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He sees her in all her glory

The robot looked at Tammy as she ran her sentence through her language recognition systems. "I am always very busy." she said with a cheerful, air-headed smile. "There is always a lot of work for me to do."

"We need you to find something for us." Anya said with a nice looking smirk.

Diana turned her head to look at the other droid. "I would be happy to assist you."

"We're looking for paper document number 2621." Tammy said after giving the human a wink. "It's filed under 'Q', can you get that for us?"

Diana smiled and computed. "Yes." she said. She pushed her rolling chair back and stood up. "I should be able to find it soon."

She walked across the speckled brown-beige carpet in her flared black leather heels until she stood before one of the grey metal filing cabinets. Anya walked over and leaned against another, watching the synthetic woman as she worked.

Mike looked with lust at the big hips, thighs and buns on this unit. The whole package looked even nicer dressed in the crisply clean black polyester pants and dark green satin button-up shirt she wore over her perky C-cup breasts. Those slacks were so tight around the machine's big sexy buns that Mike could very clearly see panty lines as she bent forward to open the second lowest drawer.

The Diana robot was, of course, no virgin. She and Mike had 'interfaced' several times since his arrival at this amazing place. Her eye-catching figure was just as sexy to him as her limited 'personality', and a nice match to the circuitry available for viewing within.

Tammy looked at Mike. She saw that he was getting very horny, and he saw the same in her finely adjusted facial expressions and colouration. "It gets better." she said.

Mike went around the desk and sat in Diana's comfy chair as he watched the synthetic secretary look through carefully organised folders full of blank white paper. He could guess what would come next.

Diana methodically leafed through page after page in the folder labeled 'Q'. It was plain now to all but the 510 that this search would go nowhere. Her motions repeated, and began to be strictly and enticingly rhythmic. Her reddish brown hair lilted this way and that ever so slightly along with the turning of her neck mechanism.

"Found it yet?" Anya asked with a big smile on her sublimely gorgeous face.

Diana finished making a few more scanning motions, then turned her head to look at Anya. "I am still searching for the document you requested. I should be able to find it soon."

The phone rang then, another phantom call for the secretary to answer. She marked her place in the folder by upturning her current blank sheet of paper, then stood up and announced "I have to answer the phone."

Looking cheerful and not exactly human, she walked back over to her desk. She paused for a moment, and noticed that her chair was now occupied. Mike was still sitting there, getting an expertly executed hand job from Tammy.

The phone rang again as Diana tried to calculate a way around the situation. Tammy helped by standing up and kneeling down between Mike's legs. She looked lovingly up into his eyes as she opened her mouth and took in his hard, throbbing cock.

Diana stood there, for a short while overwhelmed by the changing situation as the phone rang for a third time. She finally reached over her desk to pick up the receiver. Her nicely constructed breasts jiggled under her satin shirt as Mike watched her move.

She held the receiver up to her ear and said again "Good morning, Robot Control Station 64, Diana robot number 7839061B speaking. How may I assist you?"

Again, she waited for a moment, obeying her programming in order to look like she was listening. "Please hold, while I transfer your call to the appropriate department."

She put this imaginary call on hold too, and hung up the phone. Mike leaned his head back and started to breathe heavier as he watched the secretary accomplish nothing.

She stood up straight and turned around again, headed back to the filing cabinet.

"Diana," Mike said, "take off your shirt."

She paused once more, then

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