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Joseph is 'forced' to select a bride.

But as we were ahead of her in the acceptance line we left the auditorium just ahead of her and saw her trying to duck into a classroom with an armful of clothes; so we peeked in on her.

I know the whole story because after a few drinks at the party that night she 'fessed up about her and Big Milton. But after a few more drinks I was creating an even worse experience of my own. But I'm a little ahead of myself.

Earlier, Elsie and me got dressed, more for the party than the graduation ceremonies. I recall shimmying into a short, tight skirt and silk nearly see-through top; going panty-less just for the sheer thrill of it! I thought it transformed me from a grungy-looking high school girl to a hot-looking young woman. I glanced in the mirror and saw a Cosmo babe with long dark hair hanging down my back and sexy green eyes, glowing with excitement looking back at me. Oh, I had that feeling of anticipation that I'd had just before Elsie introduced me to Stevie.

Speaking of Elsie, I had never seen her so elegant before. Oh, I had been with her when she bought the dark green dress, but on our Graduation Day it barely held her tits in check.

I'd seen her naked many times, but in that dress I was stunned at the amount of cleavage she had going for her. In addition to that, her hair was pulled back and pinned on the sides revealing her delicate earlobes and perfectly sculpted neck. Her stiletto heels gave her a good extra 4 inches of height, but that still only brought her up to about 5' 7".

After getting a gander at the two of us standing side by side, I felt like Cinderella before the Fairy Godmother showed up.

Stevie drove us to the party, which was actually held in Timothy Meadow's basement. I'm not knocking that. It was a huge space, with several rooms partitioned off at one end. It even had two half baths, so no one had to traipse upstairs to tinkle.

In the open area they had a DJ playing CD's from humongous speakers in the corner and about a dozen guys that weren't from our high school, but looked like they had stepped right of Rolling Stone Magazine. My male classmates looked like freshmen standing alongside them.

Every girl in the place, and I would include Timothy's mother among them, gazed lustily at them.

"Who are they?" I asked Elsie, who knew everything as far as I could tell.

"Friends of Timmy's older brother. The one in the red T-shirt is Timmy's brother Jack."

I was sipping a Jack Daniels and coke that Mrs. Meadows made for me when JoAnn Childress came down the stairs with Big Milton on her arm. A cheer went up from the guys who recognized him, but truth be told it was really for JoAnn. It had to be for her the way she was dressed.

JoAnn's athletic body was revealed in its full glory by a tight and short orangey-peach colored gauze dress that exceeded the slutty look the rest of us were striving for as it hugged her curves like it almost wasn't there. Her full breasts, rounded bottom, small waist and long legs all hit the eyes at once, and the effect was stunning. She wore heels that made her long supple legs seem to go on forever, black sheer stockings that held themselves in place and stopped just below the short hem revealing a tantalizing sliver of uncovered skin.

It wasn't long before some of the brawny studs made their way up beside Tammy Wheatland, Elsie and me and asked us to dance. Elsie left us to retrieve Stevie who was gabbing with some guys, and Tammy and me were swept away by the pair of Prince Charming.
Between the beat of the music and the Jack Daniel's that kept coming my way, I quickly lost myself in the music, lights, and mood of the party. I must have danced with one dreamy faced guy after another for a couple hours.

Around eleven, it occurred to me that I needed to make use of the powder room, and after finding a line of girls ahead of me I went upstairs to use the one in the Master bedroom.

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