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Mom asked Son what he wants for Xmas.

She could feel the two cocks stretching her inside, almost rubbing against each other, separated only by a thin membrane of her skin.

Gabby obviously loved the sensation of screwing the lovely curvy ass. Fawn wiggled it provocatively as the Italian thrust into her and playfully slapped the shapely cheeks. The smacks were firm and thrilling and she felt her ass cheeks begin to tingle as the hand struck her again and again. She moaned deeply now with each thrust of the two fake cocks and her cries filled the room. Gabby and Sherry were fucking her roughly as if they were rushing toward their own orgasms. At this moment Fawn wished that there was a pussy available for her mouth to join the luscious rubber cocks in her ass and pussy. She couldn't believe that she thought that but it was true.

The three of them came at the same time writhing and screaming. Fawn leaned forward on Sherry's body and thrust her tongue into the receptive mouth while Gabby kissed the back of her neck still kneading the elongated nipples. They had to be one of the hottest sights ever as the three women were connected together with rubber cocks. They separated after several minutes and then began their rotation of sexual pleasure.

Sherry was next double fucked by Gabby and Fawn and then it was Gabby's turn to be sandwiched between Sherry and Fawn with fake cocks in her ass and pussy. They fucked and sucked each other until they were totally drained and well into the afternoon. As the three women lay there Fawn couldn't help but reflect on the past with Sherry and now Gabby. Not in her wildest imagination would she have thought that she would have sex with two women and allow herself to be double fucked with fake cocks. But she loved every erotic minute of their time together and she loved everything they did and already looking forward to an encore.

"You two are wonderful. I have never felt so good. Oh my God what did you ever do to me?" Fawn sighed.

"They got you ready for my cock is what they did."

The three girls looked up and saw a naked Skip standing there holding his massive erection in his hand. Sherry and Gabby smiled but Fawn freaked out. She tried to cover her nakedness but the other girls would not let her.

"Please Skip; it's not what you think."

"I see. What should I think? I just watched you three have incredible sex together and you enjoyed every minute of it. Now it is my turn."

"Skip please, you know that I am married."

"Oh that's rich coming from you after what I just witnessed. Get ready Fawn because I am going to give you a fucking that you won't soon forget."


Skip decided to break Fawn in with a good pussy fucking before he went for her ass. He moved her legs apart and slid in between them. He then positioned his big cock at her entrance and slowly filled her cunt with his shaft. Fawn moaned as she stirred and then she looked up and smiled at him cautiously. Fawn reached and pulled him toward her as his cock sank all the way in her snatch. He fucked her slowly at first and then picked up the pace. She was moaning and groaning as he fucked her pussy thoroughly. She kept waiting for him to cum and for him to slow down but he was relentless and he just kept fucking her. She orgasmed multiple times as her body thrashed about and lifted off the bed. Her pussy was drenched with her own cum and the massive cock slid easily in and out of her hole. Finally she screamed with an extreme climax and her body seemed to go limp.

"Skip, please stop no more. I can't cum anymore. Let me rest, please," she begged thankful for the intense orgasm and somewhat relived that he had not gone after her ass.

Gabby and Sherry just watched Skip and Fawn as they lay there.

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