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The girl next door is all grown up.

I was sucking his cock and pistioning my head up and down as I fingered myself. I was getting ready to orgasm again and so quickly. I was lost in the act as I felt my hair being pulled and my head being lifted from his hard hot cock.

"Look here slut. See all the pictures I have taken of you and your fun with Kevin!"

I looked at the stack in Walter's hands. There were large color photo's showing me naked walking thru our house. Some of the photos were of Kevin fucking me in the ass and of me sucking his cock. He even had some photos of me being used by Kevin's friends. My fingers were flying in and out of my dripping cunt as I looked at the photos Walter had. My embarrassment at knowing that these existed sent me flying towards another orgasm and I moaned aloud as I came. I closed my eyes and allowed my hands to slow down as they rhythmically stroked my now engorged clit. My legs shook as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted me. Walter's hardening cock filling my mouth made my shaking pussy flow with cum as I allowed this orgasm to flow through me.

"Get up here slut and sit on my cock!"

Surprisingly I did, as he demanded impaling myself in that hard cock. My pussy was hot and wet but it still took a moment to adjust to this fat cock. His cock forced its way into me, deeper then I had expected and it took me a few minutes to accommodate that old monster. It was uncomfortable having cum two times already and my pussy was sore as his cock plowed into me. I wished it were all over when Walter commanded.

"Ride it slut. Ride it good or you'll be in trouble."

I brought myself up and slid back down slowly at first and then I gained speed as his hard hot cock filled me as I came down and soon my desire for it increased and I pulled up slid down again. Over and over I moved up and down, each time trying to find more cock to ride. Walter was now playing with my hard nipples taking one in his mouth and biting down just enough to cause me to moan aloud at the sensation.

The now pleasant sensations accumulated and my pussy was heating up ready to explode again. My third orgasm of the day was on its way when Walter pushed me to the floor. He got down on his knees between my spread legs and rammed his cock back into me. He leaned forward putting both of his hands on my tits and began to squeeze them as he pummeled me. My pending orgasm exploded as Walter spit on my face again and again calling me a slut as he drove his cock into. The combination of his cock and the spit dripping down my face sent me flying out of control as I was now literally bouncing up into Walter as he shoved his cock in my pussy. Ripples of pure joy coursed through me, my nipples were stinging with sensations and even my hair felt alive and my pussy gushed hot cum all over Walter's cock.

Kevin's Story

I watched as Analena and Walter performed for their Internet audience. I could see some comments being relayed from some of the subscribers and they were genuinely pleased with her show.

"Look at her ride that old cock."

"Can I have her next, she's a wild fuck look at her tits bouncing on the old guys chest."

I had gotten pretty hard watching her masturbate for Walter and when she ultimately sat on that big hard cock of his I almost came in my pants. It was a good show and as she rode Walter ands her tits bounced up and down she was as scintillating and sexy as ever.

I watched as Walter pushed her to the floor and climbed between her spread thighs. I could see Analena bounce as she hit the floor but the way she spread herself open for him told me she was ready to cum yet again. When he spit on her face and grabbed hit tits I sat forward and grabbed my own cock. He was ramming his cock into her and she was responding by lifting her ass into him with each thrust. The comments from the Internet flew out quickly.

"Man did that old man just spit on her?"

"Shit that bastard is plowing her good, she's out of control. I want some of that pussy myself"

"I hope this goes on for a while I love s

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