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From high school to hotwife: one woman's sexual journey.

John couldn't believe it! A woman was actually looking at his penis and not being disgusted after all these years of failure? He realised how close Waika's face was now to his cock, and the lewdness of the whole situation was making him erect.

Waika was trying her hardest to resist, but she couldn't control the words that came out of her mouth, "So... do you need any help with that? I certainly can't send you home in your current condition, now can I?" Her honey brown eyes that were previously filled with revolt were now replaced with eyes full of wanton lust for the absurdly large cock in front of her face.

John could see that the coldness in Waika slowly vanished. How could this be? Just minutes ago, this woman was disgusted by his looks and would have kicked him right back to whatever godforsaken (or not so godforsaken after all) place she found him. And now she wanted to 'help' him with this 'condition'?

Waika continued, "I think I might know the answer already, considering your looks, but let me ask you this: Have you ever been... intimate with a woman before?"

John just shook his head, being visibly embarrassed about that question.

"N-No, I haven't."

John looked at Waika again and he slowly realised how beautiful she really was. She had a perfect face, with the body of a, well, goddess to boot. Her outfit was like something out of a fantasy game and it was accentuating her most beautiful features perfectly. Her hair impossibly long, her breasts firm and perky, her legs endless like her hair. Since she wasn't wearing a bra, he could make out the round form of her breasts clinging to the thin fabric of her dress, almost was if they were begging to be released from their tight prison. This beautiful woman, although rude as a vile witch, claimed to be a goddess? Well, she certainly had the looks down!

John realised that all of this wasn't just happening out of pure chance. His changed appearance must have had an arousing effect on her, slowly turning her on more and more. Even if this whole scenario turned out to be a dream after all, he didn't care anymore. His own desire was rising as well and he just had to give in! His body felt like it was on a different kind of fire now. His new body yearned to be touched by this sexy and sultry woman. If all the regular women from his world hated him, he might just had to settle with this gorgeous one from this strange world instead!

He asked her, "Are you sure you want to do this? I thought you hated my looks?" John still had some lingering doubts left in him. Was she playing with him after all? Or was he really about to lose his virginity after all these years of trying to get together with a girl?

"You worry too much. I DID offer my help, didn't I? I am just... curious to what other changes might have occurred to your human body, that is all!"

Waika was now taking in more of John masculine scent, making her body shiver, her desires and instincts betraying her. It was something she hadn't felt in decades! It was like a tight knot was forming inside of her body, begging to be released. Was this... lust? The urge to be touched, the urge to mate, the urge to... procreate?! How could she have those feelings in the presence of a mere mortal such as this obese creature? She was a goddess, for Pete's sake! But still, she felt shivers all over her body.

John was getting cockier now: "Oh really now? What about me being a disgusting slob or a fat pig? And now you want my dick inside of you?"

"Hnng! I know what I said earlier, you fool! Would you please stop with your sarcasm? I am sorry, ok? I regret what I said about you and your body. Please, just... hnng!" She couldn't take it anymore, her body working against her will. She just had to touch and feel this perfect example of male virility! Seeing her obvious plight, John decided to give in and let it happen, "Alright, you can do what you want with me."

With shaky hands, Waika was caressing John's giant member, meticulously playing with it.

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