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The unicorn is her savior, but will he be in time?

So is that what you meant Kevin; by talent?"

"Yes it is. I am looking for, and I won't hedge my words with you, I am looking for a corporate slut. A woman, like you with a body every man and even some women would desire. If you're interested then come to my office tomorrow at nine, and come as the corporate slut."

I told him I'd think it over and if I appeared at nine, I would come as the slut, the whore he was looking for. Then I went home and left Ed to his own party, knowing he'd be out most of the night. I knew when I left the building that night that I'd be walking back in the next morning. Before bed I searched my closet and found what I'd need. Happy for the first night in a long time I fell into bed and slept easily. The next morning I woke early and showered, then shaved my legs and pussy, leaving only a thin strip of closely shaved pubic hair. I styled my hair and put on my make up, not more then usual, not like a street whore but that of an attractive housewife.

I put on a black lace garter and slipped on a pair of black hose. I chose to skip panties and donned a thin sliver of a lace bra that did little more then support my tits. My nipples were not encased in the bra and stood erect ultimately protruding thought the light weight white blouse that snuggled tight to my chest. I then wiggled into a too tight short black skirt and stepped into a pair of six inch black stilettos, I'd purchased to seduce Ed. Looking in the mirror I saw an elegant woman who verged on slut, but did not look like a complete whore.

As the click of my stilettos echoed off the marble foyer of the company, heads turned and I felt the eyes following me to the elevator. I rode up alone and stepped out onto the executive floor and bee lined it to Kevin's office, the noise of my heels reverberating behind me, heads swiveling as I passed, my eyes only on the door to Kevin's spacious suite. His secretary never looked up as I strode to his door and walked in, closing but not locking the door behind me. I stood in front of Kevin's desk and placed my hands down forcing my body to bend forward.

"I think it best Kevin if you ask your girl to hold your calls."

His eyes found the gap in my blouse and enjoyed the bit of cleavage I'd offered as he picked up his phone and repeated my request to his secretary. As I made my way around behind his desk he slid his chair back and without any words I dropped to my knees and worked his pants open and found his cock.

"You will enjoy this Kevin, this first task in my new position as your corporate whore."

Then I engulfed his semi hard cock and worked it. I wanted to enjoy him but I focused on his pleasure, using my tongue to swirl under his meat, my lips to provide suction and my throat to take his cock deep. I fondled his balls and tickled his anus as I sucked and licked his now hard cock till he came. I looked up at him as he came and opened my mouth to let him watch his seed filling my mouth, than I swallowed what was there and again opened up as his cock continued to spew its load on my tongue. The second load was smaller and I swallowed it slowly, letting him see me enjoying the taste of him. Then I licked his cock clean and replaced it in his shorts and stood. I moved back to the other side of his desk and sat.

"I'd like a title and a significant salary with the necessary perks."

Kevin smiled and slid a contract over to me. It had my name already typed in and the salary was double what I was prepared to demand. Full benefits, no defined work hours, guaranteed minimum bonus with the promise of more if I was successful in my position of VP of Corporate Relations. I signed my name and then said to him.

"Shall I use my real name or do you have one you'd think more suited to the position?"

"I think I will call you Anita. Anita Jones."

I laughed with him understanding the pun "I need a Jones or I need my Jones taken care of. A lot of my previous lovers had referred to their cock as Jones or bones or even their Johnson."

"I like to show you what else I can do Kevin, do you have the time?"


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