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A Parable.

Brent walked with an air of confidence as he knew his stud friend was watching him. He rolled his buttocks as he ascended the stairs and had a swagger that said come and fuck me. Walt felt his cock harden as he walked behind and stared at the perfect ass. He knew that within minutes he would be sliding his slippery cock into a soapy asshole.

Walt stripped off his clothes and left them on Brent's bed before he entered the bathroom and joined Brent in the shower. He washed the blonde's effeminate body and paid particular attention to the most desirable ass. He stood behind him and washed Brent's chest and abs. Slowly Walt's hands made their way down to Brent's curvy ass. He cupped the luscious buttocks in his hands as he soaped up the flawless bottom. He fingered the anus as he soaped up his cock. Brent leaned forward slightly placing his hands on the shower wall and arched his back so that his ass pushed backward. Walt eased his cock into Brent's soapy asshole as he held onto the blonde's hips.

Brent groaned seductively as the big dick entered his asshole. Walt fucked him slowly and watched his cock slide out of the shapely ass, a sight of which he never tired. He was so turned on that he felt his release building quicker then he planned. However, there was no stopping him and his balls tightened as he unloaded in Brent's ass. Walt held onto to the soft hips and drove his cock deep into Brent's asshole. Brent felt the molten sperm fill his asshole to overflowing and instinctively used his anal muscles to milk the pulsating cock.

"Oh Walt I feel it! I feel you cumming in me. It feels so good keep fucking me," Brent blurted.

Walt stayed hard and kept fucking Brent. He could feel his own semen surround his cock as he continued to fuck the hot ass. He sensed that he would stay hard and he was pleased that he could continue to fuck the incredible ass. Brent realized that Walt would fuck him until he ejaculated again and he began to stroke his own cock. Brent hoped that Walt would jerk him off while he fucked his ass.

"Walt, play with me. Play with my cock. Make believe it's a big clit. Stroke it for me just like you stroke a girl's clit," Brent begged.

Brent didn't know it but Walt had jerked off the cocks of the cute gays in Europe that he fucked. So he was no stranger when it came to that. He grabbed a hold of the small cock and jerked it off as he fucked Brent's ass. He lasted much longer this time but he still felt a huge load building in his balls. Just as he came in the blonde ass a second time, Brent screamed that he was cumming. Walt stroked him quicker and he looked over his friend's shoulder as Brent ejaculated. Brent's cum shot out of his cock and splattered against the shower wall. He actually liked seeing Brent cum and watching the spunk shoot out of the little cock.

They let the shower water cascade over their bodies and cleanse them of all semen. Next they dried off and walked naked back into Brent's bedroom. Brent picked up Walt's clothes off the bed and placed them on the chair. He then lay face down on his bed as Walt stood there and looked at the lovely bubble butt sticking up naturally from the rest of the body.

"Would you do me a big favor and massage my shoulders and back. I am really stiff after holding that position in the shower," Brent asked in a soft voice.

Brent handed Walt the bottle of massage oil.

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