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Raquel and Wendy meet a family of legacy breastfeeders.

"I've been with a man. I'm no longer a virgin. How can I go on to take my final vows when I can't even give God my virginity?" the young nun blurted out. "I've failed. I'll have to leave the convent," she wailed.

Sister Angela stepped into the shower cubicle and wrapped her arms around the young nun. The water poured down over them but it just seemed to intensify the electricity she was feeling as she finally got her hands on this young girl's body. She could feel her own large tits squashing Maria's tiny breasts and had to use every ounce of strength she possessed not to touch her in all the places she had long lusted after.

"Don't worry, Sister. We can work this out. I presume by "a man" you mean Father?"

Sister Maria raised her tear stained eyes to Angela's kind face and, trembling, nodded in alarm.

"Didn't you know that we all have to visit Father before we take our Final Vows? Didn't he explain to you that you had to first know what you were being asked to renounce?"

"He did," Sister Maria replied. "But how can I renounce "the pleasures of the flesh" when I enjoyed them so much? I'm sure Father and Mother must have been shocked at my reactions."

"Father AND Mother?" thought Angela. "That's a new one. I'll need to look into that."

"Father wouldn't have seen anything he hadn't seen many times before. After all he's fucked every nun in this convent and I'm sure quite a few of the visiting ones too."

"But I liked what he did to me," pleaded Sister Maria. "I liked sucking his cock. I liked fucking his cock. How can I give all that up?" the young nun cried into the breasts of her older Sister.

"You don't have to give it up. Don't you understand? You'll never be fucked by Father again but there is a queue of Sisters in this convent waiting to keep your body satisfied."

Sister Maria raised her eyes again, this time in utter amazement. She had tasted Mother's cunt and Mother had tasted hers earlier in the day but she never for one moment thought that she would get the chance to taste those sweet juices again. Or any other woman's for that matter.

Sister Angela lowered her head to the young girl's, tightening her grip around her younger Sister's wet body, met her gaze and leaned in to kiss her. Maria responded, offering her mouth and involuntarily parting her lips as she felt Angela's hand rise to the back of her head, drawing her into her. Their tongues probed. Maria felt a sense of panic but there was nothing she could do other than to give herself up and surrender to the moment. Sister Angela brought her other hand round and caressed Sister Maria's heaving breasts. Maria felt a surge of shocks as Angela flicked at one nipple then the other. She had never seen them so big, even with Mother Superior.

"Let's go back to our cell," said Angela, taking Maria's hand. "Well be more comfortable there."

They ran back along the corridor together, still wet, still naked. Angela ran behind her young Sister, enjoying every second of seeing the young girl's buttocks wobbling as she ran. They burst through the door, excitedly, then Sister Maria turned to look at the naked body of Sister Angela, both of them trembling in excitement and shivering with cold.

"Let's get into bed," whispered Sister Angela. "I'll soon warm you up."

Sister Maria took the older nun's outstretched hand and silently allowed herself to be laid down in her own single bed. It had never seemed so inviting. The two nuns wrapped their arms around each other and found comfort and warmth in the other's body heat. Sister Maria's heart was pounding as countless emotions swept through her mind. She could get up, she could reject Sister Angela and return to her previous life of prayer and piety, but she wanted this so much. She was excited, wet, and the feeling that ran from her stomach to her pussy and back up to her nipples made her wet in places the shower had not reached.

Lying on top of the young nun, Sister Angela kissed her again, a long smouldering kiss, her tongue darting in and out of Si

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