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First time sucking for wife.

On the screen the stunning brunette is taking it in turns to suck the massive cocks offered to her, the black guys paw at her body, the men's cocks are very big indeed, black and bulging with veins, each at least 9" long, I notice that Lindsey is biting her lower lip as her chest is rising and falling, her nipples looked painfully erect.

The scene continues with the actress being fucked senselessly on the bed, each guy takes it in turns to penetrate her, forcing their considerable cocks into her tight pussy, the girl is moaning loudly, I notice that Lindsey is starting to change position a lot, as if uncomfortable, almost squirming, her thighs appear to be forced closed together.

I was enormously enjoying watching my wife's reaction as much as the film, as the scene continued, the girl ends up taking a cock in her arse and her pussy at the same time, as the first cock enters her bottom, I reach across and stroked Lindsey's hip, slowly stroking her, making my way slowly up her body to her hard nipples and soft breasts, she in turn reaches over and started to stroke my painfully erect cock.

As she watches the screen, my hand slowly traced a path down her stomach towards her black panties. Her thighs fall apart giving me full access to the place between her shapely thighs, my hand cups her mound, the crotch of her panties is soaking, she is clearly very aroused.

I started to rub her through her knickers, there was just a hot wet mush between her legs, I slid a finger into the side of her knickers and touched her pussy, the heat and the wetness momentarily took me aback, but I was delighted.

I slid down her body and start to lick her very moist pussy, holding her panties aside, I find the hard nub of her clitoris and set to work nuzzling it, Lindsey's eyes are glued to the screen and amazingly quickly she started thrashing around on the bed in the throes of a mighty orgasm, I can feel her pussy pulsing against my mouth as I continued to lick her.

She pulled me up on top of her and I entered her easily, almost too easily such is the slickness from her mound, her eyes are forced closed as I thrust into her, her nipples like little studs of hard flesh.

I spun her around so that she is doggy-style facing the screen, I can't believe that we are doing this, she is watching a really nasty interracial film as I am fucking her from behind.

Her hips gyrate wildly, even I get a little wild and ripped off her knickers, this sends her crazy, she shouts out for me to fuck her hard, hard like the girl on the screen and I duly oblige, Lindsey is pretty much uncontrollable by this stage.

I reach underneath to start playing with her clit, only to find that she has beaten me to it, she is stroking herself now, something I have had to beg her to do in the past and something she has always denied doing, It's all beginning to feel a bit too much for me, I start to feel a familiar pressure building, I tell her that I am going to cum.

Lindsey stops quickly, she lies in front of me and tells me to cum on her face, I explode almost instantly, this is something we have never done before, her legs still splayed open as she plays with her clit, her eyes on the screen as I cum across her face, splashing across her cheek and into her hair, her fingers dance furiously across her clit and she comes with a powerful orgasm.

She starts muttering.

'Oh god' 'oh god' repeatedly.

Her body bucking and writhing, eyes half shut, her mouth an 'O' shape. She finally lies still.

We are both pretty breathless for a few minutes, the film still playing on the screen sending flickering shadows across both of our bodies and the bedroom, no words are said.

I reached across and passed her a tissue, she dabbed away my sticky sperm and tosses the used paper onto the floor, her breasts are still rising and falling as another interracial scene on the TV kicks off in earnest.

I speak first.

'That was pretty amazing' I say.

Lindsey didn'y say anything she just nodde

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