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Billy is released from medical, others get sick.

'Show me what happened in the question,' I almost begged.

Maddisyn placed her hands on my bare thighs. I couldn't help by sigh and moistened my lips with nervous excitement. They were tender and cool against my hot skin. She stroked towards my knees and worked inwards between my thighs. My sighs turned to soft moans. She started to part my legs sending a ripple of pleasure through me. There was no force. We parted my legs together. I wanted her to see what I had to offer. I wanted it to be hers. It was exactly what I had read in the survey and Doctor Love did!

Maddisyn lifted her eyes to mine and slowly ran her tongue around her lips, 'Nice and wet. Just how I like it.'

Suddenly, a gush of fluid flooded my pussy at hearing Maddisyn's words. Her demonstration was as exciting as Doctor Love's performance. I had to bite down on my lower lip to stifle a moan, it felt so good. My nipples tingled and I felt the cool air on the warm wetness between my legs as Maddisyn's eyes lingered at my mound with its neatly trimmed bush. I was left breathless and trembling with the thought of what might come next.

I took a gasp of settling air and muttered, 'What happens next?'

Maddisyn's eyes drifted up to share my gaze. She gave me another naughty smile that sent a surge of excitement through my body. My breathing was shallow and I felt my pulse racing with the arousal. I sat further back and Maddisyn gently lifted both of my legs over the arms of the chair. Her lustful gaze upon my fully parted legs and intimate pink flesh drew a long sensual moan from me.

I clutched my knees and arched my back against the chair in expectation of Maddisyn's face between my legs. I had to remind myself to breath as she lowered her mouth, kissing the inside of my thighs and sometimes pausing to delicately suck at my skin as she working her way to the obvious destination. Maddisyn's lips trailed over my mound before her tongue traced my opening.

'Hu, hu, hu,' I trembled at hearing her tongue lazily lapping at the pooled moistness.

Maddisyn lowered a hand between her legs and slipped it under her dress while her mouth continued pleasuring my pussy, adding to the sensation as she began to masturbate.

'Suck my clit, please,' I finally begged as I listen to the wet sound of her fingers and lips filling the room.

Maddisyn's tongue curled my clitoris, pushing it about and finally taking it in her mouth. I soon discovered where pleasure and pain met. My body was pleading for release as she nipped and sucked at my sensitive nub. I squirmed and rolled my backside against the chair while moaning with the torturous pleasure. I began to shake as her mouth and tongue relentlessly worked me to an orgasm.

'Oh God, I'm going to cum,' I uttered, my breathing uncontrollably shallow and rapid as the sensation overwhelmed me.

'Ooh, Maddi, Maddi, Maddi,' I gasped her name over and over, my voice getting louder and louder until crying out as the orgasm ripped through my body.

Maddisyn's mouth ceased her assault on my pussy, gently lapping at my wet opening and then lifting her face to mine, 'Now you know.'

I just wanted to lay there slumped on the chair in post-orgasmic bliss, it felt that good. I watched through a lust filled haze as she stood and adjusted her panties and skirt before starting to return to the Sitting Room.

'Thank you,' I simply sighed as she gave me with one of her misleading sweet and innocent smiles.

Maddisyn turned and paused at the door and with a little smirk, 'Enjoy your bath.'

'I certainly will,' grinning as she left and then realising what Doctor Love must have recorded in his notes.

I sat for a few moments, recovering and enjoying the warm afterglow and the contented feeling I felt between my legs.

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