to finish preparing lunch. It was almost as though I had not been into her most private hole, except that we were totally at one with each other's actions. Little was said. I laid the table, and we prepared to eat in the nude.

Food had become an erotic adventure.

We had started feeding each other, in public, at the posh hotel where we had eaten at the end of our second week of discovery. We had breakfasted off each other on the morning after our first night together.

We changed the game yet again.

A huge rug was spread on the hard stone kitchen floor. Food was brought down to our new level, and we decided to eat there.

She lay on her back, stark naked, her glorious bush exposed as her legs were slightly apart. Her smell was everywhere. I spread everything that we liked best spread over her breasts, and down across her flat stomach.

Short curls of smoked salmon were wound around the thickness of her erect nipples. Short curls of salad were entwined into her bush. Potato salad was dolloped on her stomach, and some freshly made dressing dripped into her belly button. She lay completely still, her eyes closed.

This may sound a little like a bit of D. H. Lawrence. No, it was entirely of our own invention. My job was to kneel beside her, to pick, choose, and hold morsels in my mouth.

I feed her, as she needed. She did not know what was coming next. Her eyes remained tight shut. It was part of her adventure.

I took a curl of smoked Salmon from a nipple. I slipped my mouth over the end of her tear, and sucked with infinite care. A bead of milk formed on the tip. It was wiped off into the curl of the smoked fish, and gently lowered to her lips. She opened her mouth, and it dropped in. She ate. Salmon and fresh mother's milk was a completely new, unique, culinary experience for us both.

Towards the end of lunch we began to talk, until then we had hardly spoken a word since my 'phone call to say that I was near.

Our conversation alighted onto dildos. She wondered if we wanted to use them? Then she asked if we were interested in double penetration? It had been described in great detail, and with some ecstasy, in a French novel that she had just finished?

We were not interested in involving

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