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Tara becomes a panty thief with interesting ramifications.

"It's 2011, Mrs. Wyatt, she can still get married and have kids," Karen pointed out, using my own words against me.

"Oh, I know," I agreed, but rationalized, "but it will still be tougher to live in today's society as a gay couple."

She shrugged, before asking me a question I was not expecting, "Have you ever had a lesbian experience, Mrs. Wyatt?"

"My goodness, no," I responded.

"Does such an idea disgust you?" Karen asked, her facial expression and tone showing I had offended her.

"Oh, no, no, no," I tried to recover, "It's just I grew up in a much more black and white time. You met a boy, got married, had kids, and so forth. Being a lesbian was like being from the wrong side of the tracks."

"So you have never thought another woman was attractive?"

"Oh sure, I mean I know when a woman is good looking. I have often compared myself to other women, especially when I was married and I saw my hubby checking out younger women."

"But you never were tempted to do anything with one?"

"No," I honestly answered, confused at how this conversation had shifted from being about Karen's coming out to my own non-lesbian lifestyle.

"Never?" she asked, her tone shifting in a way I can't explain, but implied she thought I was lying.

I too quickly responded, "No, never."

At that moment, Karen spilt her still half-full glass of iced tea onto her cheerleader's top. "Oh shit," she cursed, "I'm so clumsy. If this stains, coach will kill me. I have already wrecked one this year."

Instantly in Mother-crisis mode, I ordered, "Here, hand it to me. I'll throw it in the wash."

She quickly obeyed and stunned me even more when I learned she was not wearing a bra and her young, firm breasts were directly in front of me. I stood still in a slight daze, staring at her breasts. Karen asked, her tone innocent and sweet, "Is anything wrong, Mrs. Wyatt?"
Her words brought me back to reality and I stammered, pretending her firm naked breasts had no effect on me, "N-n-n-n-no, nothing. I'll go and throw this in the wash."

I began to leave, but Karen said, "Stop. I got some on my skirt too." She quickly slipped out of her skirt and was now in only beige thigh high stockings and what appeared to be a pink thong. I wordlessly took the skirt and shirt and quickly rushed downstairs, my head a mess. While I tossed the clothes in my washing machine, I tried to get my head straight. I couldn't erase Karen's breasts from my mind. I took a deep breath and chanted to myself, 'I am not a lesbian'. Finally confident in my self-control, I went back upstairs. Karen was still sitting at the kitchen table, still half-naked.

"I better go and get you a robe," and quickly went to Jenny's bedroom. I returned and handed her the robe.

She stood up, "Can you put it on for me?"

A strange request, but wanting her covered up to prevent the impact it was having on me, I obliged. My hands shook slightly as I was so close to this young girl who had caused me to question my sexuality. She stood still and once it was on, she turned around so she was eye to eye with me. She leaned in, I thought to kiss me on the lips, but instead kissed my cheek. A tingle spread to my cunt and I desperately tried to ignore it.

She excused herself to go to the washroom and I waited, the whole time trying to extinguish the fire that was getting hard to ignore.

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